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New Deal built hundreds of thousands of public works of all kinds in every state, county and territory of the United States, and most are still in use today. Our goal is to inventory and map all of them and to involve Americans in a collective rediscovery of what the New Deal did between 1933 and 1942 to extricate the economy from the Great Depression, provide work and hope for millions, and lay the foundation for postwar prosperity.

You can use the Living New Deal map to

  • Find all New Deal projects near you by clicking on the Geolocate button ;
  • Filter projects by New Deal Agency and/or Category to see only selected ones, such as CCC sites, schools, or murals.

Category (or function) markers are color-coded dots. There are many subcategories within each color group:

As you zoom in, markers turn into icons coded by Agency groups, which break out into 60+ federal program agencies, such as the WPA, PWA and REA.

To reset Categories or Agencies, click on 'Reset'.

To reset the map, click on the icons .

You can help build the Living New Deal map for your city, county or state by:

  • Sending photos of New Deal sites near you;
  • Submiting information and about buildings, places, artworks, etc.;
  • Checking existing sites to see if they are complete and correct.

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