New Deal Art Registry Merger

The New Deal Art Registry, a rich trove of photographs and documents, is merging with the Living New Deal, adding some 1,500 new sites to our database and national map.  The Art Registry is the work of Barbara and John Bernstein of San Francisco, who accumulated this magnificent archive of  New Deal murals and artworks over several years, but realized that the Living New Deal had the resources and technical staff to keep up with their ever-growing collection of on-line material.

On our side, it took many weeks of work by our IT specialist, Ben Hass, to make the Art Registry data compatible with our system, and it will take several more weeks for our research assistant, John Elrick, to comb through the sites to double-check everything.  As he does so, visitors to our website will see the number of New Deal sites growing rapidly — soon to send us over 5,000!

We welcome Barbara Bernstein to the Living New Deal team in the Bay Area and we encourage everyone to find and photograph New Deal murals near you, and to send them in to us!  And make sure that your city or town recognizes the value of these wonderful artworks created for the pleasure and edification of the public.

Richard A Walker is the director of the Living New Deal.

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