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  • County Schools Improvements - Parkersburg WV
    The Works Progress Administration completed improvements for county schools in Parkersburg, Wood County. The exact location of these facilities is unknown to the Living New Deal.
  • Court Junior High School - Las Cruces NM
    "President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal programs put people to work. Young men in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built flood control projects at Elephant Butte Dam. Works Progress Administration (WPA) workers built three schools in Las Cruces, including Court Junior High. They also built numerous tourist and recreation facilities in the area. Picacho Avenue earned the nickname 'Little Oklahoma' when it became a thoroughfare for refugees bound for California. Stranded and destitute, travelers sold their belongings for gas money. This roadside trade was the precursor of Picacho Avenue's antique and second-hand stores." -Las Cruces: Crossroads of History
  • Cove Creek High School - Sugar Grove NC
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed the stately and historic Cove Creek High School building in Sugar Grove, North Carolina. It was one of many educational facilities constructed by the WPA in Watauga County. The building features three WPA plaques (one at each entrance). Wikipedia: "It was built by the Works Progress Administration in 1940–1941, and is a two-story, Collegiate Gothic style stone building. It is seven bays wide and features slightly projecting square stair towers and a crenellated roof parapet. It was designed by Clarence R. Coffey, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright, and constructed by local artisans and laborers...
  • Covina High School Music Building - Covina CA
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a one-story frame and stucco music building at Covina High School in Covina, CA. "The school had been badly crowded, therefore, the Orchestra and Glee Club classes were held in the same building with other classes which was very disturbing to the rest of the school. Completion of this Music Hall corrected this condition by giving these music classes a building of their own, thereby improving the education facilities of the entire school" (Connolly & Farman, 1939).
  • Cranberry High School Gym - Elk Park NC
    Originally a gym for Cranberry High School. Now owned by an alumni group and used for various functions. The WPA began building the gymnasium on January 27, 1937. The construction employed sixty workers and cost $12,000. On the cusp of its construction, a Johnson City, Tennessee newspaper described the planned 80’ by 120’ building as having a coach’s office, dressing rooms for girls and boys. Native stone formed the foundation and basement and stained shingles sheathed the exterior. The gymnasium was one of 277 recreational buildings constructed in North Carolina by the WPA by the spring of 1942. One year later,...
  • Crane Eater School (former) - Calhoun GA
    In 1934 the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) completed a Civil Works Administration (CWA) project in Crane Eater, Georgia, about six miles east of Calhoun: a two-room schoolhouse. The location and status of the building is unknown to Living New Deal.
  • Cranford High School - Cranford NJ
    In the mid 1930s the new Cranford High School building was constructed with assistance from the Federal Public Works Administration (PWA). In their photographic history of Cranford, New Jersey, Robert Fridlington and Lawrence Fuhro tell us that the high school building was dedicated on January 3, 1938. At the time, it was a six year school serving seventh through twelfth graders. In the words of Fridlington and Fuhro, "he forty-nine-classroom building cost $850,000, nearly half the amount coming from the New Deal's Public Works Administration." (1996: 98)
  • Cranston Calvert Elementary School Addition - Newport RI
    New Deal-funded crews built an addition to the Calvert School, now Cranston Calvert Elementary. The school closed in 2013, though the building remains standing as of May 2015. The Newport Mercury, linked below, suggests that funding was through the PWA: "Official approval 0f Ray E. Wilson. Jr., as plumbing contractor for the Cranston-Calvert school improvements now being carried on through PWA funds has been received by Superintendent of Schools Lowe. Mr. Wilson has started work at Cranston. Superintendent Lowe said today that he expected to receive approval from the PWA office on the Humford plans any day."
  • Creeds Elementary School - Virginia Beach VA
    Creeds School was constructed for the 1939-40 school year with funds provided by the Works Progress Administration. The twelve-room structure served students from first grade through high school in the rural community of Creeds in Princess Anne County, Virginia. In 1954 when a new high school was opened in the county, Creeds School no longer offered upper level classwork. Creeds Elementary School, now located within the city of Virginia Beach, remains a vital and vibrant part of the Creeds community.
  • Crichton Elementary School (former) Addition - Mobile AL
    The Works Progress Administration built an addition for the Crichton Elementary School in Mobile. The architect of record was Fred W. Clarke. The school was permanently closed. The current state of the structure is unknown to the Living New Deal.
