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  • Coronado Historic Neighborhood Sidewalks - Phoenix AZ
    WPA created sidewalks and curbs poured as the neighborhood developed between 1939 and 1942.
  • Crescent Beach Stairs - Algoma WI
    The WPA constructed stairs at the south end of Crescent Beach. The stairs display "19 WPA 39" on the top step and bottom slab along with 48 star stone mosaic U.S. flags. The stairs are edged with field stone. Fossils are mounted on the entrance pillars. The stairs begin at the top of a grassy bluff and end in a cedar lined path that leads to the sandy shore of Lake Michigan.
  • Crockett Retaining Wall and Sidewalk - Crockett CA
    Cement retaining wall and sidewalks with WPA stamps.
  • Curbs and Gutters - Carrizozo NM
    Starting in 1937, the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed approximately 5,830 linear feet masonry curb and gutter in Carrizozo, New Mexico under WPA Official Project # 65-85-1199. Much of it survives today.
  • Delaware Ordnance Depot (former) Development - Pedricktown NJ
    The WPA conducted extensive work at former Delaware Ordnance Depot, located on the west side of Route 130 about halfway between Penns Grove and Pedricktown. Many buildings and much of the infrastructure from the time is still extant. WPA projects at the old Ordnance Depot included: "Improve buildings and grounds by constructing magazines and rail facilities, barracks, dispensary, offers and non‐commissioned officers quarters, roads, sidewalks and utilities, landscaping; and performing appurtenant and incidental tasks." Official Project Number: 713‐2‐19 Total project cost: $900,000.00 Sponsor: Commanding Officer, Delaware Ordnance Depot, and War Department "A non‐construction project to improve and rehabilitate buildings, public utility systems, water supply and gypsy...
  • Dodd Avenue Sidewalk - West St. Paul MN
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted numerous sidewalk, curb, road, and other infrastructure projects in West St. Paul, Minnesota. Among the evidence for such projects: On Dodd near Hedge Street there’s slab with a 1941 stamp. A map as part of the source, The WPA in West St. Paul presents the location and an image of the stamps, which appears to be located at about 936 Dodd Rd.
  • E Magnolia St. Sidewalks - Angleton TX
    The Works Progress Administration built sidewalks on E Magnolia St. in Angleton. This researcher found a mark in a section of sidewalk at Magnolia and Chenango streets, one block from the Brazoria County Courthouse. A 1940 Galveston Newspaper article tells of sidewalk work being done in Alvin, which is also in Brazoria County, so the work was likely completed in this same time period.
  • East Border Road Reconstruction - Medford MA
    W.P.A. project description: "The three projects, which were approved and on which work was started late in the year, provide for the reconstruction of: ... East Border Road, from Fellsway East, Maiden to Highland Avenue, Medford, 2,900 feet in length. All these roads will have a width of 30 feet and have a 5-inch bituminous concrete surface on a 12-inch gravel base. Also, an 8-ft. wide, 2-inch bituminous surfaced walk will be constructed adjacent to and for the whole length of each road. Work will include excavation of earth, rock and ledge, installation of drainage systems, filling and grading, loaming and...
  • Elm Street Sidewalk - Hatfield MA
    The  Federal Emergency Relief Administration (F.E.R.A.) furnished the cost of labor for the construction of a sidewalk along Elm Street in Hatfield, Massachusetts. The 11-man project cost the Town of Hatfield supplied only the price of materials for the project.
  • Encanto Blvd. Sidewalk - Phoenix AZ
    The W.P.A. constructed sidewalks in Phoenix, AZ, including at "Encanto & First Ave."
  • Ethan Allen Parkway Sewer and Sidewalks - Burlington VT
    The W.P.A. conducted the following work along Bradley Road, since renamed Ethan Allen Parkway. Photo caption, UVM: "Photograph dated Oct. 17, 1941. Original caption reads: Bradley Road Sewer: This view is taken from a point near the intersection of North Avenue looking easterly toward the Poor Farm. This picture was taken after the North End Sewer construction had been completed and numerous large and small pine trees had been eliminated on the southerly side of the street as well as some excavation as shown in the right foreground bordering Ethan Allen Park. Note that the electric light and telephone pole line...
