Udall Department of the Interior Building – Washington DC

C Street entrance, Udall Department of Interior Building - Washington DC

The Department of the Interior was the first federal building in Washington, D.C. fully authorized, designed, and built under the Franklin Roosevelt Administration. It was the brainchild of Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes, probably the most powerful member of… read more

Government Publishing Office Warehouse: Cast Stone Reliefs – Washington DC

Elliot Means, relief of worker by printing press, USGPO - Washington DC

U.S. Government Publishing Office Warehouse (also known as Building No. 4) is graced on the exterior by four bas-relief sculptures commissioned by the New Deal’s Treasury Section of Fine Arts.  The original name of this office complex was the US Government… read more

Hoover Dam – Boulder City NV

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam, originally called “Boulder Dam”, is the anchor of the entire Colorado River water storage and management system.  It lies in Black Canyon (not Boulder Canyon) at the southern tip of Nevada, on the Arizona border, and creates the… read more