  • Crocker School - San Mateo CA
    New Deal school in Daly City.
  • Crowder Hall, University of Missouri - Columbia MO
    Crowder Hall is another of the “White Campus” projects and was and is the home to the University ROTC program. It was named after Enoch Crowder, Professor of Military Science at MU.
  • Cruzville School - Cruzville NM
    This school was built for the small community of Cruzville in 1938 by the WPA. The building is apparently now privately owned.
  • Crystal City High School - Crystal City MO
    Crystal City High School was a PWA project, completed in 1939. It consists of a colonial-style two story building with a brick façade, the main entry facing to the south, centered on the long access of that part of the building. It is still in active use.
  • Cuba Central School - Cuba NY
    The federal Public Works Administration (PWA) sponsored a large school/addition construction project in Cuba, New York during the Great Depression. The PWA provided a $247,500 grant for the project, whose total cost was $544,637. Construction occurred between Jan. 1938 and May 1939. PWA Docket No. NY W1353.
  • Cudahy High School - Cudahy WI
    An addition to the Cudahy High School was built as a Milwaukee County PWA construction project.
  • Cumberland School Addition - Whitefish Bay WI
    "Milwaukee County PWA Construction Projects-addition to Cumberland School in Whitefish Bay."
  • Curtis Hall, University of Missouri - Columbia MO
    Constructed by the PWA in 1939. Curtis Hall is on the main campus of the University of Missouri in Columbia. It was named after Winterton Curtis, Professor of Zoology who was one of the expert witnesses called to the Scopes “monkey” trial of 1925. The building was initially named the New Chemistry, then the BioChem building, and is now primarily used for genetics work.
  • Curtis High School Addition - Staten Island NY
    In 1937 an addition to Staten Island's Curtis High School was constructed with the assistance of federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds. The building is still in use today.
  • Cushman School (demolished) Improvements - Boston MA
    Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) labor conducted improvements at the since-demolished Cushman School in Boston, Massachusetts. The facility was located at 44 Prince St. WPA Bulletin: To insure the safety of pupils in the Cushman School, North End, WPA has rebuilt the fire escapes, setting in new gratings, new hook bolts and hand rails. Seven ironworkers and three laborers were employed on this job.
  • Custer Elementary School - Custer WA
    The Works Progress Administration built the elementary school in Custer WA.
  • Damien High School Mural - La Verne CA
    Petrachrome mural by Grace Clements. "Damien High is renovating their physical plant and the music building was one of the structures that needed some T.L.C. While removing the stucco that covered the building's facade the mural was uncovered. What the workers had found was Grace Clements' The Spirit of Music... This mural utilizes a technique called "petra-chrome," which was invented by Stanton Macdonald-Wright for the Federal Art Programs. It is concrete that is colored to create a permanent and weather resistant art work. It is a cousin of tile and opus sectile, but one that is more affordable and uniquely suited to...
  • Damien High School/Old Bonita Union High School - La Verne CA
    Then the Bonita Union High School, this school received extensive WPA support after the 1933 Long Beach earthquake. According the a 1939 WPA Accomplishment Report for Southern California, the federal government spent $63,927 on the school out of a total of $92,406. The WPA constructed three new reinforced concrete buildings on the site: a library and classroom building, girls gym, and music building. They also developed 7.22 acres for athletic and playground purposes (grading and seeding, handball courts with concrete floor and walls). When Bonita High School moved in 1959, the site was sold to the Catholic Diocese and became an...
  • Daniel Webster Elementary School Improvements - Pasadena CA
    1 of 27 schools in the Pasadena CA school system that the New Deal, whether the WPA or PWA, was involved in reconstructing, demolishing, or reinforcing after the 1933 Long Beach earthquake. Was built in 1926 in a Gothic style of architecture. Damaged slightly by the earthquake. October 31, 1935 WPA did reinforcement work to get the building up to standards.
  • Daniel Webster High School - Tulsa OK
    "The Daniel Webster High School is a two-story and basement structure which contains 15 classrooms, a library, 2 cafeterias, a lecture room, corrective gymnasium, girls' gymnasium, auditorium seating 400, domestic-science department, 2 manual training rooms, 3 laboratories, offices, swimming pool, dressing rooms. Another adjacent building houses shops, boys' gymnasium, and lockers. Both structures are fireproof. Exterior walls are brick with stone trim. Both buildings were completed in July 1938 at a construction cost of $662,855 and a project cost of $768,257." (Short and Brown) "Daniel Webster High School is a high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is part of the Tulsa Public...
