Alex Public School District #56 – Alex OK


“The Alex Public School (pronounced Elic), is a red brick one-story T-shaped building, with its main entrance in the north intersection of the T. This entrance has new aluminum and glass double doors with two concrete steps. The doors are slightly recessed under a triangular pediment, and flanked by two round columns.

“Many of the windows have been filled in with concrete block or covered with wood. This main building has numerous outbuildings in this school complex and contains all grades in this small town of approximately 550 residents. The school complex is located at F Street and 2nd Street.

“The year of [Works Progress Administration] WPA construction could not be found. Documentation was found in the Oklahoma Landmark Database.”

Source notes

Oklahoma Landmark Database

Project originally submitted by Sharon Thompson on September 9, 2015.

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Alex, OK

Coordinates: 34.914792, -97.778649

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