Living New Deal in the News

Restored WPA Model of San Francisco Covered in the San Francisco Chronicle

Sam Whiting of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote about the journey of the WPA Model of San Francisco from the basement of Wurster Hall, to the exhibition halls of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Restored through a partnership between the Living New Deal, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and artists Bik Van Der Pol, the 1,500 sq. ft. model will be on display this Winter at all 29 branches of the San Francisco Public Library. Read the rest of the story here.

Gray Brechin Interviewed by Michael Keating, American City & County, Informa

Gray Brechin spoke to Michael Keating, Senior Editor at American City & County, Informa, about how the New Deal’s Infrastructure building effort compares to the current administration’s infrastructure plan. According to Brechin, the New Deal’s 10-year infrastructure building program was the equivalent of $785 billion in today’s dollars. In contrast, the Trump administration’s proposed 10-year infrastructure plan is $200 billion. The Living New Deal based this estimate on Brent McKee’s Living New Deal research project, which compiled data from New Deal agencies final reports. Find Michael Keating’s article here.

“When Government Worked” Exhibit Reviewed in the San Francisco Chronicle

Photo: Arthur Rothstein
“Farmer and sons walking in the face of a dust storm, Cimarron County, Oklahoma,” 1936, Photo: Photo: Arthur Rothstein

The San Francisco Chronicle recently covered the Arthur Rothstein photography exhibit “When Government Worked:  New Deal Picture Stories by Arthur Rothstein.”  The exhibit is a collaboration between the Living New Deal and the Arthur Rothstein Legacy Project. Held at the Canessa Gallery through December 27, the fundraiser exhibit showcases Rothstein’s photographs of the Great Depression. Some of the highlights included in the Chronicle are Rothstein’s photographs of sharecroppers displaced by the Dust Bowl, labor crews at work on infrastructure projects, and President Roosevelt’s tours of drought areas. The story describes how the exhibit was born out of a partnership between the Living New Deal and the exhibit curators, Ann Rothstein-Segan and Brodie Hefner. Many of the photographs on show, as the article points out, have never been published. Anne Rothstein-Segan, Arthur Rothstein’s daughter, uncovered many of these rare images at the Library of Congress. Read the entire story here.

The Exhibit will be open Tuesday-Sunday 1:00-5:00 pm ​Closed Mondays & Christmas Day. See more details here.

Living New Deal Mentioned in Harper’s Magazine Article by Kevin Baker

In his Harper’s Magazine cover story, Kevin Baker mentions the Living New Deal for its work on documenting New Deal sites in New York City. Baker’s article chronicles the decades of urban displacement that have turned New York City into “the world’s largest gated community.” The piece mentions “The New Deal in New York City,” the exhibition organized at Hunter College’s Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute. Read the full article here.

Gray Brechin and Frank da Cruz Interviewed by the Associated Press and CNN about the DeWitt Clinton High School Mural Defacing

The historic New Deal mural Constellations, painted by Alfred Floegelat the DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, was recently covered by construction crews with a layer of paint, and possibly damaged. The mural is  featured on the Living New Deal’s printed map and pocket guide to the highlights of the New Deal in New York. The Associated Press covered the incident and interviewed Gray Brechin, founder of the Living New Deal, and National Associate Frank da Cruz. For more details, see the stories published by the The New York Times, CNN, and NBC New York.

Gray Brechin interviewed for NPR’s “Here & Now”

On January 16, National Public Radio’s “Here & Now” featured Gray Brechin, The Living New Deal’s Project Scholar, for a segment on how the WPA changed U.S. infrastructure.  In the interview, Gray gave examples of structures built by the WPA, explained the current-day impact of WPA-built infrastructure, and elaborated on the WPA’s ability to employ approximately 8.5 million people.  He also discussed the cost of the WPA and compared it to the costs and effects of Obama’s stimulus package.  NPR’s “Here & Now” program reaches an estimated 5 million weekly listeners on over 450 stations across the country. You can hear Gray’s complete interview here.

Evan Kalish featured on The Colin McEnroe Show, on Connecticut’s WNPR

On December 14, Evan Kalish was a featured guest on The Colin McEnroe Show, on Connecticut’s WNPR.  The show was about the Postal Service, Evan’s area of expertise.  Evan created Postlandia: a Photo Journal of Post Offices and Places and also manages the world’s largest curated collection of post office building photographs.  Evan has visited over 8,000 post offices.  Listen to the entire show here.