Smith Field – Fort Wayne IN

“Federal New Deal employment programs of the Great Depression further upgraded the airfield. In 1933, the Commerce Department’s Aeronautics Branch and the Civil Works Administration (CWA) began a nationwide program of airport development. The CWA funded 13,108 man-hours of labor… read more

Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport – Westfield MA

Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) labor worked to develop what is now Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport, then Westfield Air Base. Project details: “Make improvements at airport” Official Project Number: 165‐1‐14‐237 Total project cost: $1,178,513.00 Sponsor: Mayor, City of Westfield “Improve field by… read more

Westover Air Reserve Base – Chicopee MA

“President Roosevelt signed a $750,000 Works Progress Administration (WPA) project bill for the air base’s construction in November 1939. Fourteen hundred WPA and Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) workers cleared the land, and actual construction was started in February 1940.” W.P.A…. read more

Windham Airport Development – Windham CT

The Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) conducted development / improvement projects at Windham Airport. “Improve airport” Official Project Numbers: 165‐1‐15‐159, 165‐1‐15‐83 Total project cost: $190,377.00 (per project) Sponsor: Town of Windham “Extend landing strips and runways, clear land, grade, drain and… read more