• Watchung Reservation - Mountainside NJ
    The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted work to improve the Watchung Reservation as part of a massive collection of New Deal improvements to the Union County Parks System.
  • Water and Fire Protection System - Natural Bridge NY
    The Cape Vincent Eagle reported: "One of the largest construction jobs in Jefferson county under the W.P.A. was the building of a fire protection system at Natural Bridge. This system included a water system with reservoir and hydrants."
  • Water and Sewer Authority Carpentry Shop - Washington DC
    Works Progress Administration (WPA) records in the National Archives report that in 1937 WPA labor was used to "erect a brick building in the city to be used as a combination carpentry and blacksmith shop by the Sewer Department." The location was not given, but is very likely to have been at the old Sewer Department site on the Anacostia River in the southeast quadrant of the district.   Next to the still-extant Water and Sewer Authority garage is a group of brick buildings of the same era at the junction of First Street and Potomac Avenue. Any one of these,...
  • Water and Sewer Authority Seawall - Washington DC
    In 1936 Work: A Journal of Progress reported that in 1933-34 the Civil Works Administration (CWA) relief workers constructed 245 feet of seawall at the Sewer Division property yard and a cable shed at the garage. The exact site was not specified. Nevertheless, the Water and Sewer Authority (then known as the Sewer Division) owns a large waterside property at the foot of First Street on the Anacostia River that would be a likely place for such a seawall.  This is further confirmed by a later report in Work: A Journal of Progress that the Works Progress Administration (WPA) was soon...
  • Water and Sewer Plant - Leland MS
    "Improvements to streets, sidewalks, bridges, drainage and sewerage systems" including the "...Water and Sewer works adjacent to the dam" on Deer Creek (Embree, 2004, p. 54). The remains of the building are present, though it is not in use.
  • Water and Sewer System Expansion - Healdsburg CA
    "The sewer and water-main projects provided the city with an extensive system of new mains in addition to the replacement of old ones, no longer large enough to meet the requirements of the city. By 1938, 8,500 feet of sewer mains and 9,160 feet of water mains had been installed."
  • Water and Sewer Systems - Pinedale WY
    "Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal programs helped the community... Additional aid came when the Works Progress Administration provided funds that constructed and improved the water and sewer system ..."
  • Water Department Office - Rome NY
    This little Art Deco gem was constructed for the City of Rome Water Department by the Works Projects Administration (the renamed WPA) in 1938-40.  The building contained offices and parking (the entrance on the left was originally a garage bay).  Its present use is unknown.
  • Water Diversion Channels - Bisbee AZ
    In October 1935, a flood control project began in Bisbee, directed by A.O. Grant of the federal soil conservation service. According to the Arizona Daily Star, January 18, 1936, the project included the construction of “hundreds of check dams in canyons, erection of miles of rubble masonry walls and repairing the Tombstone Canyon subway.” It was reported that in Moon Canyon, 500 check dams were built, and hundreds of feet of rubble masonry walls were constructed on OK Street and Brewery Gulch. The newspaper reported 220 men will have worked on the project from October 1935 to January 1936.
  • Water Hole - Billerica MA
    Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) laborers constructed a water-storage hole for fire-fighting protection purposes, with respect 25 farms in outlying Billerica, Mass.
  • Water Infrastructure - Orinda CA
    1936, the East Bay Municipal Utility District joined forces with the Works Progress Administration to install a new 6" pipe around the north side of Lake Orinda, replacing a former line that ran across the dam. The new pipe allowed gravity feeding of the Charles Hill Tank from the Orinda Tank, saving municipal funds previously used to pump water between the two tanks.
  • Water Infrastructure Improvements - Reedley CA
    Sponsor - City of Reedley WPA Proj. No. 686-08-_-174, November 19, 1938, $1,600, 2,516 man hours, Average employed 14, Total Federal and Sponsor funds $1,900 "Improve fire protection facilities on North Avenue and an alley between G and F streets in the city of Reedley, Fresno County, including removing old and laying new water mains and hydrant loads, installing shut-off-valves, and performing appurtenant and incidental work. No taxes or assessments will be levied to cover the amount of Federal funds expended on this project. In addition to projects specifically approved. City owned property."  