  • F.D.R. Boardwalk - Staten Island NY
    According to the NYC Parks Department: "In 1935, the City of New York acquired this property and it underwent renovations performed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s (1882-1945) Works Progress Administration (WPA). In addition to removing the deteriorating music halls, carousels, and shooting galleries, the WPA also laid down the present two and a half-mile long boardwalk. In 1939, it was dedicated to the former governor and president." The WPA Guide to New York City reported that this was "a two-million-dollar board-walk, constructed by the WPA in 1938." The boardwalk runs along the eastern border of the neighborhood of Dongan Hills on...
  • Fairview Addition Street Grading - Smithsburg WV
    The Works Progress Administration graded Fairview Addition Street in Smithsburg, Doddridge County.
  • Fargo VA Medical Center Improvements - Fargo ND
    The federal Work Projects Administration worked to improve what is now the Fargo VA Medical Center in Fargo, North Dakota during the 1930s. One project was described by the WPA in its project rolls: "rading; reconstructing roads; sidewalks; installing sewers; water mains; steam services and electrical services;" other related work.
  • Fernridge Park Development - West Hartford CT
    In 1933/4 the federal Civil Works Administration (C.W.A.) furnished the labor toward the development of Fernridge Park in West Hartford. A Report of Town Officials from 1934 states: With the aid of ... C. W. A. labor, three additional tennis courts were completed and put to use. Paths from Keeney Avenue and from Whitman Avenue, to the clubhouse were completed. Under the landscape division of the C. W. A., large numbers of trees and shrubs have been planted at this playfield, enhancing the scenic beauty of this park to a great extent. The town's 1935 report cites Federal Emergency Relief Administration (F.E.R.A.)...
  • Fifth Avenue Raising - McKeesport PA
    A substantial infrastructure development project was undertaken in downtown McKeesport as part of a New Deal project, sponsored by the Public Works Administration (PWA). According to the Pittsburgh Press the project involved: "Raising and paving of Fifth Avenue and adjacent streets and alleys, approximately 3380 feet long, grant of $388,350, total estimated cost $863,000. The project provides also for elevating a number of houses to conform to the new street grade line." The eventual total cost was listed as $849,659, and the project also involved sewer construction. PWA Docket No. PA 1504
  • Flomaton Sidewalks Construction Program - Flomaton AL
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built seven miles of sidewalks throughout the City of Flomaton. This work was part of a city-wide, streets and sidewalks construction program. The approximate cost of the entire program was $27,200.00. Pictured are WPA crews carrying out paving work on Palafox Street in Flomaton. The work consisted of blacktopping a three-mile stretch.
  • Forest Ave. Sidewalk - Pawtucket RI
    The W.P.A. constructed sidewalks in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, including along West Forest Ave. There is a Works Projects Administration 1941 medallion embedded in the sidewalk in front of 238 W. Forest Ave.
  • Forest Hill Park Footbridge - East Cleveland OH
    Spanning what is now known as Forest Hills Blvd., the historic pedestrian bridge at Forest Hill Park in East Cleveland, Ohio was constructed with federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) labor. "Spanning 347 feet across a deep valley in the Dugway Brook watershed, the 48-foot-high pedestrian bridge was intended to nestle in the hilly landscape of the Heights (the westernmost foothills of the Appalachians) on Cleveland's east side. Designed by Wilbur Watson and Associates in 1939 with consulting architects F. B. Walker and A. D. Taylor, Forest Hill Park Footbridge was built in 1939-40--the work of more than 1,000 men toiling for two...
