Crissy Field Landscaping – San Francisco CA

Continuation of excavation, filling in low areas, constructing new roads, parking areas, garages and playground; landscaping areas in vicinity of officers’ and non-commissioned officers’ quarters; landscaping and fire prevention work around flying field; construction of one double tennis court in… read more

Hart Memorial Park – Bakersfield CA

New Deal relief workers were instrumental in developing the old Kern River Park – now called the Hart Memorial Park.  The workers came from the State Emergency Relief Administration  (SERA) before 1935 and the Works Progress Administration (WPA) after that…. read more

Johnson Creek Rockwork/Flood Control Project – Milwaukie OR

Three different federal relief agencies took on the challenge of Johnson Creek’s annual flooding during the New Deal period, beginning with Oregon’s SERA (State Emergency Relief Agency) efforts. Responsibility for the project was transferred to the PWA (Public Works Administration)… read more

Morro Bay State Park – Morro Bay CA

Morro Bay State Park Entrance

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) made extensive improvements Morro Bay State Park, as it did throughout California’s new state park system.  These included picnic areas, an entrance road, comfort staton, ranger lodge, and stone walls.  The work was continued by… read more

Oakland Airport (North Field): Hangar Improvements – Oakland CA

New Deal agencies did a variety of work on the five hangars at the Oakland Municipal Airport (now the North Field of the Oakland International Airport) and later built a new hangar for the Naval Reserve Air Base at the… read more

Port of Oakland: Albers Brothers Milling Company Road Work (demolished) – Oakland CA

Funds for road improvements at the foot of Seventh Street in the Port of Oakland were secured through the State Emergency Relief Administration (SERA) in 1935 (Minutes of the Port Commissioners). SERA was funded by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration… read more

State Narcotic Hospital Spadra Improvements – Pomona CA

The State Narcotic Hospital Spadra was a once separate program within the grounds of what is known today as the Lanterman Developmental Center in Pomona, CA. No records exist since the unincorporated area known as Spadra was annexed into the… read more