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  • Bayamon Road Improvements - Cidra PR
    The Puerto Rico Emergency Relief Administration carried out repair and maintenance work on Bayamon Road in Cidra.
  • Bayless Avenue Culverts - Binghamton NY
    The caption to the Works Progress Administration photo above notes that this is "one of 2 culverts built by WPA in the city. This project is known as Bayless Ave. Culverts and employed 37 men" (WPA) More information is needed about the present status and exact location of the project.  
  • Bayshore Boulevard - Tampa FL
    The PWA funded the construction of Bayshore Boulevard, along Hillsborough Bay in Tampa. At 6.5 miles, it is claimed to be the longest continuous sidewalk in the world.
  • Bayshore Boulevard Improvements - Tampa FL
    This was one of many WPA projects in Tampa: "The most outstanding project was the work done on Bayshore Blvd., the first allotment for which was made on Nov. 4, 1935, amounting to $248,689.  During the next 3 years, new seawalls were constructed the entire length of the boulevard and new, much wider pavements laid.  Also, the missing link between the Platt Street Bridge and Magnolia Street was opened and completed.  Altogether, the work on Bayshore cost $1.2 million.  The costly project had been made necessary largely due to the old seawall, built for the city and county less than 10...
  • Beach Avenue Improvements - Bronx NY
    The federal Work Projects Administration put many men to work starting in 1935 with a Bronx street repair and maintenance project along roads throughout the borough. The streets, many of which in New York City were still unpaved, were surfaced with penetrated macadam. Roads improved included two stretches of Beach Avenue in the Soundview section of the Bronx: (a) between "Bronx River Avenue" and 'Sound View' Avenue; and (b) between 'Sound View' and Watson Avenues.
  • Beach Lane Bridge - Westhampton Beach NY
    Sometimes mis-attributed to the Works Progress Administration (WPA), this bridge on Beach Lane spanning Quantuck Canal in Westhampton Beach was reconstructed / repaired in 1938 as a Public Works Administration (PWA) project. The span was largely torn down and replaced in 1993. However, the old double-leaf bascule bridge's Art Deco "command center" tower at the bridge's northeast corner, and a similar secondary structure at the southwest corner, are still extant. The tower features bas reliefs depicting waterfowl, waterfowl hunting, and whaling scenes. In conjunction with this project, PWA funds helped replace a second, previously condemned, span known as the Post bridge...
  • Bear Creek Farm-to-Market Road - West Hamlin WV
    The Works Progress Administration built the Bear Creek farm-to-market road in the vicinity of West Hamlin in Lincoln County. The work included the relocation of the road away from the creek bed.  
  • Bear Mountain Access Road - Waterford ME
    A crew from the Lewiston Civilian Conservation Corps Camp constructed a road to the fire tower on Bear Mountain near Waterford. The tower was built in 1934 and dismantled in the 1950s.
  • Bear Swamp Road - Goshen CT
    The Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.) constructed Bear Swamp Road.
  • Bear Swamp Road Improvements - Peru NY
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) improved roads in Peru, New York in 1936, including "Bear Swamp road beginning at Turner Hill and running east to Valcour at station."
  • Bear Valley Road Improvements - Hornitos CA
    "Improve and rehabilitate the Hornitos - Bear Valley Road near Hornitos Mariposa County, by widening, realigning, surfacing, oiling and doing other incidental work. Not a part of the Federal Aid Highway System. In addition to projects specifically approved. County owned property." Sponsor: County of Mariposa WPA Proj. No. 165-3-1131, February 9, 1937, $7,563, Total Federal and Sponsor funds $14,176, Average Employed 39 There is also another unspecified road project conducted by the WPA in Hornitos "Road improvement" WPA Proj. No. 65-3-3842, December 30, 1935, $13,138
  • Beaver Dam State Park Improvements - Lincoln County NV
    “Lincoln County was not far behind Clark County sites in terms of federal funds spent on park developments. The county received approval for a fair share of state-operated recreational facilities that’s to the collective efforts of the county commission, the Caliente Chamber of Commerce, state senator L.L. Burt, and Congressman Scrugham. Lincoln County was anxious to promote its little-known natural attractions, including the intense red spires and erosional features at Cathedral Gorge. After purchasing park properties with federal Public Works appropriations funds, Congressman Scrugham and Senator McCarran secured a CCC camp for Panaca to build new parks. A full company...
