Maritime Aquarium Murals – Norwalk CT

"Shucking Oysters"

Alexander Rummler painted these two murals for the Norwalk High School cafeteria: “Shucking Oysters” and “Day’s End.” The murals were funded by the WPA’s Federal Art Project. They were restored in 1986 and are now located in Norwalk’s Maritime Aquarium.

Massachusetts State Building Mural – Springfield MA

Many of the projects of the New Deal involved large scale public works projects that required hundreds of workers. While this type of project was incredibly important to help alleviate widespread unemployment, there was also a belief that the United… read more

McMillan Playground Building and Carvings (former) – Washington DC

Works Progress Administration (WPA) records in the National Archives report that the WPA constructed a recreation building at the McMillan Playground in northwest DC and that New Deal wood carvings were installed inside. The building opened in 1938. The playground… read more