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  • Lincoln National Forest Service Building - Alamogordo NM
    "This building, which was built in 1938 as a post office in the New Deal project, PWA (Public Works Administration), is the home of a beautiful Peter Hurd mural which is on the front exterior of the building. In Alamogordo, under the Art-in-Architecture program titled, 'Sun and Rain,' Peter Hurd painted one of New Mexico's most beautiful frescos in 1942, around the entrance to the building. The central part of the fresco is flanked by two smaller frescos, 'Sorghum' and Yucca.'" The structure is now a county building in Alamogordo. -Treasures on New Mexico Trails
  • Lincoln Park Historical Museum (Old Post Office) - Lincoln Park MI
    Originally built as the Lincoln Park Post Office and constructed by the Treasury Department in 1938, the building now houses the Lincoln Park Historical Museum.
  • Lincoln Park Post Office - Chicago IL
    "This is one of the largest branch post offices in Chicago. It was constructed to provide for a 10-year growth in post office requirements, and the depth of the property makes possible a future enlargement of the building. The workroom is lighted by skylights and artificial light and has an area of 10,740 square feet. The lobby is 18 by 54 feet and has a terrazzo floor, marble base, and walnut wainscot. The construction is fireproof. The exterior walls are faced with brick, trimmed with limestone, have a granite base, and aluminum spandrels. It was completed in April 1936 at...
  • Logan Square Station Post Office - Chicago IL
    This historic Logan Square Station post office in Chicago, Illinois was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds in 1933. The building is still in service.
  • Los Angeles Post Office Terminal Annex - Los Angeles CA
    This Mission Revival style building was built under the Roosevelt Administration and served as the main mail distribution for LA until 1994. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. Only a part of this structure still functions as a post office, but the front lobby and its WPA murals have been preserved.
  • Los Angeles Post Office Terminal Annex Murals - Los Angeles CA
    This fresco in the Post Office Terminal Annex lobby consists of eleven semi-circular, tempera on plaster "lunettes" by Boris Deutsch depicting "Cultural Contributions of North, South and Central America." The murals were funded by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts and completed in 1944. "The mural series entitled “The Cultural Contributions of North, South and Central America” in the Los Angeles Terminal Annex Post Office was painted in the early 1940s by Boris Deutsch. While the murals depict a number of indigenous North and South Americans, Mr. Deutsch himself was originally from Lithuania... In 1939, he received a commission from the United...
  • Madison Square Station Post Office - New York NY
    The Madison Square Station post office in New York, New York "was built in 1935, and designed by consulting architects Lorimer Rich for the Office of the Supervising Architect." (Wikipedia) Professor Dolkart of Columbia University School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation tells us that "Madison Square Station is a Modern Classical structure with an important interior layout, modeled after that of a bank (it was published in the architectural press at the time)." (Dolkart) Wikipedia states that "...the building is a two-to-three story building clad on its main façade with "Dakota Mahogany" granite....The main facade features six two-story Doric order piers and pilaster...
  • Main Post Office - Bridgeport CT
    The historic main post office building in Bridgeport, Connecticut was completed in 1937 with federal Treasury Department funds. The building, which houses multiple works of New Deal artwork in its lobby, is still in use today.
  • Main Post Office - Cambridge MA
    Also known as the Clifton Merriman Post Office, the main post office in Cambridge, Massachusetts—originally a branch of the Boston post office—was constructed with federal funds in 1934-5. It was designed in Classical Revival style with Art Deco influences by architects Leland, James D., & Co.; Baven, John, Co., Inc. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.
  • Main Post Office - Charleston WV
    Two-story neo-classical building of granite and limestone was built by the Algeron Blair Construction Company of Montgomery, Alabama out of thirty bids placed for the project. The building features six over six double hung windows sash windows, pedimental entrance, Greek keys on the lintels. A 1974 brick expansion was built to the east. The Algeron Blair Construction Company also built the low-cost housing project called Littlepage Terrace in west Charleston. The construction began in November 1940. The building opened on 22 June 1942. It was limited in height to two stories because of war-time restrictions, but designed to have three additional...
  • Main Post Office - Minneapolis MN
    Constructed by the Treasury Department, this building was completed in 1935. Placeography describes the building in detail: "The popular Moderne Art Deco style building uses Mankato’s own Kasota limestone and St. Cloud black granite. The building achieves the vertical emphasis typical of the Art Deco style, despite being extremely horizontal, with a striking pattern of three-story window units with decorative relief panels (Koutsky, 2002). Approximately 500 to 700 local laborers and carpenters were summoned to construct the monumental building (Russell, 2003)." Of this building, "Postmaster General James Farley said ... 'Magnificent buildings are memorials of the strength and glory of a...
