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  • School Auditorium-Gymnasium - Aguilar CO
    The Works Progress Administration built a combination auditorium-gymnasium for the school in Aguilar. The structure was built of native limestone. It is located at the south end of the educational campus in Aguilar that includes the elementary school, on the west side of Balsam Ave. south of E Cedar St, though it is unclear whether the facility is still in use.
  • School Gym (no longer extant) - Quemado NM
    The W.P.A. constructed a school gymnasium in Quemado, New Mexico. The facility is no longer extant.
  • School Gymnasium - Agawam OK
    "The school Gymnasium at Agawam (pronounced by the locals "Egg'-Wom", is a rectangular building constructed of red brick by the WPA in 1935. Trees and ground cover have grown up around the building and it is very difficult to approach or photograph. For several years recently, the building was used by an antiques and collectables business, Agawam Mercantile. The gym is located on Highway 81, just south of CR 1470. The main entrance, facing east has double metal doors, with projected stone pillars to each side. Above the doors a modern-looking, stylized "GYM" is engraved into a stone panel. A concrete plaque...
  • School Gymnasium - Cary MS
    Public Works Administration project 1313 for Sharkey County school was approved 11/14/1933 for a new gymnasium at the Cary Line Consolidated School. The county received a loan of $5096 and grant of $1730 for a total of $6230 toward the completion cost of $7182. Construction began 5/11/1934 and was completed on 8/7/1934. The school complex was abandoned in 1961, damaged in a tornado in 1971, and has since been demolished.
  • School Gymnasium - Centralia MO
    The PWA gymnasium constructed in 1937 is now surrounded by additions to the school that followed it. It has a red brick façade with stone accents.
  • School Gymnasium - Dieterich IL
    The Work Project Administration constructed a gymnasium at what is now the Dieterich Junior-Senior High School complex, in 1939. The facility was designed by Deal & Deal of Lincoln, Illinois and can be found the west side of Pine Street, just north of Church Street.
  • School Gymnasium - Edwards MS
    The Edwards High School Gymnasium was designed by architect James Manly Spain in the Art Moderne style. It was constructed in 1941 by the National Youth Administration. It is currently vacant.
  • School Gymnasium - Harrah OK
    "The Harrah school gym is unique because it is constructed of poured concrete. This is a two-story gym building with a barrel roof. The building is painted white and the windows have been covered with metal siding painted blue. Only a couple of window units have a small window remaining. "The building was constructed in 1939-1940 with a WPA appropriation of $84,078. A brick extension has been added to the gym on both the east and west sides. The building appears to still be in use."
  • School Gymnasium - Holly CO
    This building is still in use and appears to be part of what is now the Holly joint Jr./Sr. High School. "Built under the auspices of the Works Progress Administration, the building is associated with the federal relief programs administered in Eastern Colorado during the Great Depression. Providing employment and increased job skills for the area’s unemployed, construction began on the Holly Gym in 1936 utilizing a locally quarried chalk-like stone—Niobrara. The WPA created an opportunity to provide the town with a more “progressive” educational facility. This was the first school gymnasium in Holly, which not only functioned for athletic education,...
  • School Gymnasium - Moran TX
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built a school gymnasium in Moran TX in 1939. Rubble rock construction was ongoing in 1939. Proj. No. 665-66-2-63. Excerpt from article published in the Abilene Reporter-News, 9/20/1938: "Moran Votes Today on School Bonds. Qualified tax-paying voters of the Moran Independent School District will vote Tuesday on issuance of $9,000 in bonds to finance a gymnasium - home economics building for the school here. Last May 3 the district voted for issuance of bonds in the same amount, by majority of 139 to 60. A flaw in the election petition caused the attorney general's department to refuse approval of the bonds,...
  • School Gymnasium - Rocksprings TX
    A school gymnasium in Rocksprings, Texas was constructed in 1938-9 with the assistance of Public Works Administration (PWA) funds. The PWA supplied a $14,265 grant for the project, whose total cost was $30,986. Construction began in Sept. 1938 and was largely completed in May 1939. The building is set back from the street (U.S. 377), located largely behind the Gilmer Memorial Library. PWA Docket No. Tex. 1495
  • School Gymnasium - Schoenchen KS
    The School Gymnasium in Schoenchen KSLimestone gymnasium built by the Works Progress Administration in 1938. It is currently owned by a private company and in use as an office building.
  • School Gymnasium - Spencer OK
    "This is a one-story native sandstone building constructed by the WPA in 193-1940 with an appropriation of $29,000. A newer extension has been built at the front, however, a photo from 1987 on the Oklahoma Landmark Inventory database shows the building as it originally stood. The database also shows a photo of the rear of the building which is fenced off from the public today. This building is currently part of a Spencer elementary school. The corners of the building, and the projected pilasters are rusticated sandstone set in courses. The walls are uncut and uncoursed. The corners have projected buttresses...
  • School Gymnasium - Waelder TX
    In September 1935, the City of Waelder applied for Works Progress Administration funds to build a Gymnasium. The Living New Deal could not confirm if the building located on this site is the one built by the WPA built. There is no marker on site.
