• District Jail (demolished) – Washington DC

    According to the Washington Post, the Public Works Administration (PWA) paid for additions to the District Jail, first built in 1876.  In 1938, four new cell blocks, two connecting wings, a new powerhouse, and a new laundry facility were proposed…. read more

  • Fishery Products Laboratory (demolished) – Ketchikan AK

    The U.S. Fishery Products Laboratory in Ketchikan, Alaska was constructed with federal funds and operated by the Fish and Wildlife Service. The facility was completed in 1940, and archival photos show that it was located on the east side of… read more

  • Post Office (demolished) – Atlantic City NJ

    The historic post office in Atlantic City, New Jersey was constructed with Public Works Administration (P.W.A.) funds in conjunction with the Treasury Department. The building, which was completed in 1937, housed New Deal artwork inside. Unfortunately, it has since been… read more

  • Post Office (demolished) – Glastonbury CT

    The U.S. Treasury Department provided the funds for the construction of a new post office at the northeast corner of Main St. and Hebron Ave. The building was completed in 1937 but has since been demolished.

  • Post Office (demolished) Relief – Fairport NY

    The historic post office building in Fairport, New York housed a example of New Deal artwork inside: a Treasury Section of Fine Arts-commissioned bronze relief entitled “The Harvest.” Henry Van Wolf completed the work in 1939, and it was installed… read more

  • Post Office (demolished) – Fairport NY

    The historic post office building in Fairport, New York was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds. The building, which was completed in 1938, housed a example of New Deal artwork inside. Living New Deal believes the facility to have been… read more

  • Transients Shelter (demolished) – Cairo IL

    Cairo, Illinois’s old (and since-demolished) Marine Hospital was located between 10th and 12th St., Cedar St. and Jefferson Ave.  As part of Federal Project F-26: Improving Facilities for Sheltering Transients, the federal Civil Works Administration (CWA) rehabilitated the hospital in… read more

  • Port of Oakland: Albers Brothers Milling Company Road Work (demolished) – Oakland CA

    Funds for road improvements at the foot of Seventh Street in the Port of Oakland were secured through the State Emergency Relief Administration (SERA) in 1935 (Minutes of the Port Commissioners). SERA was funded by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration… read more

  • Georgia Tech: Heisman Gym (demolished) – Atlanta GA

    Later known as Heisman Gym, Georgia Tech’s old Auditorium / Gymnasium Building was constructed with federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds.  The building “was projected to be built in two phases with the first costing $93,000 and the second $116,000…. read more

  • Georgia Tech: Naval Armory (demolished) – Atlanta GA

    “The first building built under the “Civil Works Administration” was the Naval Armory. Constructed on the site of the temporary gym that burned in 1931, the Armory Building was a “no-frills” building. The building was to serve the Atlanta Naval… read more