  • Danville High School - Danville VT
    The Public Works Administration funded the construction of the Danville High School in Danville, Caledonia County. The two-story school was built in 1938 and housed grammar and high school grades. The architect of record was Galen H. Nichols. The building replaced a structure built in 1840, and reproduced some architectural elements from the old structure, such as the columns that mark the entrance. Docket No. Vt. 1075-DS.
  • Davisville School (former) - Davisville MO
    The Davisville School was completed with funds and labor provided by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). It is a single or two-room school wi th a facade made of local rock. Presently, it is the site of the Davisville American Legion post.
  • Day Street School - Montgomery AL
    The Works Progress Administration built the Day Street School in Montgomery. This was one of seven schools that were upgraded with larger classrooms throughout Montgomery County. Federal cost: $42,062.
  • De Kalb High School Gymnasium - De Kalb MS
    The National Youth Administration built this 1.5 story gymnasium for De Kalb High School in 1938. The gym remains extant.
  • De Lano Alternative School - Kansas City MO
    "This school is for crippled children and for children who are deficient in sight or hearing or who are cardiac cases. A partial basement provides a manual training department, a playroom, and three unfinished rooms. The first floor has four divisions: (a) Administration, library, and assembly rooms; (b) five classrooms and kindergarten; (c) home economics, restrooms, and lunchroom; (d) hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy. The construction is fireproof. No stairs are used, ramps taking their place. The building will accommodate 125 children. The estimated construction cost was $324,775 and the project cost was approximately $362,396."
  • Delanco School Repairs (demolished) - Delanco NJ
    The Works Progress Administration completed repairs at the Delanco school in Delanco NJ. "Just when things looked as if they might be getting better, they found in 1937 that the walls in the· auditorium were faulty and unsafe. They were rebuilt by the Works Projects Administration - more familiarly the WPA." The facility was located at Walnut, Hickory, Union and Chestnut St. It was removed circa 1962.
  • Delano High School - Delano CA
    Delano High School was built with the aid of funds from the Public Works Administration (PWA). The name of the school at the time of construction was Delano Joint Union High School. The building design is elegant Streamline Moderne, on three levels. In the last decade, the classic white exterior paint (probably repeated since the building's origin) has recently been replaced with more eye-catching colors, name, logo and images.  Still, the New Deal era school appears to be largely intact.  The one-story classroom building with pillared breezeway and the quonset-hut gymnasium also look to be original. There are plaques on the building...
  • Delaware Academy - Delhi NY
    Delaware Academy, in Delhi, New York was constructed with the aid of federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds. The building bears a 1939 cornerstone and Federal Works Agency: Public Works Administration plaque.
  • Delaware Regional Center (old School) - Masonville NY
    Living New Deal believes that the former school building—now Delaware Regional Center—at 15598 State Highway 8 in Masonville, New York was constructed with the aid of federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds. The building exhibits a 1941 cornerstone.
  • Delmar School (demolished) - Delmar DE
    The PWA completed this addition to the Delmar School in 1939. The school was reportedly demolished and rebuilt in 2000.
  • Delta School - Vollmers CA
    This rural Shasta County schoolhouse was built with funding from the WPA in the period between 1935 and 1938. The school building has since been remodeled and is currently in use as a private residence.  
  • Delta State University: Doolittle Building - Cleveland MS
    The annex to the Hill Demonstration School was constructed with funds from the WPA. The building was dedicated in 1939 and named for the director of the demonstration school. The Art Moderne building was designed by campus engineer J. S. Sigler, and was demolished in 1974.
  • Delta State University: Marshall Home Management House - Cleveland MS
    PWA Project Miss. 1225 was constructed at Delta State Teacher's College (now Delta State University) in 1938 (MDAH) to serve as part of training in applied home management. Currently named Marshall House, the building is a residence for the Vice President for Academic Affairs (Bulletin of Delta State University).
  • Denison High School Extension (demolished) - Denison TX
    The PWA assisted in the funding of an addition to the old Denison High School. The school occupied the block bounded by Main and Woodard Streets and Armstrong and Barrett Avenues. Razed in 2007, as of 2013 the old high school site is a vacant lot.
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