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  • Vocational Teacher's Home (former) - Farmhaven MS
    The vocational teacher's home was constructed by the National Youth Administration (NYA) with supervision from NYA supervisor Carl R. Furr in 1937. The project began in September and was completed in November 1937. None of the young men on the project had experience in carpentry prior to the work.
  • Waushakum Pond Improvements - Framingham MA
    Town Report, 1938: National Youth Administration An average of 35 young people from needy families have been given part time employment by this branch of the W.P.A., on various worthy and useful projects. The boys have improved the land at Waushakum Pond purchased by the town for a bathing beach; have graded and improved town playgrounds, and since Sept. 21, 1938, have been continuously employed in clearing up the effects of the hurricane damage in the parks and playgrounds. The girls have acted as helpers in the Nursery schools.
  • West Millbury School (former) Improvements - Millbury MA
    Improvements were made to the Millbury, Massachusetts's old West Millbury School building and grounds with the assistance of federal New Deal funds. The old school, which also went by the name of Grass Hill School, has since been restored by the local historical society. The Civil Works Administration provided labor for a roof shingling project begun and completed in 1933. At the same time Federal Emergency Relief Act funds enabled other improvements at the school, such as the installation of concrete steps. The National Youth Administration conducted miscellaneous improvements at the school.
  • West Virginia State University Road Construction - Institute WV
    The National Youth Administration built a road for the West Virginia State University (former West Virginia State College) campus.  
  • Westenfield Park Improvements - Austin TX
    Westenfield Corporation initially developed Westenfield Park in 1932, and the City of Austin operated the swimming pool that year. The City of Austin acquired the park in 1937. The Austin Recreation Department worked with the National Youth Administration in the same year to build the original playground and do work on the swimming pool. The swimming pool was replaced in 2013-2014 due to cracks, leaks and plumbing problems in the 80-year old pool. The playground equipment has also been updated.
  • White Park Improvements - Concord NH
    Municipal reports for the town of Concord document extensive New Deal improvements in White Park. In 1935, the entrance to White Park at the corner of Center and High streets was remodeled. In 1936, the PWA completed a cement bathing pool in White Park. In June of 1937, the WPA completed a new administration building for the park, "furnished and equipped so at the end of the year the City of Concord has the foundation for one of the best service bureaus in tree surgery, insect control, tree and flower preservation and propagation in this section of the country. The new...
  • Wilson Park Community Building - Bedford IN
    The National Youth Administration built the Wilson Park Community Building in Bedford IN. Originally a shelter house, now (2022) a community building, features high-quality stone work including a large fireplace visible in pictures on the City of Bedford web page.  
  • Wilson Park Shelter House - Bedford IN
    The National Youth Administration (NYA) built the Wilson Park Shelter House in Bedford IN. Originally picnic shelter, 2022 (apparently) storage building. The material and workmanship of New Deal projects in Bedford, Indiana is remarkable. The city is the center of the Indiana limestone industry the, for example, provided the stone for the Empire State Building. Even the "park rustic" projects show a high level of fit and finish that is a credit to local stone workers.
  • Woodstock School of Art - Woodstock NY
    The National Youth Administration built the Woodstock School of Art in Woodstock NY in 1939. According to the Woodstock School of Art, "The structures had their beginnings in 1939, when they were commissioned as a school for arts and crafts under the National Youth Administration (NYA), one of the programs in FDR’s New Deal. There were several NYA training camps across the United States, but the one located in Woodstock, New York, provided instruction to rural youth in applied arts such as woodworking, masonry, blacksmithing, and pottery."
  • Woodworking and Auto Shop (former Tupelo Jail) - Tupelo MS
    The city of Tupelo abandoned the old city jail following the 1936 tornado. The National Youth Administration remodeled the building the following year and established a woodworking and auto body shop for students in the building. It was destroyed by July, 2008.
  • Woodworking Shop - Ballinger TX
    Plans for construction of a native stone workshop on the courthouse lawn in Ballinger were begun in June 1939. Rock was obtained from the city quarry. The building was planned for 40 x 60 feet with space for 15 boys to work at the same time. The project was expected to cost about $5,000 and employ 50 workers. The machinery was installed in April 1940 and the center expected to begin production that month. The project held open house April 16, 1941. The agricultural adjustment administration were relocated from the courthouse to the building following the close of the NYA...
  • Yettie Polk Park Improvements - Belton TX
    National Youth Administration (NYA) labor provided 23 picnic units, a new bridge of native rock and steel across the wading pool at Yettie Polk Park. The bridge at the south end of the park was widened, native rock sides constructed, and 225 feet of retaining wall built from the bridge to the creek bank. NYA also built the pavilion in the park, a pedestrian bridge, and small rock fences. The bridge is marked with a National Youth Administration plaque.
  • Young Cemetery Cabin - Plattsmouth NE
    In 1855, the family of William and Rebecca Young were among the early pioneers to arrive in Nebraska following the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, which opened the territory for settlement. A year later, William Young built a cabin as his family dwelling. Tragedy soon struck the family with the death of their infant Joseph, who was buried on the highest point of land on their homestead. The Youngs allowed other settlers to inter their loved ones at this location, which came to be known as the Young Cemetery. In 1888, the Young Cemetery Association formally organized to...
  • Yuma Territorial Prison - Yuma AZ
    In 1939-1940, the City of Yuma secured New Deal funding through the National Youth Administration to put unemployed youth to work. The City of Yuma ran the former Yuma Territorial Prison as a museum from 1940-1961.
  • Zaragoza Park Improvements - Austin TX
    In January 1941, the National Youth Administration began building a bathhouse with dressing and toilet facilities at Zaragoza Park as well as a chain-linked fence around the pool that was connected to the bathhouse. The City of Austin furnished materials for the project and the NYA supplied the labor.
  • Zilker Metropolitan Park - Austin TX
    Zilker Metropolitan Park is located at the confluence of Barton Creek and the Colorado River in Austin, Texas. The 351 acre park is administered by the Austin Parks and Recreation Department and is considered "Austin's most-loved park." Starting in 1917, local businessman Andew Jackson Zilker began donating land to the Austin School Board with the stipulation that the City of Austin purchase the land from the school board for use as a park. The money would then be used to create the Zilker Permanent Fund, an endowment fund for industrial education and home economics training in the schools. Architect Charles H....
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