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  • Road Improvements - Hudson WY
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) conducted road improvement work in Hudson, Wyoming.
  • Road Improvements - Lost Springs WY
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) conducted road improvement work in Lost Springs, Wyoming.
  • Road Improvements - Lovell WY
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) conducted road improvement work in Lovell, Wyoming. Per Cassity: In Lovell, the project was comprehensive, according to the official report submitted by the town government: “All the main streets in the residential district of the Town of Lovell, Wyoming, were graded and culverts rebuilt and repaired. There were approximately 13,000 tons of crushed gravel spread on the streets. Six miles and 4 blocks were graveled.”
  • Road Improvements - Lusk WY
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) conducted road improvement work in Lusk, Wyoming, including on Pine Street. The project was justified as followed, per Michael Cassity: "especially the work on Pine Street made it “possible for travel,” and “has aided considerably in the traffic on Lusk business blocks.""
  • Road Improvements - Masonville IA
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) conducted a road improvement project in Masonville, Iowa.
  • Road Improvements - Nashua NH
    From 1933 to 1934 the CWA was involved in taking up track within the city from the defunct interurban electric trolley, the Bay State Railway Company. The BSRC went bankrupt in 1919, but sections still survive today in the MBTA transportation system. In his report summary of 1933, local Mayor Alvin Lucier wrote: "CAR TRACK REMOVAL AND STREET REPAIRS. This contemplated complete repair of over six miles of streets now occupied by car tracks, as well as a complete rebuilding of the southwesterly end of Allds Street; this project further provided for covering Commercial Street, at present roughly paved, with a hot top...
  • Road Improvements - Powell WY
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) conducted road improvement work, grading and graveling 21 blocks in Powell, Wyoming.
  • Road Improvements - Ranchester WY
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) conducted road improvement work in Ranchester, Wyoming.
  • Road Improvements - Rawlins WY
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) conducted road improvement work in Rawlins, Wyoming, including "the street leading from the highway to the county memorial hospital," now the site of Cathy Gardens. This means the road in question is in likelihood 15th Street or 16th Street.
  • Road Improvements - Rice County KS
    "SAND 83 MILES Lyons, Jan. 17. A CWA project for sanding 83 miles of roads in this county has just been approved at a cost of $21,230. Labor for which the government will pay totals $17,500."
  • Road Improvements - Riverton WY
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) worked to improve the streets of Riverton, Wyoming. A CWA project card notes that the roads were previously dirt: "dusty in dry weather and muddy in wet weather."
  • Road Improvements - Ryan IA
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) conducted a road improvement project in Ryan, Iowa.
  • Road Improvements - Van Tassell WY
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) conducted road improvement work in Van Tassell, Wyoming. The project was justified as followed: "this will not only be a needed improvement to the town, but will supply work to a great many who have in the past received relief aid from the county and state."
  • Road Improvements - Wayland MA
    Multiple New Deal agencies contributed to safety improvement work and other road development in Wayland, Mass. For example, work in 1934 included the widening of Hazelbrook Ln., Rice Rd., and Stone Bridge Rd. Island Road and Oak St. were widened, and Water Row rebuilt in 1935.
  • Road Improvements - West Liberty KY
    The federal Civil Works Administration (CWA) undertook graveling and draining work to improve roads in West Liberty, Kentucky.
  • Road Improvements - Wheatland WY
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) conducted road improvement work along 35 blocks in Wheatland, Wyoming.
  • Road Improvements - Worland WY
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) conducted a road and alley improvement project in Worland, Wyoming.
  • Road Improvements - Worthington KY
    The federal Civil Works Administration (CWA) improved roads in Worthington, Kentucky.
  • Road Improvements: SE Holgate & SE 32nd Avenue - Portland OR
    During the hard winter months of 1933-1934, the Civil Works Administration (CWA) was a work relief program that employed Portlanders on a variety of needed projects. Road work was one such project category. These men are shown graveling SE Holgate near SE 32nd Avenue on February 1, 1934. The CWA served as a federal relief program from November 8, 1933 through March 31, 1934. When the CWA began, Oregon anticipated being able to put 21,000 men back to work on small projects involving a large amount of hand labor. The projects were submitted for approval to the CWA and the jobless...
  • Road Paving - Las Vegas NV
    "Between 1934 and 1935, Civil Works Administration and Federal Emergency Relief Administration workers had repaved over fifty-eight blocks. Much of the work was in the suburbs, where the "dust menace" had long been a problem."
