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  • Vineyard Road Improvements - Ticonderoga NY
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) improved Vineyard Road outside Ticonderoga, New York.
  • Virginia Street Bridge - Prescott AZ
    In 1936, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) built a bridge on E. Willis Street across a small wash just east of N. Virginia Street in Prescott AZ.  It is a short bridge made of concrete and local stone, in typical WPA rustic style.  The downstream side (north) has a long channel, presumably to prevent erosion of the banks. The WPA project card in the National Archives is mislabeled as the Virginia Street bridge – an understandable error, given that there are two WPA bridges, one on West Willis and one on East Willis Street (the Virginia Street bridge is not actually...
  • Vogel State Park - Blairsville GA
    "One of Georgia’s oldest and most beloved state parks, Vogel is located at the base of Blood Mountain in the Chattahoochee National Forest. Driving from the south, visitors pass through Neel Gap, a beautiful mountain pass near Brasstown Bald, the highest point in Georgia. Vogel is particularly popular during the fall when the Blue Ridge Mountains transform into a rolling blanket of red, yellow and gold leaves. Hikers can choose from a variety of trails, including the popular 4-mile Bear Hair Gap loop, an easy lake loop that leads to Trahlyta Falls, and the challenging 13-mile Coosa Backcountry Trail. Cottages, campsites...
  • VT 100 (Alexander Bridge) - South Londonderry VT
    The Public Works Administration built the Alexander Bridge over the West River in South Londonderry. Docket No. 5828-(Vt.). The structure was engineered by the Vermont State Highway Engineering Department and was built as a 4-span concrete bridge.  
  • Vueltas Road Improvements - Las Marias PR
    The Puerto Rico Emergency Relief Administration carried out repair and maintenance work on Vueltas Road in Las Marias.
  • W Holt Boulevard - Ontario CA
    New Deal federal funds totaling $35,000 allowed for the widening and paving of A Street (today W Holt Blvd) 1.6 miles from San Antonio Ave to S Cucamonga Ave which was at the time was the city limits. Holt Blvd, along with Valley Blvd was once the original alignment for Route 60.
  • Waianuenue Avenue Development - Hilo HI
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) and its successor, the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA), conducted this substantial road development project in Hilo. As reported in May 1934 by The Honolulu Advertiser: The Waianuenue avenue improvement project is expected to be completed within the next several weeks. One hundred and fifty-three men are working on this job. A follow-up project consisted of FERA workers constructing sidewalks along Kilauea Avenue. Work commenced in May 1934. To supplement the new projects, side walk extensions for Kilauea Avenue and Waianuenue Avenue have been approved in Honolulu and will be started immediately, according to Frank J. Cody, Hilo...
  • Waitt's Mountain Park - Malden MA
    "In the 1930's the Works Progress Administration (WPA) undertook a series of improvements including the construction of the loop road around the summit ." A 1937 WPA Bulletin reported: In 1934 Waitt's Mount in Maiden looked like a quarry-workers' nightmare. It was a huge, bald and jagged granite ledge whose slope was covered with twisted, stunted trees and tangled underbrush; probably the most useless piece of land in this section of the state. Today the Mount is a beautifully terraced park which commands a 15-mile panorama of metropolitan Boston. The park, built by the WPA, has landscaped slopes, shade trees, rustic...
  • Walk Hill Street Reconstruction - Boston MA
    Walk Hill Street in Boston, between Hyde Park Ave. and Harvard St., was reconstructed as part of a Public Works Administration (P.W.A.) project.
  • Wallace Hill Road Improvements - Plattsburgh NY
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) improved roads in Plattsburgh, New York, including Wallace Hill Road, in 1936.
  • Walnut Court Reconstruction - Stoughton MA
    A 1939 article cited work the WPA had been accomplishing in Stoughton, Mass. "They ... are now about to start the finishing work on laying out and rebuilding of Walnut Court as a town way. The street has been widened, tons of stone have been dug out and all that remains is the filling of holes and getting the top surface ready for the tar, which when applied and covered will put that piece of highway in fine condition."
