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  • Valliant School Gymnasium/Auditorium - Valliant OK
    This auditorium/gymnasium, also called "Steiwig Hall," was constructed by the Federal Works Progress Administration between 1936 and 1937. To this day, it provides recreation and entertainment for the Valliant community.
  • Vernon Gym - Vernon IN
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built the Vernon Gym in Vernon IN. Originally K-12 school with a gymnasium. Now a community building offering classroom and studio space and the gymnasium.  
  • Virginia Tech: Armory - Blacksburg VA
    The Armory, now part of the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia, was originally constructed as a federal Public Works Administration (PWA) project in 1936. The PWA supplied an $18,000 grant for the then-National Guard armory, whose total cost was $42,544. Primary construction began in January and was completed in December 1936. The project is sometimes mis-attributed to the Works Progress Administration (WPA), including on a historic information board outside the building's entrance. Once it had fulfilled its original purpose the facility served as an auditorium for what was then the nearby Blacksburg High School. Per VT.edu, the Armory was...
  • Vocational School Gymnasium - New Bedford MA
    Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) labor constructed a gym for the former vocational school in New Bedford, Massachusetts. WPA Bulletin: Building materials salvaged from WPA Demolition Projects are used in the New Bedford WPA construction of the Vocational School Gymnasium. Many skilled workmen are busy on this project. The location and status of the facility is unknown to Living New Deal.
  • Walker School & Gymnasium (former) - Pauls Valley OK
    The Works Progress Administration built the Walker School & Gymnasium in Pauls Valley OK. Contributor note: "The Walker School and Gymnasium is located on County Road 1570 (Longmeier Lake Road), east of Pauls Valley. This is an 8-room school which is in ruins and no longer in use. The school is L-shaped, with the gymnasium forming a U-shape. It is 169 feet across the front and 83 ft. down each side. The school was a WPA project in 1939. This school is one-story red brick with a flat roof, except for the higher barrel roof on the gymnasium. The main entrance is recessed...
  • Watkins Elementary School Improvements - Jackson MS
    The historic Liberty Grove school was constructed 1934 by architect James Manly Spain in a one-story Colonial Revival style. CWA funds provided $22,000 toward the $32,000 school building. The award for the construction contract was to be submitted by the CWA board. In 1939, the Liberty Grove school was part of PWA project W1183 to fund construction and improvements for five Hinds County schools. Liberty Grove school received funding to construct a gymnasium and four additional classrooms. A bond issue for $21,000 was set for October 18, 1938 and approved. PWA funds for all five schools was $151,986 loan toward...
  • Weister Junior High School Gymnasium - Weiser ID
    This gymnasium was a PWA project (docket #1052-D), labeled as a high school but now part of the Weiser Middle School campus.
  • White Oak School Gymnasium - Vinita OK
    The WPA constructed this gymnasium for the White Oak School in 1942. A 1985 Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory described the building in detail: "The White Oak gymnasium is a rectangular (100' x 55') addition to a pre-existing school building constructed of brick which has been painted white. The roof is arched with stepped parapets. The main entryway is recessed and framed by pilasters; the latter decorates the side of the gym as well... The school still serves as an economic resource for the community as teachers salaries and workers wages are infused back into the local business community."
  • Whitebead Gymnasium - Pauls Valley OK
    The Works Progress Administration built the Whitebead Gymnasium in Pauls Valley OK. Contributor note: "The Whitebead School is located about five miles west of Pauls Valley on County Road 3200 (Kimberlin Road) - (two miles west of Interstate 35). The oldest school building on the property is a two-story brick school built in 1919. To the north of this school is the WPA-built gymnasium. The gym is a one-story concrete block building with a gabled roof. It measures 60 x 79 feet, and is painted white. The gym has a small maintenance building added on the north, and is attached on the south...
  • Willard A. Silcox Physical Education and Health Center - Charleston SC
    The College of Charleston's Willard A. Silcox Physical Education and Health Center gymnasium was a WPA project.
  • Williamsburg School Gymnasium and Teacher's House (construction and improvements) - Collins MS
    The school at Williamsburg was destroyed by fire and a new building was erected. Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects approved in the amount of $13,604 in July 1935 included construction of a gymnasium and improvements to the teacher’s house. Fifty-eight men were employed on the project, which included grading and graveling the road to the school. The school building is still extant and has been in use as a furniture company since 1959 after the school closed. The status of the teacher's house and gymnasium are unknown.
  • Wortham Gymnasium - Oak Grove AR
    One of two buildings constructed by the WPA in the African American community of Oak Grove, the gymnasium is "...an example of a simple but handsomely balanced design which reveals the skill of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) workers" (Story, 1990). The school principal from 1932-1935, Mr. Vines, received a grant to use WPA labor to construct a home economics cottage. Shortly after approval, the 1925 Rosenwald funded school in the community burned, and Mr. Vines sought a new administration/classroom building as well. L. W. Johnson, principal in 1935, worked with county superintendent Basil Munn to obtain a new gymnasium...
  • YMCA Gymnasium - Walla Walla WA
    The federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds provided funding for the construction of a high school gymnasium in Walla Walla, Washington. The facility, located at the southwest corner of S. Park St. and E. Birch St., is presently used by the YMCA. The PWA provided a grant of $51,750; the total cost of the project was $141,750.
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