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Seventy-Fifth Street Elementary, which opened in 1922, was rebuilt with a grant from the Public Works Administration (PWA). The work was done sometime in 1934-35.

In January 1934, the PWA allocated $9,380,000 to the Los Angeles Unified School District for the rehabilitation of schools damaged in the severe 1933 Long Beach earthquake.  One hundred and thirty schools would benefit from the system-wide loan and grant, with 2,500 men to be employed in rehabilitation work over 21 months.

Seventy-Fifth Street Elementary was one of three schools in the city to receive an outright grant.  It was awarded $24,000, while Huntington Park Elementary School received $7,000 and Bandini Elementary School in San Pedro got $6,000.

Upon receiving news of the PWA allocation, Board of Education member Arthur Eckman told the Los Angeles Times, “I am sure that every member of the board agrees with me in expressing our appreciation of the loan and grant. It was made necessary in that we have been unable to sell our school bonds and the government was our only home.”

The school-rebuilding program was widely praised, with a February 1934 column in the Los Angeles Times arguing, “Of all the Southern California suggestions for the Public Works allocations, the school-rebuilding program is most nearly ideal. Here is centrally located work that needs to be done; work which will furnish a large volume of employment for a considerable period and for which taxpayers will pay without too much grumbling, since they understand the necessity of it.”

Today, 75th Street Elementary still educates children in grades TK through Six.

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Source notes

“Washington Allocation of $9,380,000 Speeds Rebuilding of Quake-Damaged Schools,” Los Angeles Times (1923-1995), January 7, 1934.

“The P.W.A. Program,” Los Angeles Times (1923-1995), February 27, 1934.

75th Street Elementary School

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Location Info

142 W. 75th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Coordinates: 33.9713, -118.2761

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