  • Walnut Creek Bridge - Prescott National Forest AZ
    The Walnut Creek Bridge in northern Yavapai County AZ was built in 1936 with the help of the New Deal.  It crosses Walnut Creek on FS95 and may have been built to improve access to the Prescott National Forest ranger station further up CR125, Walnut Creek Road. The bridge was built by the Arizona Highways Department using relief workers hired out of transient (homeless) camps along the Verde River, with the aid of Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) funds (probably via the Arizona Relief Administration). The design was done by Arizona Highways Bridge Engineer Ralph Hoffman, basically a concrete foundation on which...
  • Walpole St. Rebuilding - Dover MA
    The Federal Emergency Relief Administration (F.E.R.A.) conducted road improvement work in Dover, Mass., including the reconstruction of a 500-foot stretch of Walpole Street. "he raising of the grade of Walpole Street at the brook near the Zinsser Estate has greatly improved conditions there."
  • Wampatuck Road Reconstruction - Quincy MA
    W.P.A. project description: "The three projects, which were approved and on which work was started late in the year, provide for the reconstruction of: first, Wampatuck Road from Furnace Brook Parkway to Chickatawbut Road, Quincy, a distance of 4,800 feet ... All these roads will have a width of 30 feet and have a 5-inch bituminous concrete surface on a 12-inch gravel base. Also, an 8-ft. wide, 2-inch bituminous surfaced walk will be constructed adjacent to and for the whole length of each road. Work will include excavation of earth, rock and ledge, installation of drainage systems, filling and grading, loaming...
  • Ward Street Construction - Burlington VT
    Photo description: "August 15, 1939. PWA Project No. Vt. 1097-F This view shows the completed pavement at the intersection of North Bend Street and Ward Street. The old road bed was scarified, reshaped and treated with stabilizing emulsion late in the fall of 1938 and a base course of asphalt penetration was constructed with one application of 85-100 penetration asphalt binder. A wearing surface of two inches of Plant-Max asphalt using tempering fluid was constructed during the early summer of 1939."
  • Ward Street Paving - Hartford CT
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) paved 34 streets in Hartford, Connecticut, including Ward Street, as part of a $2.5 million, two-year paving project begun in 1937. The federal government contributed $1 million.
  • Wards Ferry Road - Sonora CA
    According to Tuolumne County Historian Carlo De Ferrari, the Works Progress Administration worked extensively along Wards Ferry Road, doing widening and other improvement work. Excerpts from WPA job cards: WPA Project No. 65-3-100, Date 8/27/35, $12,124, "Street Repairs". WPA Project No. 65-3-102 Date 8/27/35, $11,293, "New road construction." WPA Project No. 65-3-103, Date 8/27/35, $11,232, "Road Improvement" WPA Project No. 65-3-3836, Date 12/14/35, $1,947, "Construct retaining wall." WPA Project No. 65-3-4400, Date 1/17/36, $8,977, "Construction of a concrete bridge and a new road to approach bridge."
  • Warren Bridge (demolished) Repairs - Boston MA
    A Boston Public Works Department report cited Federal Emergency Relief Administration (F.E.R.A.) labor as conducting the following work: "Warren and Charlestown Bridges, repairs to fender piers." Warren Bridge was demolished in 1962.
  • Warren Street NW Paving - Washington DC
    In 1936, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) completed a paving project at the intersection of 42nd and Warren Streets NW.  The intersection is characterized by a gracious, curving triangle with a small park in the center, likely the result of the WPA's work.  This project was part of a nearly $1 million in WPA road work around the district in 1935-36. The road still exists though the WPA pavement is probably invisible today.
