Federal Trade Commission: Bas-Reliefs – Washington DC

Carl Schmitz, "Foreign Trade" Bas-relief, Federal Trade Commission Building - Washington DC

The exterior of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) building is enhanced by several works of art commissioned by the Treasury Department’s Section of Fine Arts in 1938. Above the entrances are rectangular bas-relief panels that represent foreign trade, agriculture, shipping, and… read more

Fort Churchill Restoration – Lyon NV

The Civilian Conservation (CCC) helped the National Park Service reconstruct Fort Churchill in the 1930s. Fort Churchill was an 1860s army post built along the Overland Emigrant Trail, which was abandoned in 1869 when its usefulness had passed. Afterward, it… read more

Fountain of the Four Winds, Lakefront Airport – New Orleans LA

One of the results of the 1936 Works Progress Administration (WPA) airport beautification project was the Four Winds fountain and bas-reliefs by sculptor Enrique Alférez. The airport, originally Shushan Airport, was renamed New Orleans Municipal Airport, and then Lakefront Airport… read more

Franklin High School Statue: “Benjamin Franklin” – Portland OR

From 1939 to 1942, Portland’s Franklin High School benefited from two different Works Progress Administration (WPA) initiatives. One of the projects allowed artists from the Federal Art Project, one of the five independent branches of the Works Progress Administration, to… read more