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  • Veterans Field - Wakefield MA
    Construction of Veterans Field was one of dozens of projects undertaken with federal labor at the beginning of the New Deal era during the 1930s. "In 1934, initial plans called for a skating/hockey rink, ball field, tennis court and a general playground, with the work to be performed by the Civil Works Administration (CWA) which later became the ERA, a program designed to 'give relief to needy people through direct work or work relief.' These work projects were later shifted to the Works Projects Administration (WPA). The North Avenue - Church Street project was one of 92 completed projects carried out...
  • Veterans Field - West Springfield MA
    W.P.A. Bulletin, 1937: "he Memorial Athletic Field in the rear of King's Highway School is rapidly nearing completion. Last April the field was rather ugly, idle land. Now there is a quarter-mile cinder track, circling a seeded oval, portable bleachers, a memorial plot of war veterans with flagpole, a driveway from the highway to the field, a football field, a drainage system and a fence enclosing the athletic field."
  • Walton Field Improvements - Wakefield MA
    Walton Field in Wakefield, Massachusetts "was improved in the 1930s as part of the WPA program."
  • Wapato Park - Tacoma WA
    “Wapato Park was the site of a major WPA work project. Sherman Ingalls, Metropolitan Park District Supervisor at Wapato directed the project and designed the park improvements. The WPA built bridges, boat and bathhouse, modern kitchen with hot and cold water; installed electrical outlets; graded, leveled and seeded the park; built modern ball fields, a sandy bathing beach, and a stone entrance; cleared roads and pathways, and developed Alpine gardens and a lily pond.” ("History of Wapato Park.")
  • Winslow High Athletic Field - Winslow ME
    "The Winslow High School, with a modern building costing nearly $175,000, had no satisfactory grounds for athletic contests. The lot upon which the High School was built was very uneven, a brook and gully running through the middle. The town had raised a fund for grading the lot and upon completion of the grading for the Building and tennis courts, there was only $2,300 left for grading the remainder of the four acre lot. This was inadequate and no work had been done other than some fill being placed by local manufacturing companies and others using it as a dump. When the...
  • Woodland Veterans Park Improvements - Shawnee OK
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) worked to improve Woodland Veterans Park in Shawnee, Oklahoma, installing new concrete walks and constructing tennis courts.
  • World's Fair Playground - Queens NY
    On June 19, 1939, the Department of Parks announced the opening of two playgrounds in Flushing Meadows Park, one along the Grand Central Parkway, just south of Horace Harding Boulevard. This is most likely what is now known as the World's Fair Playground. The 1939 press release explained that: "These two recreation areas are part of the plan for the ultimate development of the park after the Fair is over and will provide recreation facilities for the present children of the adjacent communities and for an increase in population as additional housing develops around the park. In the playground near Horace Harding...
  • Zimmerman Playground - Bronx NY
    "Zimmerman Playground, a block east of Bronx Park on the south side of Britton Street between Barker and Olinville Avenues. One of nine War Memorial Playgrounds opened by Mayor LaGuardia on July 15, 1934. The Parks Department press release credits the 'Works Division of the Department of Public Welfare' for some of the labor. Beyond that, there is no mention of how the playgrounds were designed and built. But by the reasoning laid out here, it's almost inconceivable that federally-funded work relief was not involved. But in any case, the playground was expanded a few years later, as described in a...
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