Living New Deal Hailed on Vox.Com

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.44.08 AMWe are delighted to see that Matthew Iglesias of gave a glowing acknowledgement of the Living New Deal is his popular blog & twitter feed, under the heading:

See every New Deal project in America, in one map

He begins with this: “The Living New Deal Project at UC Berkeley has released an awesome interactive map showing every New Deal project in the country. Since the New Deal spanned from Alaska to Puerto Rico and Panama, you need a very wide view to take it all in.”   For the rest of the story, click here.

We won’t quibble with the slight exaggeration that the Living New Deal has already mapped ALL New Deal public works projects across the country, but that is our goal, and we are well on the way at 7,600 sites and counting…

Richard A Walker is the director of the Living New Deal.

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