  • Bedford Avenue Widening - Brooklyn NY
    The federal Work Projects Administration (WPA) undertook several road improvement projects along roads in Brooklyn, New York. One such project involved the widening of the 0.9-mile stretch of Bedford Avenue from Willoughby St. to Fulton St.
  • Beechfield Avenue Repairs - Baltimore MD
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted repairs on Beechfield Ave. in Baltimore. WPA Project #14.
  • Bell Street Improvements - Fremont NE
    An early Works Progress Administration (WPA) project in Fremont, Nebraska involved "grading and gravelling on Bell street shoulders in Fremont from First to Fourteenth street. This project provided three weeks' employment to 14 persons."
  • Belleville Turnpike Grade Separation - Kearny NJ
    The Bureau of Public Roads provided funds for the grade separation of Belleville Turnpike and the Erie Railroad. New Jersey Board of Public Utility Commissioners: "A "Works Program-State Highway Department" project involving two separate grade crossings on which the Board initiated proceedings and on December 12, 1935, issued an order to eliminate the grade crossings. Contract for construction was let by the State Highway Department October 6, 1936, and construction was completed in October, 1937." Given extensive development of highways in the area, it is possible that any overpass structures related to this project are no longer extant.
  • Belmont Lake State Park Improvements - Babylon NY
    WPA laborers worked to grade slopes and construct a bypass road near the carpenter shop in Belmont Lake State Park in Babylon.
  • Belmont Road Improvements - Babylon NY
    Works Progress Administration (WPA) laborers worked to improve Belmont Road in Babylon. The project was completed Aug. 1938.
  • Belmont St. Reconstruction - Worcester MA
    Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) reconstructed Belmont Street in Worcester, Massachusetts. WPA Bulletin: WPA in Worcester removed electric car rails on Belmont Street from Shrewsbury Street to Lake Bridge and is installing safety islands in the center of the highway.  
  • Belt Line Railroad - San Francisco CA
    "The San Francisco Belt Railroad was a short-line railroad along the Embarcadero in San Francisco, California. It began as the State Belt Railroad in 1889, and was renamed when the city bought the Port of San Francisco in 1969. The railroad ceased operation in 1993. The railroad connected the Port of San Francisco to many waterfront docks and to industries and warehouses which were adjacent to the waterfront. It had 67 miles (108 km) of trackage and its general offices were in the Ferry Building. Its function was to switch railroad cars from four major railroads to points along its system...
  • Belt Parkway - Brooklyn NY
    Originally called the "Circumferential Parkway, "this roughly 25 mile stretch of highways forms a "belt-like circle around the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens." What is now known officially as the "Belt Parkway" is comprised of three other parkways: the Shore Parkway, the Southern Parkway and the Cross Island Parkway (formerly the Laurelton Parkway). (wikipedia) Plans for the parkway were originally raised by Robert Moses in 1930, but construction did not begin in 1934. It was completed in 1941. In addition to $16,000,000 in city appropriations, the PWA provided another $12,000,000 in federal funds for the construction of the parkway.
  • Belt Parkway Pedestrian Bridges - Brooklyn NY
    In 1940, as the construction of the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn was nearing completion, two pedestrian overpasses were constructed leading from Shore Rd. over the Parkway to the waterfront promenade. The pedestrian bridges, located at 92nd St. and 81st St. are still in use. An August 1940 press release from the Department of Parks described the work: "The approaches consist of steps, walks and ramps. The overpass opposite 92 Street has four spans over the parkway and two spans of stepped ramps parallel to the parkway leading to the wide promenade at the water's edge... The overpass at Old Glory Overlook, approximately...