  • Main Post Office - Redlands CA
    Dedicated in 1933.=, the historic main post office in Redlands, California was constructed with federal funds.
  • Main Post Office - Santa Barbara CA
    The main post office in Santa Barbara was constructed by the Treasury Department in 1936. The lobby contains a set of bas-relief murals and remains in its original condition.  
  • Main Post Office - St. Louis MO
    This large post office was constructed with U.S. Treasury Department funding between 1935 and 1937. Note the extensive use of inlaid depictions of postal service, state of the art at the time. Inside, the grillwork is lush as are the center islands where patrons were able to fill out forms, etc.
  • Main Post Office (former) - Fresno CA
    Formerly Fresno's Main Post Office and subsequently its Downtown Station post office, building presently houses the Fresno United School District Education Center. "The U.S. Post Office building housed the main post office branch, as well as Federal courtroom sand offices, until the mid 1970s. The building is an example of PWA or WPA Modern architecture, which combines elements of classical and modern design. Elements of classicism on this building include the fluted, column-like door surrounds and concrete exterior walls scored to look like masonry blocks, while the asymmetrical plan; spare, straight forms; and minimal ornament reflect modern design ideas. The U.S. Post...
  • Main Post Office (former) - Philadelphia PA
    Originally constructed as Treasury Department project and completed in 1935, Philadelphia's large Art Deco 30th St. post office served the community for many years, before being left vacant in 2006. It has since been converted into a modern office building. "In redeveloping the 862,692-square-foot Art Deco style federal building, Brandywine embraced and rejuvenated its pre-Columbian art and architecture-inspired highlights. The Post Office’s ornate public lobby, known as the "Historic Corridor", featuring two entry rotundas with mosaic domes in a Mayan motif, has been fully restored. The domes, each with 99,816 pieces of glass faience tiles in nine different shades of green...
  • Main Post Office (former) - Reno NV
    The Reno Main Post Office no longer occupies this building and has moved to a location on Vassar Street.  The original post office (the subject of this post) was sold to a local development group in August 2012 and, after extensive and careful renovations, is now being leased as a "modern workspace" for businesses. "Designed by Frederick DeLongchamps in 1932, this post office is one of the best examples of Art Deco design, specifically Zig-Zag Moderne, in Nevada. MacDonald Engineering constructed the building, with the assistance of the Civil Works Administration (CWA), one of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal programs. The...
  • Main Post Office (former) Addition and Improvements - Stamford CT
    Stamford's main post office (which was later renamed the Atlantic Street Station post office) was constructed 1916-1917 and was a unique design. Additional improvements were made with federal funding in the 1930s. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in 1985 and has since been sold to private developers. The NRHP nomination explains: "A major addition was constructed in 1939, to the rear, doubling the size of the facility and providing additional work space. The rear structure is sympathetic in detailing and only slightly less elaborate in exterior ornamentation. At the same time, the lobby was altered...
  • Main Post Office Addition - Mount Vernon NY
    The historic (and current) main post office in Mount Vernon, New York was originally constructed in 1915. The building received an extension as part of a New Deal project completed in 1937 with federal Treasury Department funds. Work was overseen by contractor Arc Engineering Corp. and consisted of constructing the extension as well as remodeling of the building.
  • Mell Hall (Old Post Office) - Clemson SC
    Mell Hall was constructed as the Clemson post office in 1940; as such its construction was funded by the federal Treasury Department. After postal operations relocated the building became part of the Clemson University campus, and it now serves as Clemson, University's housing office. The building is located just off the southern side of Old Greenville Highway between Riggs Field and Bowman Field.
  • Metropolitan Station Post Office - Brooklyn NY
    Brooklyn, New York's Metropolitan Station post office (originally known as Station A) was constructed with Treasury Department funds in 1935-6. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988, the building is "a two-story, flat roofed brick building with a three bay wide central pavilion flanked by three bay wide wings in the Colonial Revival style."
  • Mineola Historical Museum (Old Post Office) - Mineola TX
    The post office in Mineola was built in 1936 under the Public Works Administration (PWA) program and was designed by architects at the U.S. Treasury Department. It continued to be used as a post office until 1998. It is now the Mineola Historical Museum.
  • Mission Historical Museum - Mission TX
    The Mission Historical Museum was constructed as the city's post office in 1940. The building houses an example of New Deal artwork.
  • Morgan Park Post Office - Chicago IL
    The historic Morgan Park post office in Chicago, Illinois was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds in 1936. The building is still in service.
  • Morris Heights Station Post Office - Bronx NY
    The historic Morris Heights Station post office in the Bronx, New York was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds in 1936. The building is still in use today.
