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  • East Portland Post Office Mural - Portland OR
    The post office originally held an earlier version of this mural entitled "Post Ride," funded by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts and painted in 1936 by Paul Grellert. During renovation of the post office in the 60's the mural was destroyed. Mr Grellert fortunately was able to paint a recreation of the original mural. The only difference is that in the original, the horse was white.
  • East Texas Oil Museum Murals - Kilgore TX
    The museum contains four murals by Xavier Gonzalez: "Pioneer Saga," "Music of the Plains," "Contemporary Youth" and "Drilling for Oil." They were painted with Treasury Section of Fine Arts funds in 1941 and moved from the post office to the East Texas Oil Museum in 1999.
  • El Dorado County District Attorney's Office Mural - Placerville CA
    Tom E. Lewis painted this mural "Forest Genetics" in 1941 for the Treasury Section of Fine Arts. As the result of building renovations, the mural is no longer viewable in public view.
  • El Dorado DA's Office Mural - Placerville CA
    This forest scene oil on canvas mural "Forest Genetics" by Tom E. Lewis was painted with funding from the Treasury Section of Fine Arts. It was installed when the building was the Placerville Post Office. Due to renovations, the mural is now not in public view.
  • Emanuel County Court House Mural - Swainsboro GA
    "Experimenting with the First Model of the Cotton Gin" was painted by Edna Reindel with funding from the Treasury Section of Fine Arts for what was then the local post office. The post office has since been incorporated into the Emanuel County Court House. Viewing can be arranged through the County Clerk's office.
  • Ethel Spears Mural - Schauer Arts & Activities Center - Hartford WI
    This 1940 oil on canvas "Autumn Wisconsin Landscape" by Ethel Spears was originally painted for the Hartford post office. It is now located in the Schauer Arts & Activities Center.
  • Everett Post Office Mural (relocated) - Boston MA
    Created for the former Everett branch post office, the mural "Mail for New England" is an example of New Deal artwork. Painted by Stephen Etnier, and completed in 1940, the work has since been relocated to Boston's Back Bay post office. Jimmy Emerson: "When the Everett post office building was sold in the 1970s, the mural was removed, rolled up and stored where it suffered water damage. It was discovered in 2005 and restored. It was installed in the Back Bay post office in Boston in 2009."
  • F. Edward Hebert Federal Building: Lang Sculpture - New Orleans LA
    This limestone sculpture "Flood Control" by Karl Lang was created for the F. Edward Herbert Federal Building with Treasury Section of Fine Arts funds.  It still graces the southeastern corner of the building.
  • F. Edward Hebert Federal Building: Proctor Sculptures - New Orleans LA
    This marble eagle statue  -- one of four at the entrances to the F. Edward Herbert Federal Building -- was produced with Treasury Section of Fine Arts funds by Gifford Proctor.
  • F. Edward Hebert Federal Building: Scheler Sculpture - New Orleans LA
    This limestone sculpture "Harvesting Sugar Cane" by Armin Scheler was created for the F. Edward Hebert Federal Building and paid for with Treasury Section of Fine Arts funds. It still graces the northeastern flank of the building.
  • Federal Building and Courthouse Murals - Binghamton NY
    Originally built as the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse and now the Federal Building and Courthouse, the building was completed as a federal Public Works Administration (PWA) project with Treasury Department funding in 1935. "Commissioned by the Treasury Department Section of Fine Arts, eight murals painted by artist and Cornell University art professor Kenneth Leland Washburn (1904-1989) on the lobby's upper walls depict scenes pertaining to local agriculture, industry, transportation, and the U.S. mail service." (www.gsa.gov) Kenneth Washburn Modern Worker In Industry & Agriculture Modern & Ancient Methods Of Communication Communication By Earth, Water, & Air Thrift & Postal Savings System 1938 Oil on canvas: 57” x 58” each Installed...
  • Federal Building and Post Office (former) Murals - Phoenix AZ
    The historic former Federal Building and Post Office in Phoenix, Arizona houses examples of New Deal artwork. In 1937 the U.S. Treasury’s Section of Fine Arts commissioned artist La Verne Nelson Black to create two murals for the east wing of the post office, respectively entitled "Historical Background" and "Progress of the Pioneer." The murals present images of Anglo-American settlement and industrialization. Black moved with his family to Phoenix for health reasons and focused his painting and sculpture on the historic West and Native Americans. Another three murals funded by the Section were painted by Oscar Berninghaus. They hang in...