  • Belvedere Road and Bridge Improvements - Damariscotta ME
    Nobleboro-Damariscotta Bridge and Belvedere Rd. were improved with WPA aid in the mid 1930s. The following information is from a 1937 municipal report: W. P. A. PROJECTS No Appropriations Expenditures: Nobleboro-Damariscotta Bridge Miscellaneous $14.00 Materials $236.04 Truck $17.22 Superintendence $92.80 Total. $360.06 Belvedere Road Miscellaneous $7.00 Materials $230.46 Trucks $292.32 Superintendence $82.00 Total Expenditures by Town $971.84 Receipts: Town of Nobleboro, A cost construction of Bridge ~ $180.03 "Note:—The bridge above referred to was totally unfit for travel, and with the co-operation of the Selectmen of Nobleboro and the Federal W. P. A. the project was completed. In the opinion of the Selectmen, the Belvedere road was one of the third class roads...
  • Ben Franklin Bridge Rail Line - Philadelphia PA to Camden NJ
    In conjunction with what was known as the Ridge Avenue Connector, "the high speed electric rail transit line which connects the Ridge Avenue—Eighth Street—Locust Street Subway in Philadelphia with a terminal near the Broadway Station of the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines in Camden, is the largest of the completed Public Works Administration projects in Pennsylvania," as of 1937. Work involved development of a rail line across what is now the Ben Franklin Bridge.
  • Ben Hur Road - Mariposa CA
    Sponsor: County of Mariposa WPA Proj. No. 165-3-1093, December 21, 1936, $7,997. "Widen, drain, and surface road; repair bridge and do other work incidental thereto on Ben Hur Road, Mariposa County, near Mariposa. Not in the Federal Aid Highway System. In addition to projects specifically approved. County owned property." Average Employed 26, months to complete 6, Total Federal and sponsor funds $12,181.
  • Benjamin G. Humphreys Bridge (demolished) - Greenville MS to AR
    The US 82 bridge between Greenville, Mississippi and Lake Village, Arkansas was constructed to increase access between the two states to benefit economic development in the Delta. It was dismantled and replaced in 2011 due to increased river traffic, which resulted in numerous hits to the bridge over the years, and increased vehicular traffic which resulted in traffic control issues due to the narrow lanes and lack of shoulders. The Reconstruction Finance Corporation lent $2.55 million toward the cost of the original bridge. WPA funds were secured in 1938 for the remainder. The Public Works Administration (P.W.A.) was also involved with...
  • Benning Road NE Improvements - Washington DC
    The Public Works Administration (PWA) paid for pavement repair and other unspecified improvements to a long segment of Benning Road NE, from Minnesota Avenue to Central Avenue, between 1933 and 1934.  The labor was very likely provided by Civil Works Administration (CWA) or other relief workers.   This was one of a group of road projects funded by the Public Works Administration (PWA) in 1933: "Among projects approved here are paving of Sixteenth street, Constitution Avenue, Michigan Avenue, Columbia Road, Foxhall Road, Good Hope Road, New Hampshire Avenue, Benning Road and Conduit Road, widening of E Street back of the White House...
  • Benning Road SE Improvements - Washington DC
    The Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) made improvements to Benning Road SE in Washington DC, from Central Avenue to Hillside Avenue. This dirt road was given an improved surface: “Old material from replacement jobs is hauled to the , broken by hand, and then rolled. After rolling, the pavement is treated with a bituminous material.” Note: The DC Government annual report credits this work to the Public Works Administration (PWA), but based on previous reports of similar work, and particular wording used, for example, “Public Administration forces,” we believe that this project was more likely carried out by the Work Division of...
  • Bennington St. Reconstructions - Boston MA
    Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) conducted the following work in East Boston, Massachusetts. WPA Bulletin: Bennington Street, East Boston, main artery between Sumner Tunnel and Revere and Winthrop has been resurfaced with asphalt by WPA. Street car reservations have been eliminated and there now is a clear road surface of 60 feet between curbs.
  • Bergen Avenue Improvements - Brooklyn NY
    The federal Work Projects Administration put many men to work starting in 1935 with a $197,000 street repair and maintenance project, along what were then dirt roads, throughout the borough of Brooklyn, New York. Roads improved included the stretch of Bergen Avenue between Ralph Ave. and what was then known as Island Avenue (location and current name unknown to Living New Deal).