  • Morrisania Station Post Office - Bronx NY
    The Morrisania Station post office of the Bronx, New York (originally constructed as New York, New York's Station T post office in the Bronx) "is a historic post office building located at Morrisania in The Bronx, New York, United States. It was built in 1936, and designed by consulting architect William Dewey Foster for the Office of the Supervising Architect. The building is a two story, five bay wide brick building with a hipped roof and a one bay recessed wing in the Colonial Revival style. It features an arcade of five recessed brick round arches with limestone keystones." (Wikipedia) The...
  • Mott Haven Station Post Office - Bronx NY
    The historic Mott Haven Station post office in the Bronx on East 139th St. was one of several post offices in the borough constructed with federal Treasury Department funds during the New Deal era. The post office was initially known as New York, New York's Station 'X' until its redesignation as Mott Haven Station on June 1, 1947. This project was implemented by the Public Works Administration, and the building's cornerstone dates an initial stage of construction to 1935. The building is still in service. C.W. Short and R. Stanley-Brown: This postal station is in the Bronx on East 139th Street and serves a territory bounded by the Harlem...
  • Municipal Court Building (Old Post Office) - Jackson GA
    The Municipal Court building in Jackson, Georgia was constructed as the city's post office during the 1930s. This New Deal structure served as the post office until 1995, upon its relocation to East 2nd St. The building also housed an example of New Deal artwork, which was moved to the current post office site upon the post office's relocation.
  • Municipal Courthouse - Edmond OK
    The historic post office building in Edmond, Oklahoma, now the Edmond Municipal Court and Courthouse, was constructed during the Great Depression with federal Treasury Department funds. The building was completed in 1938.
  • Napa Post Office - Napa CA
    "The building was constructed in 1933, one of the projects undertaken during President Roosevelt's Depression-era New Deal building campaign. Although remodeled in 1965 to make it wheelchair accessible, it remains relatively unchanged since it was built." (Napa County, 82)
  • Newburg Station Post Office - Cleveland OH
    Cleveland's historic Newburg Station post office was constructed with federal funds in 1935-6. The building, which was designed by Julius Boenisch, is still in service.
  • North Philadelphia Station Post Office - Philadelphia PA
    The historic red-brick North Philadelphia Station post office was built in 1935. Constructed with federal Treasury Department funds, the building is still in use today. It houses a collection of New Deal artwork in the lobby.
  • Northgate Station Post Office - College Station TX
    The historic Northgate Station post office was constructed from 1936-7 with federal Treasury Department funds. The building, which housed an example of New Deal artwork, is still in service.
  • Old Chelsea Station Post Office - New York NY
    The historic Old Chelsea Station post office on West 18th Street was constructed with Treasury Department funds in 1935-7. The building, which houses examples of New Deal artwork, is still in service.
  • Old Hickory Station Post Office - Nashville TN
    This New Deal post office is a one-story brick Colonial Revival building, rectangular in shape, on raised basement. Limestone pilasters with Doric capitals surround windows and door in center of facade. Interior of the building is largely intact, including original brass post office boxes.
  • Palmer Square Post Office (former) - Princeton NJ
    The historic former Palmer Square post office in Princeton, New Jersey, was constructed in 1934. It was originally Princeton's main post office. Sold in the mid-2010s, the building is privately owned, serving as a restaurant before undergoing extensive renovations around 2021 and housing new functions. The building contains an example of New Deal artwork, "a controversial 1939 mural depicting Native Americans reacting to the arrival of European colonists, a scene that some consider racist."   (https://savethepostoffice.com)
  • Parcel Post Building (former) - Richmond VA
    The historic former Parcel Post Building at 1100 E Main St. in Richmond, Virginia was originally designed by Marcellus Eugene Wright, Sr. in association with the Richmond architectural firm Lee & Smith & Van der Voort. According to some sources designs were drawn up during the Hoover administration, in 1929. Begun as a four-story facility, a work order mid-construction enlarged part of the building, which became six stories tall. It is likely at this point in the construction process (ca. 1934-5) that Public Work Administration (P.W.A.) funding became involved in addition to standard Treasury Department funds; two photos of the facility...
  • Parkville Station Post Office - Brooklyn NY
    The historic Parkville Station post office in Brooklyn, New York was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds in 1937. The building is still in use today.
  • Pearlbrook Station Post Office - Cleveland OH
    The Pearlbrook Station post office in Cleveland was constructed in 1935-6 with funds provided by the Treasury Department. The building, which houses an example of New Deal artwork, was designed by Julius Boenisch.
  • Pease Federal Building (Old Post Office) - Medina OH
    "Constructed as a post office in 1938, the Donald J. Pease Federal Building now houses the U.S. Court of Appeals. The red brick building is located at the northeast corner of Liberty and North Elmwood streets."
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