  • Water Lines and Hydrants - Porterville CA
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) provided almost $20,000 in funding and labor to install some 4500 feet of water mains and 72 fire hydrants in Porterville CA.   How much of this work remains in place is unknown.
  • Water Mains - Anchorage AK
    The Works Progress Administration contributed $3,356 toward the construction of water mains in Anchorage, Alaska, between 1939 and 1940.
  • Water Mains - Barre VT
    Barre relied heavily on federal funds and labor during the Great Depression to improve and develop its water distribution system. The city's annual reports attest that work began under the Emergency Relief Administration (E.R.A.) and persisted several years with the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.). As part of these efforts, larger water mains were installed under many roads; older mains were dug up, relaid, and lowered further underground to prevent winter freezing; and the network was generally expanded.
  • Water Mains - Boston, Milton, and Quincy MA
    1939 MDC annual report: "Contract No. 128, P.W.A. Docket No. Mass. 1516-F — Mass. State Project No. D-203, was made with M. DeMatteo Construction Company of Roslindale on October 18, 1938 for the sum of $187,617.50, and was accepted by the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works on October 20, 1938. The work on this contract comprised the furnishing and laying of about 11,000 linear feet of 36-inch steel water pipe for reinforcing Southern High-service Pipe Lines to Milton, Quincy and the Dorchester District of Boston." "The work on this contract was completed on October 6 at a total expenditure of $223,377.59." The W.P.A....
  • Water Mains - Livingston NJ
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) undertook multiple projects in Livingston, New Jersey. "Among the local WPA projects are a sewing project for women, road building, the laying of water mains and the clearing of lands at the Civic Centre Park."
  • Water Mains - Mansfield MA
    Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) laborers constructed water mains in Mansfield, MA.
  • Water Mains - Massena NY
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed water mains in Massena, New York during the mid-1930s.
  • Water Mains - Medina NY
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) installed nearly 5,000 feet of water mains along Maple Ridge Road in Medina, New York in 1937, extending the reach of the town's water system to some of its more rural residents.
  • Water Mains - Minot ND
    A water main construction project in Minot, North Dakota was undertaken during the Great Depression with the aid of federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds. The PWA supplied a $9,000 grant for the project, whose total cost was $18,645. Work occurred between November 1938 and June 1939. (PWA Docket No. ND X1207) Additionally, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) also constructed water mains in Minot between 1936 and 1938, as evidenced by municipal archive imagery.
  • Water Mains - Ogdensburg NY
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) installed two miles of water mains in Ogdensburg, New York, including along Proctor Avenue.
  • Water Mains - Stoughton MA
    A 1939 article cited work the WPA had been accomplishing in Stoughton, Mass. "The water main projects are employing upwards of 30 men and this project has given steady work to a similar number of men and a few more since last spring."
  • Water Mains - Takoma Park MD
    The WPA installed water mains around Takome Park, Maryland, including along Saratoga Avenue (now part of Maryland Route 320).
  • Water Mains and Sewers - North Bend NE
    An early Works Progress Administration (WPA) project in North Bend, Nebraska was described as follows: Sewer and water main extension In the city of North Bend. This includes: 638 feet of 24 inch concrete pipe to be laid for storm sewer; 640 feet of 15 inch concrete pipe to be laid for storm sewer; 115 feet of 4 inch water main and fire hydrant to be placed; 248 feet of copper pipe and 175 feet of 4 inch sewer pipe to be laid with public rest room. Nine persons assigned to work on this project. An additional sanitary sewer project in North...
  • Water Mains: East Oakland - Oakland CA
    In 1936, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) assisted the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) in laying a 36" diameter water main from 25th Avenue and East 20th St in Oakland to Estudillo Boulevard in San Leandro.   Running more than five miles, the water pipeline replaced infrastructure that had been put in place almost fifty years earlier.  
  • Water Pipes - Clinton MA
    Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) constructed water pipes in Clinton, MA.
