Los Angeles Post Office Terminal Annex Murals – Los Angeles CA

Los Angeles Post Office "Cultural Contributions of North, South and Central America"

This fresco in the Post Office Terminal Annex lobby consists of eleven semi-circular, tempera on plaster “lunettes” by Boris Deutsch depicting “Cultural Contributions of North, South and Central America.” The murals were funded by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts… read more

Massachusetts State Building Mural – Springfield MA

Many of the projects of the New Deal involved large scale public works projects that required hundreds of workers. While this type of project was incredibly important to help alleviate widespread unemployment, there was also a belief that the United… read more

Mineola Historical Museum (Old Post Office) – Mineola TX

The post office in Mineola was built in 1936 under the Public Works Administration (PWA) program and was designed by architects at the U.S. Treasury Department. It continued to be used as a post office until 1998. It is now… read more

North Hollywood Post Office – North Hollywood CA

"The construction of new postal facilities throughout our country was an integral part of Roosevelt's New Deal. The Democratic president's WPA (Works Progress Administration) put thousands to work, including the many artisans and laborers who built the NoHo Post Office…. read more