  • Wasatch Boulevard - Salt Lake City UT
    Wasatch Boulevard, which runs from Salt Lake City along the base of the Wasatch Mountains down to Big Cottonwood Canyon, was a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project. For years Wasatch Boulevard was a popular scenic route along the base of the mountains to the canyons and recreation areas south of the city, like Big Cottonwood Canyon and Alta ski resort.  In the past, it ran in splendid isolation beneath the formidable Wasatch front. Today, Wasatch Boulevard is overshadowed by the Interstate 215, as well as massive new housing and commercial developments, as metropolitan Salt Lake City has exploded along the Wasatch front.  The photographs...
  • Wasena Bridge - Roanoke VA
    Roanoke, Virginia's Wasena Bridge was constructed as a federal Public Works Administration (PWA) project between 1938 and 1939 by Contractor M. S. Hudgins, Wisconsin Bridges & Iron Company and Consulting Engineers, Barrington & Cortelyou . The bridge carries the traffic of Main St. SW (Route 221) above train tracks, the Roanoke River, and Wasena Park, between Old Southwest / downtown Roanoke and the neighborhood of Wasena. The PWA provided a $149,265 grant for the bridge's construction; the final cost of the project was $336,254. Construction occurred between August 1938 and August 1939. PWA and dedication plaques are located at the north end of the...
  • Washburn-Gillespie Farm-to-Market Road - Washburn WV
    The Works Progress Administration built a farm-to-market road connecting Washburn with Gillespie, in Ritchie County.
  • Washington Avenue Bridge - Brooklyn NY
    The bridge carrying Washington Avenue in Brooklyn over the railroad tracks by Prospect Park was rebuilt during the 1930s as a Public Works Administration (PWA) project.
  • Washington Avenue Overpass - Piscataway NJ
    The Bureau of Public Roads provided funds to construct an overpass carrying Washington Avenue over the railroad in New Market, Piscataway Township, N.J. The project was undertaken as part of a larger grade crossing elimination initiative during that era. Living New Deal believes this structure has since been replaced. New Jersey Board of Public Utility Commissioners: "A "Works Program-State Highway Department" project on which the Board initiated proceedings and on January 7, 1936, issued an order to eliminate the grade crossing at Washington Avenue. The proceedings originally affected three grade crossings located in close proximity to each other on Prospect Street, Main Street and Washington Avenue but the...
  • Washington St. Improvements - Barre VT
    In 1934 the Civil Works Adminiistration (C.W.A.) and Emergency Relief Administration (E.R.A.) conducted the following improvement work along part of Washington St. in the City of Barre: The street was widened, graded, drained, slopes sodded and granite retaining walls built. The W.P.A. removed disused street car rails from the street in 1938.
  • Washington Street Development - Wilmington DE
    Delaware utilized substantial federal resources in developing and improving its road network during the Great Depression. Among the dozens of projects undertaken by the federal Civil Works Administration (C.W.A.) during 1934 was construction along Washington Street in Wilmington. According to Delaware's Annual Report of the Chief Engineer State Highway Department, 1934: The work was carried on throughout the State, and consisted largely of clearing and grubbing, ditching, grading, sodding, construction of sidewalks, building of masonry culverts and bridges and the re­ pairing of dikes along the banks of the Delaware and Christian Rivers. An average of 1,410 were put to work each week...
  • Washington Street Improvements - Columbia AL
    The Works Progress Administration carried out improvement work on Washington Street in Columbia, Alabama.
  • Water Street Bridge Widening - Tewksbury NJ
    A 6'3"-span stone arch bridge on Water Street, in Tewksbury, New Jersey, was widened by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The structure is located approximately halfway between Longview Rd. and Rockaway Rd.
  • Water Street Grading - Ithaca NY
    An article in The Ithaca Journal identified numerous Civil Works Administration (CWA) efforts in Ithaca, New York, including "Giles and Water Streets grading."
  • Water Street Improvements - Perth Amboy NJ
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) worked on a land reclamation and shore beautification project on the south shore of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. As part of the project Water Street was widened by 12 feet and paved with macadam. Sidewalks and curbs were installed and 300 feet of hedges were transplanted.