  • Water Pipes - Montpelier VT
    Annual Reports for the City of Montpelier detail expenses and locations for many sewer projects undertaken by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in the city. The 1936 report details work undertaken in 1935: "75 feet of 1 1/2" pipe beyond the Murray Farm and 1353 feet of 4" pipe on Main Street increased to 6" pipe which including that which was relaid last year extends 6" pipe to the Calvin Murray farm, these were made as W.P.A. Projects. The work has made more water available with better pressure in case of fire." 1937 report: "New extensions were made as follows as W.P.A. work:...
  • Water Reservoir - Newcastle WY
    The Works Progress Administration built a water reservoir in Newcastle, Weston County, likely the Reservoir several miles east of town.
  • Water Storage Reservoir - Biloxi MS
    As part of a major Works Progress Administration grant to the city of Biloxi in 1935-1936, a 500,000 gallon reservoir for storing water for drinking and fire fighting was completed at a cost of $20,127.31 for the City Water Works Department, along with repairs to the existing reservoirs. The sponsor contributed $5,025.71. The project entailed excavation, grading, backfilling, terracing and sodding, the making of concrete forms, pouring concrete and setting steel reinforcement, and installing water mains. Workers included 32 laborers, 14 skilled workers, 7 intermediate, plus a timekeeper and superintendent for the job. The new reservoir was located at the...
  • Water Street Bridge Widening - Tewksbury NJ
    A 6'3"-span stone arch bridge on Water Street, in Tewksbury, New Jersey, was widened by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The structure is located approximately halfway between Longview Rd. and Rockaway Rd.
  • Water Street Improvements - Perth Amboy NJ
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) worked on a land reclamation and shore beautification project on the south shore of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. As part of the project Water Street was widened by 12 feet and paved with macadam. Sidewalks and curbs were installed and 300 feet of hedges were transplanted.
  • Water Street Sea Wall - Plymouth MA
    Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted the following work in Plymouth, Massachusetts. WPA Bulletin: Additional Parking Space for the thousands of visitors who annually visit historical Plymouth Rock will be provided with the completion of this WPA Water Street stone sea-wall.
  • Water Supply - Gold Bar WA
    "An adequate domestic water supply for Gold Bar, Snohomish County, is assured under a recent Works Progress Administration allotment of $8,627, for setting up a project to construct a conversion dam and lay a feeder pipe to the town. The work ... will begin approximately November 26, 1937. In applying for the federal grant the town of Gold Bar raised $3,008 to buy pipe and other needed materials. The 25 men slated to work on the project will be drawn from the unemployed rolls of Snohomish County. The finishing touches on the dam, pipeline and the road which will give access...
  • Water Supply - Goldfield NV
    "An emergency Works Progress Administration project in Goldfield relieved a severe water crisis by connecting mains to a supply in Rabbit Springs."
  • Water Supply - Livermore Falls ME
    1935 Report of the Livermore Falls Water District With the aid of a W.P.A. project much necessary work is being done removing bushes and waste matter around the shore. 1936 Report of the Livermore Falls Water District Recognizing the fact that much better service should be given to certain localities in our Town and in the village of Chisholm where water is used from our High Pressure System both for Domestic and Fire Protection your Trustees were fortunate to get through a W. P. A. Project to install 2500 feet of 8 inch pipe beginning at the 12 inch main at Spring Street and...
  • Water Supply - Murray UT
    The Federal government assisted the city of Murray, Utah by expanding its municipal water supply. This was accomplished by "driving tunnels into the hillside at McGhie Springs." The area known as McGhie Springs is located at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon.
  • Water System - Grays Harbor WA
    Grays Harbor water system improvement was one of a number of WPA and PWA projects in Washington State: "At a cost of $97,385 the project greatly improved the water delivery system. The town previously relied on well water that was going to become salty and undrinkable within 12-18 months."
  • Water System - Juniata NE
    In August 1938, the city of Juniata was awarded a grant of $20,090.00 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) for the construction of a water supply system.
  • Water System - Minerva NY
    Minerva, New York had no water system until the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) developed one for the community ca. 1940-1. The project included "installing water mains, developing springs, laying pipe lines, placing valves and appurtenant work."