Angel Island Sanitation and Grounds Improvements – Tiburon CA

Razed water tanks; removed underground water pipes, landscaped grounds, built bulkhead and walks.–Healy, p. 73. Razing water tanks and removal of underground water pipes. Landscaping of Immigration Grounds; ditching around buildings, construction of incinerator; leveling of European Recreation Grounds; construction… read more

Fort McDowell Landscaping – Tiburon CA

Fort McDowell

The Fort is located on the West side of the island. Build rubble masonry walls, install irrigation system, excavation, weeding, seeding, and trimming slopes, transplanting seedlings.–Mooser, p. 94.

Angel Island Building 21 – Tiburon CA

Excavate below first floor of Building #21, underpin walls and piers of Building #21, and carry to solid bearing. Install complete drying room with lines, fans and louvres. Provide adequate room for ten-chair barber shop installation. Cut exterior doors, build… read more

Angel Island Fire Trails – Tiburon CA

Remove approximately one mile of existing old telephone line and replace with new poles and wire. Cut fire trails under existing telephone line and transmission line from Quarantine Station to a point on the North East of the Island. Resurface… read more

Angel Island Building Repairs – Tiburon CA

Remove present sanitary and water lines and replace with new material. Replace plumbing fixtures, install hollow tile walls, partitions, tiling, electrical wiring and fixtures, ornamental iron, and necessary carpentry, concrete, lath, and plaster work. Remove old window frames and doors… read more

Angel Island Water Tanks – Tiburon CA

Construction of two 500,000 gallon square reservoir concrete slab bottom and sides with corrugated iron roofs, also 1,000 feet of 6 galvanized iron pipe to connect with existing water distribution lines. All necessary excavation, backfill and drainage installation.–Mooser, p. 94.