KQED Mobile App to Feature New Deal Art

In one segment of KQED’s “Let’s Get Lost” the Living New Deal’s Gray Brechin talks about New Deal artists who chose to use their platform to shine light on the difficult stories of the day — like this one, on the stock market crash.

Public radio and television producers over at KQED in San Francisco are branching out into the world of mobile applications. One part of the KQED app. “Let’s Get Lost,” was produced in consultation with Living New Deal founder Gray Brechin. It will feature the Coit Tower Murals, which were the first works of art done under the aegis of the New Deal. We’ll have more information soon when this “mobile storytelling program” is closer to completion. Here’s the scoop, from Protect Coit Tower:


Under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, KQED-TV will soon be launching an exciting new multi-media project to promote education and awareness about the Coit Tower murals and other New-Deal era artworks in San Francisco.  Entitled New Deal Murals of San Francisco, the KQED project will feature free iphone and smart phone apps with original audio and video walking tours containing new information and interviews with historians about the Coit Tower murals and other New Deal art around San Francisco.  

As the very first publicly funded New Deal art project, the 27 Coit Tower murals (23 frescoes and 4 oil paintings) and the 25 master artists who created them between January and June of 1934 will receive special attention and exploration as part of the KQED project.  Part of KQED’s “Let’s Get Lost” mobile storytelling program, the New Deal Murals of San Francisco will help visitors and locals alike to better explore the history of some of the city’s New Deal-era murals within the dynamic social and political context of the 1930s.  

The KQED project is now in the final stages of completion and expected to launch within the next two months.  As of us dedicated to celebrating and protecting Coit Tower for generations to come are very much looking forward to it.”

Rachel Brahinsky is the Living New Deal's managing director and postdoctoral fellow.

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