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  • Oak Grove Campground - Pine Valley UT
    Crews from the nearby Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp in Leeds, UT, built the road to Oak Grove and completed the Oak Grove Campground sometime between 1933 and 1942. The campground featured a tennis court, wading pool, and playground.
  • Willard Elementary School - Long Beach CA
    Originally constructed in 1926, Willard Elementary School was rehabilitated in 1935 with New Deal funding following the 1933 Long Beach Earthquake. The style is WPA/PWA Moderne. “On August 29, 1933, Long Beach citizens approved a $4,930,000 bond measure for the rebuilding of schools. Applications for approximately thirty-five schools were filed with the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and Public Works Administration (PWA); federal grants up to thirty percent of labor and material costs were obtained. To minimize costs, building materials were salvaged from damaged buildings, some schools were rehabilitated, and new schools were constructed with basic amenities without cafeterias, libraries, auditoriums, swimming...
  • Polytechnic High School Painting - Long Beach CA
    An unknown WPA Federal Art Project (FAP) artist—possibly Eugene Broachs—created a 5' by 6' painting for Polytechnic High School in Long Beach, CA. Painted in 1939, the work "is made of two textured canvases hanging in a wooden frame above the main entrance hallway. The work depicts ten students either engaged in various activities or holding objects representing scholastic activities such as the arts, sports, reading etc. The brushstrokes have a sketchy drawing-like appearance" (LBUSD WPA Artwork Collections Assessment Guidelines Survey, p. 21).
  • Franklin Classical Middle School Mural - Long Beach CA
    Franklin Classical Middle School in Long Beach, CA, is home to a mural likely completed under the auspices of the WPA Federal Art Project (FAP). The artist and date of completion are unknown, although Suzanne Miller is a possibility. Located in the school's main entryway as well as along the northern and southern stairwells, the mural "depict a landscape scene of mountains, rivers, and trees using browns, greens, and blues. The mural is painted on canvas and attached to the walls in the main entryway. The canvas is cut to fit the walls on either side of the small doorway sidesunder...
  • Oildale Standard School Auditorium - Bakersfield CA
    The Public Works Administration funded the construction of the Oildale Standard School Auditorium in Bakersfield CA. The structure has been in use as a school auditorium since completed in 1937.
  • George Washington Elementary School (demolished) Renovations - Anaheim CA
    After the 1933 Long Beach Earthquake, Central Elementary School was reconstructed with funding from the Public Works Administration (PWA) and renamed George Washington Elementary School. During the project, carried out in 1938-39, all of the walls were replaced. Central Elementary School was Anaheim's first elementary school, opening in 1879. The reconstructed George Washington Elementary was repurposed in 1979 and finally demolished in 1998 to make way for the beautiful George Washington Park. There is a plaque on site that recognizes the significance of the location as being Anaheim's first elementary school, but does not mention the New Deal school that replaced it.
  • Ainsworth State Park - Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area OR
    During 1935, Civilian Conservation Corps workers made improvements to Ainsworth State Park, thirty-six miles east of Portland on the Columbia River Highway. John C. Ainsworth, former chairman of the State Highway Commission (1931-1932) donated the original forty acres for the park in 1933. CCC enrollees worked on picnic facilities and trails in the park. Perhaps the most distinctive improvement made by CCC workers involved the stone work steps and fountain that provided public drinking access to the park's spring.
  • Civic Improvements - Twin Falls ID
    In 1933-34, a large number of civil improvements were made to Twin Falls, Idaho by the Civil Works Administration (CWA) and Idaho Emergency Relief Administration (IERA). The works were done by relief workers hired from local jobless rolls in the depths of the Great Depression. Both CWA and IERA were funded by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA), to the tune of around $250,000. The civic improvements included the City Park band shell, work at the water treatment plant, tennis court at Harmon Park, painting Shoshone Street bridge, grading over 200 blocks of city streets, and graveling 95 blocks of streets.
  • Ely Grade School (former) - Ely NV
    In 1938, the Public Works Administration (PWA) funded the construction of a new grade school for Ely, Nevada. It was PWA project Nevada 1040-DS. The school building is a large, three-story, modern brick structure, with no decoration. It is has evidently been closed for some time, but still appears to be in good condition. It stands on the hillside just north of Main Street in the old downtown of Ely. The same cannot be said for the former playing fields behind the school, which have been abandoned. You can still see the stone and concrete retaining walls built to level the...
  • Rossville High School (former) - Rossville KS
    Sometimes mis-attributed to the Works Progress Administration, the former high school in Rossville, Kansas was constructed with the assistance of Public Works Administration (PWA) funding. The PWA supplied a $38,004 grant for the project, whose total cost was $85,724. Construction occurred between Decembet 1936 and September 1937. PWA Docket No. Kan. 1095 The building was used for as a high school until 1979. The location and status of the building is presently unknown to Living New Deal.
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