Street, Sidewalk and Sewer Improvements – Juneau AK

Juneau’s streets, sidewalks and sewers were improved with the aid of New Deal federal funds during the Great Depression. A newspaper report in 1938 said that the Public Works Administration (PWA)  had allotted $170,000 for these purposes, but the 1940 Annual… read more

Town Park – Canonsburg PA

Stone stairs and pillars

Multiple New Deal agencies: the Civil Works Administration, Federal Emergency Relief Administration, and Works Progress Administration, helped to develop Canonsburg, Pennsylvania’s Town Park in 1934—1936. In addition to constructing its pool and Park Drive, work relief workers—according to a local… read more

University of Saint Joseph Storm Sewer – West Hartford CT

Multiple projects were “planned, staked out and supervised” by West Hartford’s Engineering Department in 1935-6 utilizing Federal Emergency Relief Administration (F.E.R.A.) and/or Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) labor. One such project involved storm sewer construction “across the St. Joseph College property… read more