  • Fort Dix - NJ
    Dating from WWI, Fort Dix provided training for soldiers enlisted in the U.S. Army. According to a Works Progress Administration (WPA) Information Division document, the WPA engaged in “Campwide improvement to grounds, including grading, checking of soil erosion, improvements to drainage to eliminate mud, and clearing fire trails and brush; construction of target pits and machine gun range, landing field, one mile of railroad. Construction or repair of garage, motor repair shop, schools, tent floors, incinerator, sawmill, woodshop, quarters, storage buildings, mess hall, cold storage plant, hospital, airport buildings, disposal plant, improvements of water supply system, clearing of ditches...
  • Fort Hancock (former) Development - Highlands NJ
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted substantial development work at the former Fort Hancock. Numerous projects undertaken by the New Deal agency, totaling more than two million dollars , included utility and infrastructure overhauls, building new military facilities, reconstructing docks, erecting a training camp, and even building tennis courts.
  • Fort Leavenworth Development - Fort Leavenworth KS
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted development efforts at Fort Leavenworth as part of multiple projects totaling more than $1 million. Projects included: Construct and improve buildings, structures, and facilities. Cost: $150,000. Sponsor: War Department ‐Q.M.C. WPA Project No. 113‐3‐82‐7 Construct and rehabilitate barracks and quarters and utilities. Cost: $355,045. Sponsor: War Department ‐Q.M.C. WPA Project No. 13‐3‐82‐7 Improve buildings and grounds. Cost: $424,649. Sponsor: War Department. WPA Project No. 165‐2‐82‐23 Improve roads and streets. Sponsor: Commanding Officer, Fort Leavenworth, U.S. Army. WPA Project No. 365‐82‐1‐1 Make general improvements to buildings, utilities, walks, and grounds. Cost: $45,230. Sponsor: Commanding...
  • Fort Monmouth (former) Development - NJ
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted millions of dollars (not even adjusted for inflation) of improvement and development work at Fort Monmouth in New Jersey. No aspects of the installation were left untouched: improvement and construction work involved developing "an auxiliary flying field," roads, sidewalks, electrical, heading, plumbing and sewer systems, and erosion control. All manners of facilities were built, refurbished, improved, or expanded. A captioned image in "The Dawn," a WPA publication, states that conducted "extensive repair work" at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey ca. 1936. Here is one typical project description, Official Project #765‐22‐2‐14: Improve buildings, including general overhauling of plumbing, heating, and...
  • Fort Snelling - St. Paul MN
    The fort dates back the early nineteenth century, when it was used to “promote and protext the interests of the United States in the region’s fur trade” (historicfortsnelling.org). Between 1938 and 1940, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) performed structural renovation and historic restoration work at this site, including sidewalks, sewers, porches, and garages. National Park Service: "Fort Snelling benefited from New Deal programs such as the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The programs provided funding for a general reconditioning of the fort, including landscaping and infrastructure. Workers graded and resurfaced existing roads, built new sidewalks and curbs and...
  • Foster Avenue Improvements - Sayville NY
    In November 1935 the WPA approved the provision of labor for the construction of curbs and gutters along Foster Avenue in Sayville, NY.
  • Garfield Park Reservation - Garfield Heights OH
    "Extensive improvements to the park in the 1930s included WORK PROJECTS ADMINISTRATION-funded construction of a colonnaded boathouse, footbridges, and retaining walls along the lower lake, all made from locally quarried stone."
  • Glendale Steps - Akron OH
    The Works Progress Administration built the Glendale Steps in Akron, OH. Originally constructed to link the Walnut Street neighbourhood at the top of a 200' bluff near downtown Akron to Glendale Park at the base of the bluff. The site is currently under reclamation and restoration.
  • Gorman Avenue Sidewalks - West St. Paul MN
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted numerous sidewalk, curb, road, and other infrastructure projects in West St. Paul, Minnesota. Among the evidence for such projects: On Gorman there’s a sidewalk slab with a 1941 WPA stamp. A map as part of the source, The WPA in West St. Paul presents the location and an image of the stamps, which appears to be located at about 1088 Gorman Ave. Furthermore, "According to a Dakota County Historical Society article, there’s a stretch of sidewalk at Haskell and Gorman Avenues that the WPA built in 1937—but no handy stamps to confirm that info."
