Living New Deal Featured in The Magazine

Cover featuring Coit Tower

The Magazine cover
Cover featuring Coit Tower
Photo Credit: Carol M. Highsmith, from the Jon B. Lovelace Collection of California Photographs in Carol M. Highsmith’s America Project, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

We’re proud to report that the hip online journal, The Magazine, recently ran a feature article on The Living New Deal, entitled Works in Progress”.  It is authored by Celeste Le Compte, who interviewed founder Gray Brechin, MidAtlantic research director Brent McKee, and project director Richard A Walker.

You can download the article here: Works in Progress — The Magazine. Alas,  a couple of errors snuck in: calling Prof. Walker ‘Watson’ (to Brechin’s Sherlock Holmes, perhaps?) and having the WPA starting in 1934, not 1935.  Oh well.  That’s journalism…

The article was picked up by the  high-flying blog, Boing-Boing.

Richard A Walker is the director of the Living New Deal.

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