Lessons for a Green New Deal

Lessons for a Green New Deal

Though our nation faces critical challenges–political, economic, and environmental— the New Deal holds important lessons for a better future. Inspired by the original New Deal, a Green New Deal is emerging as a way forward. A new generation of leaders is demanding an all-out response to climate change and calling upon government to address economic and social inequality in the process. This is where the Living New Deal can help. Lessons from the New Deal offer hope and a path toward renewal. You’ll find inspiration in the stories in this issue of our newsletter. You can also learn more about the Green New Deal at our website, which topped a million views in 2019! And and we hope you will join us at our New Deal talks, tours, and special events in the year ahead.

Your generosity keeps the lessons of the New Deal alive. As ever, we are grateful for your support. Thank you!

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