  • Berkeley Street Bridge Reconstruction - Boston MA
    Berkeley Street Bridge Over Boston & Albany Railroad. "The city requested a grant from the Government for bridge alterations as follows: Altering and strengthening Boylston Street Bridge; rebuilding Berkeley Street Bridge and rebuilding Albany Street Bridge. The total cost of this work is approximately $265,000 ..." P.W.A. Docket No. Mass. 1584-F.
  • Berlin Street Improvements - Montpelier VT
    Montpelier's 1937 Annual Report details roadwork projects undertaken in 1936 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) funds, including: "Berlin Street from River Street to the City line and a portion of Winooski Avenue received tar treatment for the first time." Sewers were installed by the WPA as well, e.g.: "622 feet of 6-inch tile was laid on Berlin St." Sidewalk work that year included 633 feet of tar walks along the west side of Berlin Street heading south from River Street, an area of 284 square yards.
  • Bernal Heights Boulevard and Park - San Francisco CA
    Cost $255,547, for Alabama to Esmeralda Streets. Work consisted of building 1,890 lineal feet of sewer with catch basins and manholes, 12,890, lineal feet of redwood curb, 19,050 square feet of 6 inch concrete pavement. Placed 714 tons of 2 inch wearing surface, resloped all cuts and redressed all sidewalks. It formed a circular road around the Heights district making accessible a large number of interesting streets, difficult of approach before, and providing a fine Marine view--Healy, p. 47.
  • Bernard Lown Peace Bridge - Lewiston ME
    One of the 26 bridges in Maine that were destroyed or damaged by the 1936 flood and rebuilt by the US Works Program Flood Relief projects and were handled under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Public Roads, US Dept. of Agriculture. All bridges were placed under construction in 1936. In some cases, labor was provided by the Works Progress Administration. Work was completed in 1937 By Builder/Contractor: Phoenix Bridge Company of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania The bridge is a metal 8 Panel Rivet-Connected Polygonal Warren Through Truss. Length is 723 feet. Formerly known as the South Bridge, it was re-named for Lewiston son...
  • Berrellessa Street Extension - Martinez CA
    In 1936, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) extended Berrellessa Street several blocks into the waterfront on the west end of town, which was the long-time neighborhood of Italian/Sicilian fishermen plying their trade on the Sacramento River and San Francisco Bay.   The neighborhood had housing, warehouses, a wharf and processing operations. Some of these remain, but not the wharf. There is a memorial to the Italian fisherman of Martinez over by the public marina, but not here (see below for link to local fishermen singing folk songs, 1939). The WPA project included considerable rock and soil fill over former wetlands into the...
  • Berry, Lee, and Waite Street Road Improvements - Norwich NY
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) photo caption for the work pictured here describes it as "putting in sub-base and curb" for Lee, Barry, and Waite Streets for the City of Norwich in Chenango County, New York. The is the view from Lee street. The photo is dated to 1938.  
  • Bert Berry Road - Embden ME
    An article in the Independent Reporter August 24, 1933 reports of 7 CWA projects for Somerset County, $7000 of which was for a third class road connecting Concord Township and Embden.
  • Best Slough Bridge - Wheatland CA
    The bridge carrying Ostrom Rd. over Best Slough in Wheatland, California was 1 of 7 bridges widened in Yuba County, California as part of a $50,000 federal grant during the Great Depression.
  • Big City Park Walkway - Longwood FL
    "The Senator was the biggest and oldest pond cypress tree in the world, located in Big Tree Park, Longwood, Florida. At the time of its demise, it was 125 feet tall, with a trunk diameter of 17.5 feet. The tree was destroyed by a fire started by the criminal arson of a meth addict on January 16, 2012... Seminole Indians and other Native American Indians who lived throughout Central Florida used this tree as a landmark. In the late 19th century, the tree attracted visitors even though much of the surrounding land was swamp; reaching the tree was done by...
  • Big Creek Bridge - Big Sur CA
    A concrete bridge on former State Route 56 (now State Route 1, the Cabrillo Highway) built with federal funds to the tune of $90,000. A date stamp at each end says 1938.
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