  • Federal Building and Post Office Murals - Salisbury MD
    Jacob Getlar Smith painted three oil-on-canvas murals for the Main Street Maude R. Toulson Federal Building and Post Office in 1939:  "Salisbury," “Stage at Byrd’s Inn” and “Cotton Patch.” From an onsite plaque: “Jacob Getlar Smith was born February 3, 1898 in New York City, and died there in October 1958. He studied at the National Academy of Design in New York, as well as independently in Europe. He exhibited at institutions around the country, including the Carnegie Institute, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the Virginia Museum of...
  • Federal Building Art - Columbia TN
    The United States Courthouse in Columbia, TN, formerly the post office, is home to Sidney Waugh's 1941 limestone sculpture, entitled "American Eagle," and Henry Billings's 1942 oil on canvas mural, entitled "Maury County Landscape." Both were completed with funds provided by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts.
  • Federal Building Mural - Billings MT
    The oil-on-canvas mural entitled "Trailing Cattle" was painted by Leo J. Beaulaurier in 1942. The mural was commissioned as part of a 1940 expansion of the 1914 building. NRHP: ""The post office also contains a mural at the east end of the original lobby (presently separated from lobby by glass partition). The mural, entitled "Trailing Cattle", was completed in 1942 by Leo Beaulaurier for a sum of $800. As suggested by the title, the mural depicts a drover and cattle herd stretching across the Montana landscape. Leo Beaulaurier was in Great Falls, Montana in 1911 and studied at the Los Angeles Art...
  • Federal Building Mural - Provo UT
    Provo's J. Will Robinson Federal Building houses a New Deal mural, "Early and Modern Provo," by Everett C. Thorpe, completed in 1942.  The work was commissioned by the federal Treasury Section of Fine Arts for what was then the main Provo post office.
  • Federal Building Relief - Aberdeen SD
    This walnut relief entitled "The Building of Grand Crossing" by Laci de Gerenday with Treasury Section funding in 1940. It originally hung in the 1936 post office and federal courthouse across the street.
  • Federal Building Sculptures - Newport News VA
    The Newport News Federal Building contains three unglazed terra cotta sculptures by Mary B. Fowler, completed with Treasury Section of Fine Arts funds in 1943. The sculptures depict local history: "Captain Newport Brings News and Aid to the Starving Colonists," "Present Day Industries," and "Early Industries."
  • Federal Building Sculptures - Peoria IL
    The southern face of the federal building in Peoria, Illinois, features four limestone sculptures: "Postal Service," "Agriculture," Industry," and "Native Indian." Commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts, Freeman Schoolcraft completed the sculptures in 1939.
  • Federal Building/Post Office Murals - San Antonio TX
    A beautiful, 16 panel mural titled “San Antonio’s Importance in History” adorns the walls of the Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Building (formerly the main U.S. Post Office) in downtown San Antonio Texas. The mural was painted by Howard Cook between the years of 1937 and 1939 using the fresco technique (fresco is the process of painting directly on fresh, wet plaster). Cost of the mural was $12,000. Each panel represents a different period in San Antonio’s rich history from the arrival of the conquistadors and Franciscan missionaries to the great cattle drives and cotton businesses of the early 1900’s. Mr....
  • Federal Courthouse Mural - Harrisonburg VA
    The 5-foot-high fresco entitled "Country Fair, Trading, Courthouse Square" wraps around four sides of the room and was painted with Treasury Section of Fine Arts funds.
  • Federal Courthouse Mural - Huntsville AL
    Section of Fine Arts mural "Tennessee Valley Authority" painted for the Huntsville post office and courthouse by Xavier Gonzalez, 1937. "The Huntsville mural was the largest and most expensive panel commissioned in Alabama and the only one placed in a federal courthouse rather than a post office. Gonzalez received the invitation for the panel based on designs he had submitted for a competition in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1936. He originally proposed a rather odd allegorical panel that the Washington office criticized for both its style and its lack of meaning for the people in Huntsville. Instead of making allegorical allusions it...
