Living New Dealer of the Month: Andrew Laverdiere

Living New Deal National Associate Andrew Laverdiere has been an invaluable member of our team for several years. A political activist and history buff, Andrew became a Living New Deal contributor while working as a taxi driver in Los Angeles. He has traveled far and wide through California and his native Maine, interviewing locals, librarians, and Historical Society staffs. Today he lives near Yosemite and gives New Deal tours of the park. Andrew has added hundreds of New Deal sites to our New Deal map. His research always starts with primary sources. At local archives, he has uncovered hundreds of written records on New Deal projects, which he has digitized for the Living New Deal. With his help, we have made available to educators and the general public data as sweeping as WPA project expenditure records and details as small as menus of school lunches funded by the CWA. Thank you, Andrew, for helping us grow our New Deal national database.

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