  • Water Street Sea Wall - Plymouth MA
    Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted the following work in Plymouth, Massachusetts. WPA Bulletin: Additional Parking Space for the thousands of visitors who annually visit historical Plymouth Rock will be provided with the completion of this WPA Water Street stone sea-wall.
  • Watershops Pond Bridge - Springfield MA
    "This bridge is part of a street construction program undertaken to allow traffic passing through the city to bypass the congested business area. The project consisted of the construction of approximately 11,300 feet of highway connecting Roosevelt Avenue at one end with Houghton Avenue at the other, the construction of a rigid frame bridge at State Street with ramps up to State Street, and the construction of the Watershops Pond Bridge illustrated on this page. This bridge has steel girders and concrete spans with hung arches and stone facing on concrete piers and abutments resting on pile foundations. The total length...
  • Watertown Arsenal (former) Development - Watertown MA
    The W.P.A. conducted extensive improvement and development projects at the former Watertown Arsenal. Project details: "Rehabilitate and make general improvements to buildings, utilities, facilities, and grounds" Official Project Number: 165‐2‐14‐363 Total project cost: $641,063.00 Sponsor: Commanding Officer, Watertown Arsenal, U.S. Army "Make general repairs and improvements to buildings and grounds" Official Project Number: 165‐24‐2005 Total project cost: $107,860.00 Sponsor: Commanding Officer and Board of Selection "Construct additions to buildings at Watertown Arsenal" Official Project Number: 165‐3‐14‐263 Total project cost: $67,884.00 Sponsor: War Department "Construct additions to existing buildings, rehabilitate and modernize buildings, utilities, and facilities, and improve grounds" Official Project Number: 165‐3‐14‐265 Total project cost: $111,100.00 Sponsor: Commanding Officer, Watertown Arsenal, U.S. Army "Recondition...
  • Watkins Glen State Park - Watkins Glen NY
    "From 1935 until 1941, young men at the Civilian Conservation Corps Camp SP44 in Watkins Glen State Park built park buildings, trails, stonework, bridges, and many other projects." The buildings of the CCC camp now serve as the Hidden Valley 4-H Camp.
  • Watkins Glen State Park: Sentry Bridge - Watkins Glen NY
    "The Sentry Bridge dates back to the 1930s and was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The bridge is located at Watkins Glen State Park near the main entrance to the Gorge Trail ..."
  • Wawarme Avenue Paving - Hartford CT
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) paved 34 streets in Hartford, Connecticut, including Wawarme Avenue, as part of a $2.5 million, two-year paving project begun in 1937. The federal government contributed $1 million.
  • Wawona St. - San Francisco CA
    The WPA worked on Wawona St. between 19th Ave. and 28th Ave.
  • Webster Avenue Repairs - Bronx NY
    The WPA allocated $409,637 to conduct repairs along Webster Avenue in the Bronx during the 1930s. WPA Official Project No. 65-97-439(?).
  • Well Improvements and Road - Golovin AK
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) supplied labor toward the following project in Golovin, Alaska: "A road is being built to a well half a mile out of Golovin and the well is dug deeper and larger. It is hoped that this well will prove a better source of water than has even been here before." The location of this project is currently unknown to Living New Deal.
  • Wellington Bridge (former) - Somerville to Medford MA
    A previous iteration of the Wellington Bridge, which carried Fellsway across Mystic River between Somerville and Medford, was constructed as a New Deal-sponsored P.W.A. project. "The completion of the Wellington Bridge, constructed under the authorization of Chapter 365 of the Acts of 1933 as a Public Works Administration Project, is a fine example of a public improvement made possible through Federal aid." "National Industrial Recovery Project Mass. State D-1, P.W.A. Docket No. 4478. Furnishing and installing lighting standards, cables and other materials on the Wellington Bridge in Somerville and Medford"
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