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  • Glendale Park Wading Pool - Everett MA
    The Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) constructed a wading pool at Flendale Park in Everett, Mass.
  • Glendale Playground - Glendale NY
    In Sept. 1941 the New York Times described a playground being constructed by the WPA in Queens at "Central Avenue and Seventieth Street." This site, Glendale Playground, is still in use today. The site is also known as the "Uncle" Vito E. Maranzano Glendale Playground. New York City's Parks Department writes: "In 1940-41 Parks acquired the school property and an adjacent parcel for a new playground, which opened in 1942. On the cleared site, laborers from the Federal Works Projects Administration built handball and basketball courts, a softball diamond, swings, slides, seesaws, a jungle gym, a comfort station, and a free play...
  • Glenwood Park - Ada OK
    "In 1939, the WPA constructed tennis courts (no longer in existence), rock retaining walls, concrete footbridges, and stone drainage ditches. The retaining wall has vertical piers at the top, which served as parking ‘curbs’ for street level parking.”   There is a “WPA shield engraved on a rock in the drainage ditch area.”
  • Globe Park Improvements - Woonsocket RI
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) contributed greatly to the development of the park system in Woonsocket, R.I. Globe Park benefited from landscaping improvements and the construction of picnic areas and fireplaces.
  • Gobbler's Knob Fire Lookout - Mount Rainier National Park WA
    Mount Rainier was the nation's fifth National Park, established 1899. During the Great Depression the New Deal's Civilian Conservation Corps greatly aided the park's development. The CCC constructed numerous fire lookout towers, including that at Gobbler's Knob in 1933. Elevation: 5,485 feet. Wikipedia: "One of four fire lookouts remaining in the park, the lookout is used for visitor services during summer weekends. The building is about 14 feet by 14 feet, and was designed by the National Park Service Branch of Plans and designs under the supervision of Acting Chief Architect Edwin A. Nickel."
  • Goddard Memorial Park Improvements - Warwick RI
    WPA crews built fireplaces and reproduction Narragansett Indian villages for Warwick's 300th anniversary in 1936. Crews also built a field house in the park, but it does not appear to be extant. The precise location of fireplaces is unclear in the roughly 400 acre park.
  • Goerke Park Grandstand - Stevens Point WI
    This stone and concrete grandstand was constructed by local Stevens Point workers in 1938 with money from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) to provide a venue for viewing football games. It is located in Goerke Park, a 26-acre sports park located near P.J. Jacobs High School, also built by WPA workers. It is still in use today.
  • Gold Beach Ranger Station - Gold Beach OR
    The Gold Beach Ranger Station is located at the southern part of town just off of Hwy 101. The Gold Beach Ranger Station is a CCC-built complex of multiple buildings completed in 1937. There is a bronze plaque located at the base of a flag pole in the center of the visitors' parking lot that recognizes the Ranger Station in the National Register of Historic Places on April 8, 1986. The buildings at this site were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps, Companies 2523 and 1652 as well as Forest Service employees. They were designed by W.J. Turner and officially opened to...
  • Gold Country Museum - Auburn CA
    This building was originally built as a mining exhibit hall for the 20th Agricultural District Fairgrounds. It became the first Placer County Museum in 1948. The WPA built much of the rest of the Gold Country Fairgrounds as well.
  • Gold Creek Ranger Station Expansion - Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest NV
    The CCC expanded the Gold Creek Ranger Station of Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest NV in northern Nevada. "The root cellar was expanded in the 1930s by CCC labor, using faced stone from the nearby Hammond Mine."
  • Golden Beach Campground - Raquette Lake NY
    Raquette Lake is the largest lake in the southwestern portion of the Adirondack Park in  upstate New York.  It is famous as the site of some of the earliest and grandest of the "Camps" established by wealthy New Yorkers in the Gilded Age of the 19th century – which were, in fact, grand summer homes owned by families like the Durants, Vanderbilts, and Morgans). The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Eighth Lake Camp, established in  1933, did improvements to the state campground at Golden Beach on the southeastern flank of Raquette Lake, which the Department of Conservation had created in 1929 (on...
  • Golden Gardens Park Improvements - Seattle WA
    The Seattle Park Department utilized funds and labor from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) to complete a series of improvement projects at Golden Gardens Park. Much of the work aimed at stabilizing the steep hillsides in the eastern section of the park. Between 1935 and 1936, WPA workers excavated more than 7500 cubic yards of earth from a landslide-prone area along Golden Gardens Drive and used it to fill in a low area north of the park bathhouse, adding two acres of usable beachfront to the park. During this period, workers also cleared timber and removed tree stumps throughout the eastern...