  • Guillermo Esteves Bridge Sidewalks - San Juan PR
    The Puerto Rico Emergency Relief Administration (with funds from the Federal Emergency Relief Administration) built sidewalks near the Guillermo Esteves Bridge in San Juan.
  • Hamilton Place Improvements - Hackensack NJ
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) repaved Hamilton Place with a concrete base and macasphalt top in Hackensack, New Jersey in 1936. Curbs and gutters were also reconstructed. The WPA also relaid tracks along the road for the municipal Public Service department.
  • Hamlin Beach State Park - Hamlin NY
    "HAMLIN BEACH PARK is one of the largest county parks of Monroe. It has an area of 600 acres and includes a mile and a quarter of lake frontage with an excellent bathing beach. Extensive road building and other improvements are in progress, carried on by the Civilian Conservation Corps, which maintains a camp near the park. This project includes the construction of a concrete sea wall and promenade along the entire lake front, six long stone and concrete jetties to hold sand for bathing beaches, 3 miles of macadam and 2 miles of hard-surfaced roads, 2 miles of concrete...
  • Hammond Pond Parkway Sidewalk - Newton MA
    Description of a project undertaken by the W.P.A. in 1938: "Hammond Pond Parkway, Newton Street traffic circle to Boylston Street, Newton; to construct a 5-foot wide pea stone and stone dust walk and a 10-foot wide planting space, each 4,200 feet in length."
  • Hawkins Avenue Sidewalk - Lake Ronkonkoma NY
    Medford, New York's Mid-Island Mail reported in 1940 that the WPA completed work on a sidewalk along Hawkins Avenue "near the Five Corners" of Lake Ronkonkoma.
  • Herbert St. Bridge Work - Framingham MA
    The Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) conducted bridge work at Herbert St. and Beaver Dam Brook in Framingham, Mass. in 1939-40. According to the 1940 Town Report: The old wooden bridge over the Beaver Dam Brook at Herbert Street, which had become unsafe, was replaced with a reinforced concrete structure, including new concrete abutments, wing walls and slab. Concrete curbing and sidewalks and bituminout concrete pavement were constructed on the approached to the new bridge.
  • Hibbert St. Improvements - Arlington MA
    The Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) resurfaced Hibbert St. in Arlington, MA. The W.P.A. installed sidewalks along the road as well.
  • Hidden Falls Regional Park Improvements - St. Paul MN
    Landscape architect Horace Cleveland, known for his leadership in developing the Twin Cities’ park system, set aside the land now known as Hidden Falls Regional Park in 1887. The spring-fed waterfall is indeed “hidden” in a small ravine on the north end of the park, on the east bank of the Mississippi River. The falls feed into a small creek, which runs south into the Mississippi. The park stayed largely undeveloped until the WPA constructed a stone staircase leading from the falls up to the East River Parkway and a lookout area at the top of the river bluff.
  • High Street Sidewalks - Kingwood WV
    The Works Progress Administration built sidewalks on several streets in Kingwood. Work on High Street was completed in 1940.
  • Highland Park Development - Pittsburgh PA
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted multiple projects in Highland Park in Pittsburgh. "In Highland Park, WPA workers built stone steps throughout the park and modernized the main zoo building." Another article notes that the WPA built a "rhino quarters" at the zoo in 1939.
  • Homewood, Street Beautification - Birmingham AL
    The Works Progress Administration carried out landscaping and beautification work on a street in the Homewood, a suburb of Birmingham, circa 1936.
  • Howell School Road - Kirkwood DE
    Delaware utilized substantial federal resources in developing and improving its road network during the Great Depression. Among the dozens of projects undertaken by the federal Civil Works Administration (C.W.A.) during 1934 was construction along Howell School Road to Kirkwood, including sidewalk development. An average of 1,410 were put to work each week during 1934 as a result of the CWA's road, sidewalk, bridge, and other related infrastructure efforts in Delaware.  
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