  • Federal Hall (Old Federal Building) Mural - Terre Haute IN
    This massive work is a large triptych on the second floor of the former Terre Haute Federal Building that now houses Indiana State University College of Business. The mural portrays the scene of the signing of the Magna Carta in 1214, and depicts the description “Through this Document Government Exists According to Law not Power”. It was funded by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts and painted by Frederick Webb Ross in 1935. Little is known about Frederick Webb Ross who was born in 1885 possibly dying in 1963. He studied with William Forsyth in Indianapolis and at the Student’s Art...
  • Federal Trade Commission: Bas-Reliefs - Washington DC
    The exterior of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) building is enhanced by several works of art commissioned by the Treasury Department's Section of Fine Arts in 1938. Above the entrances are rectangular bas-relief panels that represent foreign trade, agriculture, shipping, and industry: "Construction" by Chaim Gross (1938);  "Shipping" by Robert Laurent (1938); "Agriculture" by Concetta Scaravaglione (1938); "Foreign Trade" by Carl L. Schmitz (1938). There are also two bas-relief medallions with eagles by Sidney Waugh located on the northwest corner elevation of the building (not shown here).    
  • Federal Trade Commission: Lantz Sculptures - Washington DC
    The exterior of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) building is enhanced by several works of art commissioned by the Treasury Department's Section of Fine Arts in 1938. The building is fronted on the east side by two monumental sculptures, entitled "Man Controlling Trade", by Michael Lantz (1942).  These allegorical sculptures, in Art Deco Style, depict a muscular man holding a rearing stallion, symbolizing the force of trade and the government’s role in regulating it.   
  • Federal Trade Commission: McVey Grilles - Washington DC
    The exterior of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) building is enhanced by several works of art commissioned by the Treasury Department's Section of Fine Arts in 1938. The large, cast aluminum grilles on the Constitution Avenue entrance have six images designed by William McVey portraying commercial transportation methods: Columbus's 15th-century ships, an 18th-century merchant ship, a 19th-century clipper ship, a paddlewheel steamship, an early 20th-century ocean liner, and a seaplane.
  • Forest Hills Station Post Office Sculpture - Forest Hills NY
    The terra cotta bas relief sculpture mounted above the front entrance to the Forest Hills Station post office on Queens Boulevard is titled, "The Spirit of Communication".  It was created by Sten Jacobson under the federal Treasury Department Section of Fine Arts program and installed in 1938.
  • Forest Service Building Murals - Elkins WV
    The historic U.S. Forest Service Building (now United States Department of Agriculture Building) in Elkins, West Virginia houses examples of New Deal artwork: "Forest Service" and "Mining Village," two tempera murals by Stevan Dohanos. Completed in 1939, the works were commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts.
  • Forestry Building Murals - Laconia NH
    The Treasury Section of Fine Arts funded two oil-on-canvas murals for this building: "Pulpwood Logging," painted by Philip Guston in 1941; and "Wildlife in White Mountains," painted by Musa McKim in 1941.
  • Frank R. Lautenberg Post Office Statue - Newark NJ
    "In 1935 the Section on Painting and Sculpture of the Treasury Department of the Federal Government announced two competitions – one for a mural painting and one for a statue to be located in two courtrooms of the newly constructed United States Post Office and Courthouse in Newark, New Jersey, which opened in April of 1936. There was a sculpture competition to select a 7-foot high bronze figure of “Justice”, with the winner receiving a sum of $6,500.00 to complete and install the sculpture. The Newark Museum coordinated the competition for a sculpture to grace Courtroom #2. The sculpture selected...
  • Franklin Street Station Post Office Mural - Chapel Hill NC
    Chapel Hill's historic Franklin Street Station Post Office houses an example of New Deal artwork: an oil-on-canvas mural entitled "Laying the Cornerstone of Old East." Painted by Dean Cornwell, the work was commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts.