  • Golden Gate Park Archery Field - San Francisco CA
    The little-known archery field at the west end of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco was built by Works Progress Administration (WPA) relief laborers.  It is still in regular use.
  • Golden Gate Park Casting Pools and Angler's Lodge - San Francisco CA
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) and its relief workers built the Angler's Lodge and Casting Pools in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, for the benefit of the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club. In return, Club members agreed to help train anyone who asked, a pledge they still honor.  The club had previously used nearby Stow Lake, which could only accommodate a few casters at a time, so the club encouraged the Golden Gate Park directors to ask the WPA to new facilities. The project was done in 1938 and the facility opened in March 1939. The first national casting tournament was...
  • Golden Gate Park Convenience Station 1 - San Francisco CA
    Constructed 6 stations at: 14th Avenue and Fulton Street, 19th Avenue and South Drive, Ashbury and Oak Streets ( Golden Gate Park), Gundlach and Vistacion Streets (McLaren Park), Laguna and Clay Streets (Lafayette Square), Judson Avenue (Balboa Park). These are ornamental structures of pleasing architecture, containing the very latest appliances for comfort and rest.--Healy, p. 57. Exact location of this station not certain.
  • Golden Gate Park Convenience Station 2 - San Francisco CA
    This station is located just to the northwest of the De Young Museum. It is probably the station referred to in Healy as being at 14th and Fulton. "Constructed 6 stations at: 14th Avenue and Fulton Street, 19th Avenue and South Drive, Ashbury and Oak Streets ( Golden Gate Park), Gundlach and Vistacion Streets (McLaren Park), Laguna and Clay Streets (Lafayette Square), Judson Avenue (Balboa Park). These are ornamental structures of pleasing architecture, containing the very latest appliances for comfort and rest."--Healy, p. 57.
  • Golden Gate Park Horseshoe Pits Scultpures - San Francisco CA
    Two bas-relief concrete sculptures by Jesse S. "Vet" Anderson (1875-1966), overlooking the WPA funded Golden Gate Park Horseshoe Pits.
  • Golden Gate Park Model Yacht Club - San Francisco CA
    As park of extensive improvements around Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a clubhouse for the San Francisco Model Yacht Club, the members of which sail their elaborate model boats on Spreckels Lake across the road. The WPA report of 1939 included this description: "...a small club house with rest rooms, lockers, storage and repair room for toy boats at Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park. The club house is placed in a picturesque setting and affords a delightful resting place for women and children. The club has stimulated great interest in the sport among...
  • Golden Gate Park Public Stables - San Francisco CA
    As part of extensive improvements around Golden Gate Park in San Francisco CA, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) built horse stables for public use in 1939. The four stables are built of wood and arranged in a U around what is now a parking lot. They were renovated around the turn of the millennium and are still in active use. The public stables, like the nearby police stables, are located close to the park's Polo Field.  
  • Golden Gate Park Sculpture - San Francisco CA
    4' high sculpture of a "Young Girl" by Jack Moxom funded by the WPA Federal Art Project. Located west of the Sharon Art Studio along the path to Junior Drive. It is part of the Sara S. Cooper Memorial.
  • Golden Gate Park Tennis Courts - San Francisco CA
    Construction of tennis courts in Golden Gate Park and at 38th Ave. and Fulton Street.--Mooser, p. 87. note--this reference is both to the Tennis Courts at the South East end of Golden Gate Park and to a separate set of courts north of the park on 38th, the latter being most likely what are now basketball courts at Cabrillo Playground.
  • Goldsmith-Schiffman Field - Huntsville AL
    In 1934, the Civil Works Administration started building a modern sports field on January 29 due to the land donated to the city on January 25, 1934, by Oscar Goldsmith, Lawrence B. Goldsmith, Annie Schiffman Goldsmith, Robert L. Schiffman, and Elsie Strauss Schiffman for use as an athletic field or playground for white pupils of the public schools. Due to CWA changes, they could only provide 50 people to begin the project. The area was the first in Huntsville to be lit up for nighttime sporting events, and it cost the city $6,500 to build, thanks to funding from the...
  • Golf Course - Blackduck MN
    In 1936 the WPA helped construct this golf course in Blackduck.  
  • Golf Course - Canton GA
    From Marguerite Cline in the Cherokee Tribune: "Construction of the current Canton Golf Course was a part of President Franklin Roosevelt's 1930s New Deal. It was built by the WPA - Works Progress Administration program. Critics joked about the program and said that WPA meant 'We Piddle Around.' But that was not the case when the Canton golf course was built."
