Amarillo College: Russell Gymnasium – Amarillo TX


The Russell Gymnasium at Amarillo College in Amarillo, Texas was undertaken with the assistance of funds provided by the Public Works Administration (PWA) during the Great Depression.

Text From the state historical marker reads:
“The administration building and the gymnasium were the first two permanent structures built for Amarillo College. Originally known as Badger Gymnasium for the school’s athletic teams, this facility was renamed to honor Dr. Natalie Russell, who fostered women’s physical education at the college. Architect Guy Carlander designed the building, erected in 1937-39 with Public Works Administration funding. The steel and brick gymnasium includes a two-story central space surrounded by a one-story outer wing. Geometric Art Deco style elements such as chevrons, flutes and parallel bands accent the brick and cast stone exterior. Above the entry doors, the words “honor” and “valor” are inscribed in large rounded block letters.

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark-2008″

P.W.A. Docket No. Tex. [X]2271


Source notes

National Archives: Record Group 135: Public Works Administration; Projects Control Division; Entry 52: Indices to Non-Federal Projects; Report No. 5: Status of All Completed Non-Federal Allotted Projects, page 188.

Project originally submitted by Larry Moore on January 4, 2015.

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Location Info

S. Washington St. and W 24th St.
Amarillo, TX 79109

Location notes: Northeast corner

Coordinates: 35.187809, -101.847964

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