  • Road Projects - Bethel ME
    Excerpts from the Annual Reports of the Officers of the Town of Bethel: 1933 TOWN AND GOVERNMENT C. W. A. PROJECT FOR BETHEL By contract with the C. W. A., Government to furnish an average of 30 men, 6 trucks, foreman and timekeeper, at a cost of $4,740.00 The Town to furnish gravel and two trucks at a cost of, estimated $860.00 Total amount for project, $5,600 00 To Feb. 1st, 1934, C. W. A. has paid for labor, $3,174 00 Town has contributed $541.23 $3,715 23 Still available from C. W. A. Fund, $1,884.77 When making this contract to give work to unemployed, we were mindful...
  • Road Projects - Lubec ME
    The initial Civil Works Administration (CWA) work in Lubec involved street construction. Excerpt from Bangor Daily News: "CWA Work Progressing (From Our Regular Correspondent) LUBEC -- Work on the C.W.A. project, the extension of the Can Plant road to join Monument street, and the widening of Eureka Street, is progressing nicely, and a lot of dynamiting has been done the past few days, so that there is now a good two-car road, with an almost solid rock foundation as far as the work has progressed. Nearly 50 men are employed on the job. It is stated that the present wage scale of 40 cents...
  • Road Repairs - Leeds AL
    The Civil Works Administration conducted multiple road repair projects in Leeds, Alabama. CWA Project No. 37-C-386: completed; "paved street repairs". Work began Nov. 20, 1933. CWA Project No. 37-C-387: completed; a road repair project for what was then known as "4th Avenue South" (now, Ashville Road SE / Eliot Lane). Work began Dec. 18, 1933. CWA Project No. 37-C-368: 90% completed as of Mar. 31, 1934; "grading and drain streets". Work began Nov. 20, 1933.
  • Road Repairs (Andrewsville) - Harrington DE
    Delaware utilized substantial federal resources in developing and improving its road network during the Great Depression. Among the dozens of projects undertaken by the federal Civil Works Administration (C.W.A.) during 1934 was road repair work at Andrewsville (known in old records as Jester's Corner), southwest of Harrington. An average of 1,410 were put to work each week during 1934 as a result of the CWA’s road, sidewalk, bridge, and other related infrastructure efforts in Delaware.  
  • Road Work - Ashland MA
    The Civil Works Administration (C.W.A.), Federal Emergency Relief Administration (F.E.R.A.), and Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) conducted improvement work along roads in Ashland, Massachusetts. Work included the "relocation of Manning Road," no longer extant; and Sunset Rd. in 1936. State highways and farm-to-market roads were improved by the W.P.A. in the town as well.
  • Road Work - Bingham ME
    The community notes of the Independent Reporter, January 11, 1934 mention CWA work: "The CWA road project above town is progressing slowly. The next four weeks will be spent in blasting the ledge at the bottom of Mill Hill. The ledge will be hauled to Austin Stream where it will serve as a breakwater near the home of Eli Carpentier."
  • Road Work - Blue Hill ME
    In 1934, the C.W.A. completed 2,000 feet of repair work on the East Blue Hill Road employing 26 men. The E.R.A. did construction work on the North Blue Hill Road employing 44 men. Total on both projects paid by C.W.A. and ERA $6,060.61 Total on both projects paid by town $263.48
  • Road Work - Concord NH
    Municipal reports for the city of Concord report extensive New Deal road work throughout the 1930s. In 1933, the PWA contributed almost $5,000 to improvements on South Main St., South State St., Pleasant St., Warren St. and School St. The same year, CWA funds were used for the construction of Runnells Road, Snow Pond Road, Sylvester St. and other work, including the removal of "about 500 hitching posts." This sort of road work continued in 1934. A 1938 town report describes extensive WPA help with municipal road projects. In 1939, the report explains more specifically that "the city received 468,000 man-hours of...
  • Road Work - Gouldsboro ME
    1933: LOCAL C. W. A. PROJECT NO. 98. MEN R. N. Blance, Foreman and Certifying Officer Work began Dec 1, 1933. Not completed Amount received from Federal Civic Works Adm to Feb 5, 1934 $3,303. 75 Amount paid by town to Feb 5, 1934 ................. 186.48 1934: LOCAL C. W. A. PROJECTS R. N. Blance, Director and Certifying Officer, authorized by the State and Federal Departments No 98, Men Work began Dec. 1, 1933; work ended March 30, 1934. Amount received from Fed Civic Works Ad’m ... $4,038.75 1935: C., W. A. ACCOUNT TRANSFERRED TO W. P. A. Project 262-B and OP65-11-1012 Town Share $273.99 1936: W. P. A. PROJECT NO. OP65-10-1112 Farm-to-Market Road Repair GOULDSBORO POINT. Town’s Part...
  • Road Work - Westfield WI
    "CWA road crew leveling a grade on a county road near Westfield. The CWA undertook many road and utility projects during the Great Depression in order to provide relief for out of work men."