  • Golf Course - Elizabethton TN
    From the Elizabethton Golf Course website: "In late 1935 a group of Elizabethton business men made plans to buy and develop some local property into a golf course. They retained Raymond Campbell, Attorney and charter member of the group, to obtain the necessary land for the project. Mr. Campbell was successful in purchasing 70 acres of land, up for foreclosure, for $5,000, from the Hamilton National Bank of Johnson City. The original group of men, numbering 20, invested $250 each to purchase the land. In 1936 the same tract of land was deeded to the first Trustees of the organization - R.C....
  • Golf Course - Forsyth GA
    The WPA helped build Forstyth Golf Course in 1935.
  • Golf Course - Hancock NY
    The WPA constructed the Town of Hancock Golf Course in Hancock, New York in 1941.
  • Golf Course - Mahnomen MN
    The construction of Mahnomen Golf Course east of the town of Mahnomen was a WPA project from 1935 to 1936. The course is now part of Mahnomen County Country Club.
  • Golf Course - Monroe NC
    Between 1935 and 1939, the WPA constructed the first nine holes of this golf course.
  • Golf Course - Mount Pleasant TX
    The 9-hole golf course was designed by Perry Maxwell in 1939 and constructed with WPA labor. Although another 9 holes were added in later years, the original design by Maxwell is still in use. "...public recreation centers offered the greatest benefit to society as a means of promoting health and happiness" (Jerris, 2009).
  • Golf Course - Tipton IN
    The WPA constructed the first nine holes of the Tipton golf course in 1937.  
  • Golf Course - Winthrop MA
    W.P.A. Bulletin, 1937: "Because of WPA and the Winthrop Golf Club the formerly ugly marsh is now a recreational beauty spot. The golf club reclaimed a spot in the centre of the marsh and created a nine-hole course."
  • Golf Course (no longer extant) - Crawford NE
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a golf course in Crawford, Nebraska in 1936. Living New Deal believes the golf course to be no longer extant, located at a bend in Dodd road to the northwest of the city and the current city park. Northwest Nebraska News: "The WPA project for the improvement of the Crawford city golf course which has been in progress for the last two months was completed this week New greens were built, bunkers and other improvements have been made which makes the Crawford course one of the best in this sector of the state. To keep automobile...
  • Golf Course Clubhouse - Kalispell MT
    Montana's Big Timber Pioneer newspaper reported: "Work started recently on a clubhouse at the Kalispell golf course, according to Mayor J. P. Bruckhauser. The building. 70 feet by 38 feet, will be built by WPA labor at a cost of approximately $10.000." Exact location and current status unknown to the Living New Deal.
  • Goliad State Historical Park - Goliad TX
    This Texas state park was established to preserve a Spanish mission and commemorate historic events in Texas history. A marker at the site explains the CCC's involvement in the park's development: "Mississippi native and Goliad County Judge James Arthur White (1878-1953) possessed a fervent interest in Texas history, notably that of his adopted city of Goliad. He began in 1928 to organize support for a state park to protect Goliad's many significant historic sites. Judge White drafted a bill in 1931 to create the park and a state-funded bridge and highway (later U.S. 183). Despite the bleak financial prospects of the...
  • Goliad State Park Custodian's Complex - Goliad TX
    The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Company 3822(V) was assigned to Goliad, Texas from 1935 to 1941 to work on project SP 43-T, Goliad State Park. The CCC built a custodian's complex for Goliad State Park between 1936 and 1937. The complex consisted of a five-room, one-bath, 1-1/2 story residence for the park caretaker, plus maintenance and storage buildings, all located about one mile north of the park. A stone wall surrounded the complex. The CCC built most everything in the house by hand as the house was also an experimental studio, testing the methods they would use to reconstruct Mission...
  • Gompers Park - Chicago IL
    "Using federal funding through the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the park district soon began rehabilitating the southern portion of the park, constructing tennis courts, a footbridge over the river, a dam and spillway for the lower lagoon."
  • Gonzales Memorial Museum, Amphitheater and Reflecting Pool - Gonzales, TX
    The commission created by the Texas legislature in 1935 to oversee Texas' Centennial joined with the public works administration to build a memorial to Texas revolution events in Gonzales. The memorial includes a museum, amphitheater, and reflecting pool designed by acclaimed architects Phelps & Dewees. The art deco museum is built of shellstone, limestone and concrete. It features a rotunda and ornate detailing at the entryway, and in a band below the parapet. It was dedicated in 1937. A 2003 National Register of Historic Places Registration Form notes that, "The Commission allocated the sum of $30,000 and the Public Works Administration...
  • Goodwin Park Golf Course - Hartford CT
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) expanded and improved the Goodwin Park Golf Course in Hartford CT. The WPA extended the golf course to 9 holes. The Goodwin Park Golf Course is still in use today.
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