  • Government Publishing Office Warehouse: Cast Stone Reliefs - Washington DC
    U.S. Government Publishing Office Warehouse (also known as Building No. 4) is graced on the exterior by four bas-relief sculptures commissioned by the New Deal’s Treasury Section of Fine Arts.  The original name of this office complex was the US Government Printing Office, but it was changed in 2014. Two printing press worker sculptures were created in 1937 by Elliot Means (1904-1962).  After the 1930s, Means went on to become a successful artist, “known as a maker of bas-reliefs and painter of southwestern scenes” (Albuquerque Journal, 1962). The two eagle sculptures were done by Armin Scheler (1901-1987) in 1937.  After his New Deal artwork,...
  • Gwen B. Giles Station Post Office Mural - St. Louis MO
    The historic Gwen B. Giles Station post office—also known as Wellston Station (prior to a Congressional renaming)—in St. Louis, Missouri contains a 1939 Section of Fine Arts mural by Lumen Winter entitled "Old Levee and Market at St. Louis." The mural depicts a view of the St. Louis levee to the right with a steamboat and the market to the left in the background. There are contrasting groupings in the foreground with a family hurrying to get out of the way of the stagecoach which the driver is attempting to slow despite the wildness of the black horse. By contrast, the...
  • Hampshire County Courthouse Mural - Northampton MA
    Almost fifty years after he painted this mural, Alfred Crimi reflected on its origins and later developments: “Most gratifying was the honor I received from the City of Northampton, Massachusetts, in the fall of 1980. In 1940 I had painted a mural for the Post Office Building in Northampton entitled 'Work, Religion, and Education.' This commission had been awarded through national competition under the auspices of the Section of Painting and Sculpture, Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. Now that the building was sold, the mural was taken down to be rolled up and sent to the Smithsonian Institution where it most likely...
  • Hardin Hall Mural - Clemson SC
    An oil-on-canvas mural entitled "Meeting of the Original Directors of Clemson College" painted in 1941 by John Carroll and originally hung in the Clemson Post Office (now Mell Hall) downtown. It now hangs in Hardin Hall on the Campus of Clemson University.”  (flickr) This mural shows the grim group of men who started Clemson Agricultural College — originally an all-white male military school — now called Clemson University.
  • Harney County Courthouse Mural - Burns OR
    Originally installed in the Burns post office, this mural was one of the Treasury Section's 48-State Post Office Competition murals. "New Deal mural entitled "Cattle Round-Up" painted by Jack Wilkinson in 1941. When a new post office was built in the early 90's, the mural was moved to the 2nd floor court room in the Harney County Courthouse." (flickr)
  • Holyoke Post Office Mural - Holyoke MA
    Medium: oil on canvas This 1936 Section of Fine Arts mural by Ross E. Moffett depicts "Captain Alezur Holyoke's Exploring Party on the Connecticut River." The mural depicts the original explorers of the Connecticut River lead by the town’s namesake using the elaborate marble doorframe to define the small hill the explorers were standing on. Ross Moffett was born in Iowa and studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Art Student’s League in New York City. He moved to the bay area of California and then to Provincetown, MA where he died.
  • Hugo School Administration Office Mural - Hugo OK
    John A. Fleck painted the mural "Choctaw Indians See the First Mail Coach" in 1938 for the Treasury Section of Fine Arts. The mural was painted for what was then the Hugo post office, now the Hugo School Administration Office.
  • Hunt Hall Mural - Fort Payne AL
    This oil-on-canvas mural "Harvest at Fort Payne" was painted by Harwood Steiger in 1938. The mural was originally in the post office, then moved to the DeKalb County Courthouse in 1980 after a new post office was built. In 2001, it was moved to Hunt Hall which is part of the Hosiery Museum. “Steiger, of New York, admitted he had never been as far south as Fort Payne when he received the invitation to produce a mural there. Steiger did make a trip to Fort Payne within a month and found the postmaster most helpful as he prepared his sketches. The...
  • J. Marvin Jones Federal Building Murals - Amarillo TX
    Artist Julius Woeltz painted six murals for the lobby of the J. Marvin Jones Federal Building under the auspices of the Treasury Section of Fine Arts program in 1940. The murals are titled: "Gang-Plow," "Harrow," "Coronado's Exploration Party," "Cattle Loading," "Oil" and "Cattle Branding."
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