  • Roads and Bridge Work - Skowhegan ME
    Many projects were launched in town during the Depression in an effort at reducing relief rolls. The following CWA and FERA projects were reported in the Independent Reporter: Aug 24, 33 - Road projects announced. $5,000 for the Middle Rd. $60,000 for Somerset County. 30 hours a week with a minimum wage of $12 is set. Sept. 8, '33 - 30 men and two trucks employed on Middle Rd. One mile of road is the goal. Oct. 19 '33 - Federal funds used up. 200 feet is completed by borrowing $400 from State funds. Nov. 23 '33 - 600 county men are to be...
  • Robert LaFleur Airport - Waterville ME
    The Robert LaFleur Airport is a small general aviation airport in Waterville. It was originally opened in 1931. A 2011 history of the airport explains the federal involvement in its development. In a 1933 town report, Mayor Thayer explains that: "In order to secure improvement for the airport— a very desirable improvement for the community—the City has entered into an agreement of lease, with option to purchase, with the owners of the airport, this condition being precedent to any activity by the Civil Works Administration. This contract will not involve any expense to the City of Waterville but will result in...
  • Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway Completion - Washington DC
    The planning and construction of the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway largely predates the New Deal, but it was only completed in 1933-36 with help from the National Park Service (NPS), Civil Works Administration (CWA), Public Works Administration (PWA), Works Progress Administration (WPA) and Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).   The Parkway runs 2.5 miles from the Lincoln Memorial on the Potomac River along Rock Creek to the Connecticut Avenue bridge, just south of the National Zoo.   At that point, the road becomes Beach Drive and the Parkway join Rock Creek Park.  The two are separate units of the National Capital...
  • Rock Creek Park: Piney Branch Parkway - Washington DC
    In 1935-36, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) built the Piney Branch Parkway on the southeast side of Rock Creek Park.  It was meant to serve as a new access road to the park and to improve traffic flow to and from Beach Drive and the Rock Creek and Potomac parkway.  It runs for two miles from Beech Drive to Arkansas Avenue. The WPA-built roadway was 30 feet wide with a bituminous covering. A stone retaining wall was built along two-thirds of the route and the whole parkway was landscaped by the WPA workers (Work 1936). Civil Works Administration (CWA) crews did preparation...
  • Rock Island National Cemetery Improvements - Moline IL
    Rock Island National Cemetery in Moline, Illinois was improved as part of Federal Project F-87 by the federal Civil Works Administration (CWA). The work done "included the resetting, realigning and cleaning of headstones ... as well as the filling-in of sunken graves."
  • Rockwood Park Golf Course - Fort Worth TX
    This municipal golf course opened in 1938. The first nine holes were constructed by the CWA. Additional work was completed by the WPA.
  • Rocky Neck State Park Improvements - East Lyme CT
    "Park improvements were started by the Federal Emergency Relief Association in 1934 and completed by the Works Administration in 1936." The WPA was also involved in projects within this and other Connecticut state parks.
  • Rollins Park Improvements - Concord NH
    Municipal reports for the town of Concord document New Deal improvements to the park throughout the late 1930s and early 1940s. In 1935, the CWA funded a stone wall along Broadway, enlarged the park's wading pool and removed dead trees and stumps. In 1936, the PWA completed a new bathing pool in Rollins Park. A further 75 foot addition was added to the old pool in 1941. In 1939, acres of land were graded at the park. In 1940, 400 feet of ashlar wall was constructed and a new baseball diamond was developed. Rollins Park bleachers were relocated.
  • Roosevelt Hall - Barrett MN
    At the behest of the city of Barrett, Minnesota, the Civil Works Administration (CWA) built a combination public auditorium and high school gymnasium in 1933-34.  The CWA provided the labor from the ranks of local unemployed workers and the city provided the empty lot and pitched in $5,000 for materials. The building was named Roosevelt Hall in honor of President Franklin Roosevelt. It served for around twenty years as the school gym and Barrett community hall. The 34' x 110' structure is wood frame, with Western Red Cedar siding and a shingle roof. The roof is rounded in a style roughly reminiscent of...
  • Roosevelt Park - Albuquerque NM
    "Roosevelt Park opened during the middle of the Great Depression. It was built with federal Civil Works Administration funding obtained through Albuquerque Mayor Clyde Tingley's close friendship with President Franklin Roosevelt. The park's name was changed from the original "Terrace Park" soon after its opening to honor its popular benefactor. Designed by local landscape architect and greenhouse operator C. Edmund "Bud" Hollied, the park remains one of the Southwest's best examples of New Deal landscaping. Hollied envisioned a sprawling, lush park in what was previously a sandy, garbage-strewn arroyo. With the work of 275 CWA laborers, each paid $39 per month,...
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