Living New Deal in the News

Gray Brechin Quoted in the Jacobin

Detail of a fresco by Victor Arnautoff at Coit Tower in San Francisco, California. Photo courtesy of the Jacobin. All Rights Reserved.

In a piece titled, “The New Deal Put Huge Numbers of Unemployed Artists to Work,” Ellen Engelstad writes about New Deal job programs and discusses New Deal art in San Francisco with Gray Brechin. Read more here


Living New deal mentioned in Labor Notes

Photo: WPA women in New Mexico are weaving rag rugs. By Russell Lee, Library of Congress.

The Living New Deal was mentioned in an Article from Labor Notes. Titled, “In the Face of Mass Unemployment, We Need a 21st Century WPA” and authored by Max Page, the article calls for a new Works Progress Administration. Read the story here.

Living New Deal Mentioned in the Wisconsin Examiner

The Living New Deal was mentioned in the Wisconsin Examiner in a story that highlights the letter to Joe Biden by the New Deal descendants. Stephen Seufert, a descendant of New Dealers, stated for the Wisconsin Examiner that he and others get a “group together to remind Biden and the country of the New Deal’s enduring legacy […]” Seufert mentioned that “[0]ver the years, I’ve been particularly inspired by historical organizations like the Living New Deal, which have researched thousands of New Deal projects throughout the country.” read the story here