Al Hayne Monument Restoration – Fort Worth TX


The monument itself dates from 1893 but the original marble bust was replaced in 1934 by a bronze one sculpted by Evaline Sellors as a PWAP project. The curbing (reflecting pool) around the Al Hayne Monument is a CWA project:

“The marble bust of Al Hayne, carved by Lloyd Bowman, was removed due to extreme deterioration, according to a Fort Worth Star-Telegram article from June, 1934. (Note: this is at odds with a Fort Worth oral tradition which holds that the Hayne bust was stolen). Fort Worth sculptor Evaline Sellors received a commission from the federally-funded Public Works of Art Project to sculpt a replacement bust and have it cast in bronze.  Work on relocating and restoring the Hayne memorial began on June 27, 1934 according to the Fort Worth Press. The bronze bust of Al Hayne, fresh from a New York foundry, was installed in September…

By1934, the monument was no longer a working fountain. Presumably, with no practical need to reconstruct either the original and second basins, both were lost during the relocation of the monument. Instead, a new concrete ring was added to the perimeter in order to create a small reflecting pool. The separate and larger reflecting pool built in the center of the Hayne triangle in 1934 was also bordered by a concrete ring. Both circular concrete borders are largely intact. Accounts of the 1934 project do not indicate whether the monument was completely replumbed, or how water was supplied to both the monument and the larger pool, but 1949 photographs confirm that water still flowed from the gargoyle on the north face.”    (

Source notes

Tarrant County Historic Resources Survey: Phase III Fort Worth's Southside. 1986.

Fort Worth Press. June 27, 1934.

Project originally submitted by Susan Kline on March 25, 2013.

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Location Info

Haynes Memorial Triangle
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Coordinates: 32.74635893805221, -97.32632123135221

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