Municipal Improvements – Ashland ME

The annual municipal report from 1935 reported on extensive E.R.A. activity in Ashland: “Since May 1, 1934 the Town of Ashland has received approximately $10,000.00 in the form of Federal Emergency Relief Funds. This money has enabled the town to… read more

Municipal Improvements – Franconia NH

Various relief and infrastructure efforts were provided by the New Deal for this small New Hampshire mountain village, population 514 (1930 Census). From 1933 to 1935, the Public Works Administration conducted a survey for a proposed water project, at a… read more

Municipal Improvements – Hudson NH

Annual reports show that the town of Hudson was helped extensively by New Deal programs. In addition to work by the RFC and FERA (which included distributing food and medicine to school children), the CWA repaired and improved schools and… read more

Municipal Improvements – Kingfield ME

Useful work was accomplished in the small town of Kingfield (population 1,024 1930) by the New Deal. 1933 REPORT OF THE SELECTMEN OF KINGFIELD “Through the C. W. A., we have brought approximately $2000.00 into the town. This money was… read more

Municipal Improvements – North Yarmouth ME

The New Deal early on was involved in helping this small rural town (est. 1680) which only had a population of 569 in 1930. 1933 A few individuals are mentioned along with the town share of costs each for a… read more

Municipal Improvements – Presque Isle ME

Throughout the lifespan of the New Deal, the citizens of Presque Isle Maine (population 6,695 in 1930) benefited from numerous projects from road construction, school repair, the airport, work relief, and a slaughter house. 1933 C. W. A. SPECIAL PROJECTS… read more

Municipal Improvements – Rumford ME

“According to the Annual Town Reports of 1934-35 and 1936-37, the CWA, FERA and WPA were involved in numerous projects throughout the city. The dollar amounts are the share of the project that the city contributed and don’t list the… read more

Municipal Improvements – Stow ME

A small amount of Federal assistance was provided for this very rural community of 161 people (1930 population) 1933 ORDERS DRAWN FOR 1933 C. W. A. WORK Everett Day, materials for CWA work $ 2 58 Hutchins’ Cash Store, dynamite,… read more

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