  • School Gymnasium - Wortham TX
    The Works Progress Administration built a school gymnasium in Wortham, Freestone County. The structure has a reinforced concrete foundation, rock walls, concrete beams, built-up roof, and steel trusses. The interior floor finish is wood floor on concrete sub-floor. The official project number is 665-662-619.
  • School Gymnasium (demolished) - Batesville MS
    This Batesville elementary school gymnasium was PWA Project # 1371. It is no longer extant.
  • School Gymnasium (demolished) - Jourdanton TX
    In 1911, the Texas legislature approved the creation of a school district for Jourdanton after citizens appealed for assistance. A high school and football field were built after a bond election passed. In 1938, with assistance from the Works Progress Administration (WPA), a gymnasium was constructed to serve the growing community. At some point, the gym was destroyed. The gym's cornerstone and WPA plaque have been preserved in a brick enclosure on the school grounds. Phelps & Dewees & Simmons designed many structures in the San Antonio area, including Alamo Stadium another New Deal project previously submitted.
  • School Gymnasium (demolished) - Locust Grove OK
    The WPA constructed a school and gymnasium in Locust Grove in the 1930s. The gym, pictured here, served as a functioning gym for the Locust Grove High School and was in good shape until it was torn down in 2014 due to the construction of the new high school. It is unknown to the Living New Deal whether the rest of the WPA school construction has also been demolished or when.
  • School Gymnasium (demolished) - Washington OK
    The Works Progress Administration built a school gymnasium in Washington OK. Contributor note: "The gymnasium was built as a WPA project in 1941-2. It is a rectangular one-story building with a high ceiling, constructed of red brick which has been painted a cream color. The gym is located on the southwest corner of Kerby Avenue and S. Turner Street, behind the Washington Middle School. All windows in the gym are boarded up, but windows in the office areas are exposed and it appears the building is still in use." The building known locally as the “Old Gym” was in use as a library...
  • School Gymnasium (former) - Omaha TX
    An onsite marker erected in 1998 explains the history of this WPA rock structure: "Land was first purchased for a public school in Omaha in 1892 and a large wooden building near the railroad tracks soon housed three teachers and 165 students. The community formed an independent school district in 1905 and built a new two-story brick structure the following year. It was enlarged as necessary, including the addition of a rock gymnasium erected by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) between 1938 and 1940. After a tornado damaged the property in 1950, the school merged with nearby Naples at the urging...
  • School gymnasium (former) - Roll IN
    Now a private residence, the Washington Township Gymnasium & Community Building was built by the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works in 1938 as an addition to the 1916 Roll, Indiana School.
  • School Gymnasium (former) - Spanish Fork UT
    The gymnasium of the Spanish Fork school was paid for by the Public Works Administration  (PWA). The design is elegant Art Deco with exaggerated Neoclassical Moderne columns over red brick. Today, the building houses the Nebo School District offices.  It  was nominated to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. The condition of the interior is unknown to us.
  • School Gymnasium (ruins) - Comanche OK
    Located on Walnut Avenue West of 4th Street are the ruins of a school gymnasium. It was constructed of native sandstone, and WPA shields at several locations on the concrete sidewalks show the date 1939. The building was one-story, with a two-story section on the east side. The roof was barrel shaped and the metal framing is all that is left. Windows around the building were large 20-pane casement windows. Among the rubble inside the building are the remains of concrete bleachers on either side of the gym floor. An outside 16-step staircase leads up the hill to the building.
  • School Gymnasium / Auditorium - Elm Mott TX
    In 1938, the Works Progress Administration built a gymnasium/auditorium combination for the Elm Mott School. Interestingly, the records show that they put "used" bleachers in the building. This is a two-story, red brick building that now sets behind a locked chain link fence. In 1955, Elm Mott and Lakeview Schools combined to create the Connally School District.
  • School Gymnasium and Auditorium - Frederick CO
    The Works Progress Administration built a school gymnasium and auditorium in Frederick, Colorado. The structure was built of concrete. The facade concrete panels are finished with inlaid ornamentation. The exact location and status of this project is presently unknown to Living New Deal.
  • School Gymnasium and Auditorium (former) - Marion AR
    A gymnasium/auditorium was built for Marion High School in Marion, Arkansas in 1938-39 with a funding from the state Department of Education and the federal Public Works Administration (PWA) – also known as the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works (see plaque).  (The high school paper at the time made the common mistake of confusing the PWA with the WPA (Works Progress Administration)). The new structure was built across the street from the old Marion High School on E. Military Road. According to the Marion High School Yearbook of 1942, it included typing and bookkeeping rooms, two music rooms, a biological laboratory,...
  • School Gymnasium/Auditorium - Davis OK
    The Works Progress Administration built a school gymnasium/auditorium in Davis, OK. Contributor note: "This gynmnasium is located at the center of the Davis school campus." "The coordinates shown above are for the gymnasium itself. However, due to later construction, the building is now surrounded by several Davis schools, which cover a two-block area between 4th and 5th Street, from Ferguson to Atlanta Avenue. The only viewing point for the gym is through a chain link fence from a vantage point on 5th Street."
