• Delta State University Improvements – Cleveland MS

    Federal aid from the Emergency Relief Administration to match $200,000 appropriated by Mississippi legislature was awarded to repair and improve the six state universities and colleges. Delta State Teachers College received $15,595.20 for dormitory renovations, auditorium repairs, and painting other… read more

  • State Charity Hospital Improvements – Jackson MS

    State Charity Hospital Improvements in Jackson MS was built with federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) funds in 1935. $18,000 was allotted for the Charity hospital project. N. W. Overstreet was the architect for main building and nurses home renovations in… read more

  • Charity Hospital Improvements – Vicksburg MS

    $4,600 project was allotted for Vicksburg Charities hospital for main building and nurses’ home renovations in 1934. The building that began as the city hospital in the 1840s because a state institution around 1871, operated from a former plantation mansion…. read more

  • Triangle Homes Public Housing – Laurel MS

    Triangle Homes for African American families was constructed 1940-1941 by W. J. McGee and Son for a base bid of $325,866. Two-story row houses are still in use in the triangle formed by South Maple Street and South 4th Avenue…. read more

  • Boswell Regional Center: Mississippi State Tuberculosis Sanatorium – Magee MS

    In a state-wide program to renovate and improve Mississippi institutions, the State Tuberculosis Hospital, using relief labor and ERA funding, carried out extensive painting and repairs and improvements in 1934-1935. $23,844.80 was expended on interior, exterior painting, floor refinishing, plastering,… read more

  • Industrial and Training School – Columbia MS

    The Industrial and Training School in Columbia housed juvenile offenders from the early 1900s through 2008 when it was closed. Begun in March 1934, the state legislature appropriated $200,000 to supplement CWA funds for building repairs on Mississippi institutions. Work… read more

  • State School for the Deaf Improvements – Jackson MS

    The State School for the Deaf, originally constructed 1906-1908, removed a wall and rebuilt one wing on the east wing in order to correct surface drainage damaging the wall. The project, financed by ERA and the state legislature replaced glass,… read more

  • State School for the Blind Boys Dormitory – Jackson MS

    The boys’ dormitory at the State School for the Blind was designed by architects Hull & Drummond in 1934 as part of a $220,000 project using state funds and ERA funds with WPA labor. The new brick 2-story dormitory was… read more

  • High School Improvements – Magnolia MS

    In 1936, Magnolia operated the Magnolia High School, constructed in 1908 at a cost of $25,000. It was still in use in 1936. Originally proposed as PWA W1264, a new high school was approved following condemnation of the old building… read more

  • Civic Center and Armory – Laurel MS

    The Art Deco civic center and armory was Public Works Administration (PWA) project W1206. Designed by Edgar Lucian Malvaney, it was approved 10/24/1036 and completed 11/10/1937. The PWA allotted a grant of $51,226 toward the completion cost of $110,575. A… read more