Living New Deal Webinar: Saving the Republic: The New Deal and Far-Right Extremism with Kevin Baker

Please join us on Zoom for Kevin Baker’s talk, Saving the Republic: The New Deal and Far-Right Extremism, about the rise of the far-right during the 1930s to counter the New Deal and its social liberalism.

Baker, an award-winning author, is a contributing editor to Harper’s and a regular contributor to PoliticoThe New York Times and The New Republic.

Baker offers this preview: “Picture an America in which an angry crowd of veterans surround the Capitol and are dispersed with tear gas and gunfire; a disgruntled Marine general is approached about leading a coup to overturn an election; right-wing fanatics hoard weapons and set up paramilitary camps around the country… We’re not talking about America today but America in the 1930s.”

The webinar is part of our series The Next New Deal, featuring writers, speakers and thinkers on the New Deal and its lessons for today. Thursday, March 24, 2021, 7pm EDT. Click here to register.

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