  • School Gymnasium/Auditorium - Moulton TX
    The one-story, Art Deco School Gymnasium/Auditorium was erected in Moulton TX in 1939 by the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works. Kai J. Leffland was the Architect and J.E. Dickey the Contractor.
  • Senior Center - Scotland Neck NC
    The Scotland Neck Historic District contains multiple buildings constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). "A brick gymnasium and vocational building constructed on the grounds of the no longer extant 1923 Scotland Neck High School in the 1300 block of Main Street was built by the WPA in 1940 (#49). The building was renovated in 1996 for use as a Senior Citizen Center."
  • Sharon Gymnasium (demolished) - Charlotte NC
    The federal Civil Works Administration (CWA) constructed a gymnasium at the old high school for the Sharon school district in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina (now within the city limits of Charlotte). The structure, whose exact location is unknown to Living New Deal, no longer exists. "The Long Creek High School Gymnasium was one of eight facilities of its general type constructed in Mecklenburg County under the arrangements outlined above, the others being at the high schools then in the local school districts of Huntersville, Paw Creek, Pineville, Sharon, Oakhurst, Berryhill, and Bain. Only the Long Creek Gymnasium survives from this initial round...
  • Shaw Gymnasium - Shaw MS
    Constructed in 1940 in the Delta community of Shaw.
  • South Arkansas Community College Gym - El Dorado AR
    The gym was built by the Works Progress Administration in 1940 for use by the local high school and El Dorado Junior College which shared the building. The gym remains in use today on what is now the South Arkansas Community College campus.
  • Stratton School - Stratton CO
    The Works Progress Administration built a school in Stratton CO, in Kit Carson County, School District # 57. The reinforced concrete structure includes four classrooms and a combination auditorium and gymnasium, which accommodated 4,000 persons. The construction cost was $35,354.
  • Sumner School Gymnasium Addition - Sumner OK
    The Oklahoma National Register of Historic Places lists this sandstone gymnasium as having been added to the Sumner School by the Federal Work Projects Administration (WPA) in 1940-1941. The gymnasium "features a hipped barrel roof." The Waymarking site for the gymnasium estimates that the small farming community of Sumner likely had little more than 50 residents when the gymnasium was constructed in 1940 and today the population has dwindled slightly. The Oklahoma Historical Society points out that the gymnasium's construction "...created jobs and some economic relief for unemployed agricultural workers. As a WPA building, the gymnasium is architecturally notable in terms of its...
  • Tanner Hall - Winter Garden FL
    The accompanying photograph is of a view of the town in the 1930s. Tanner Hall is seen on the center-left side of the picture. The WPA building was initially used as a gymnasium and was later extensively remodeled. It is now a Community Center. Other buildings that are seen in the photograph are Farnsworth Pool, Little Hall, yacht basins with covered boathouses, the city dock, sea walls and Trailer City, among the public building and lakefront beautification projects funded by the Works Progress Administration and directed by Mayor George Walker in the 1930s. In his seven-year tenure as mayor, Walker secured more...
  • Thomas Field House (LHU) - Lock Haven PA
    Lock Haven University's Thomas Field House was one of several facilities constructed during the late 1930s with the aid of federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds. The building is still in service.
  • Trout Building - Centralia IL
    The Trout Building at Centralia Township High School was the home of Orphan and later Annie Basketball from 1936 until 2006 when a new high school opened. At present, it is part of the City Hope Church, Centralia, IL. Construction of the facility was enabled by a federal Public Works Administration (PWA) grant, as evidenced by information on the building's cornerstone. Per primary records, the PWA supplied a $53,181 grant for the project, whose total cost was $125,078. Construction occurred between Nov. 1936 and Oct. 1937. The building faces Second Street on the back side of the block occupied by City Hope...
  • University of Central Missouri Gymnasium and Physical Education Building - Warrensburg MO
    The PWA constructed this gymnasium in a style and native rock façade that echoed existing buildings on the UCMO campus. It is now known as Morrow Hall, and is still actively used for the gymnasium and Physical Education department.
  • University of Colorado: Balch Field House - Boulder CO
    Batch field house was built in 1936 with the aid of the Public Works Administration (PWA). Set against the football stadium, it is part of the larger University of Colorado athletic complex and still actively used for intramural sports.  "The new field house for the University of Colorado is approximately 144 by 296 feet in over-all dimensions. The large hall has an earth floor with a cinder running track 12 laps to the mile, and is provided with a removable wood basketball floor, 60 by 90 feet. Permanent bleachers seat approximately 2,000, and removable bleachers on both sides of the basketball...
  • University of Northern Iowa: Women's Gymnasium Improvements and Pool Addition - Cedar Falls IA
    The Public Works Administration funded the University of Northern Iowa Women's Gymnasium Improvements and Pool Addition in Cedar Falls IA. The building now houses the university's Innovation Teaching and Technology Center. "In August 1935, the Board of Education announced plans for a large remodeling project for the Women's Gymnasium.  The basement would be devoted entirely to dressing rooms.  New floors and fireproof stairs would be installed.  And an addition would be put onto the west side of the building to house a 36 X 90 foot swimming pool, with seating for five hundred spectators.  The pool would be three feet six...
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