On the Road with the Living New Deal

WPA Guide Series

By Fern Nesson

Fern Nesson takes us on the road following the original WPA Guidebooks. Follow along as she re-enacts these journeys, discovering what’s old and what’s new.

Where in the World is Evan?

By Evan Kalish

Evan Kalish travels the country identifying and documenting New Deal buildings using PWA documents, newspaper articles, and other materials from the era.

Historian’s Journal: In Search of the New Deal

By Glory-June Greiff

Glory-June takes to the road at a moment's notice for work—or for the sheer joy of it—always keeping her eyes open for New Deal discoveries in Indiana and beyond or to see how surviving sites are faring.

Etan Does L.A.

By Etan Rosenbloom

Etan Rosenbloom travels across Los Angeles County, identifying and recording architecturally significant structures using National Register of Historic Places documentation.

A Legacy of Recreation: The New Deal’s Development of National and State Parks

By Oak McCoy

This series couples archival research with a spirit of adventure to create virtual reality experiences that makes the legacy of the New Deal in America’s parks accessible to all.

Living New Deal. Still Working for America.