CCC Camp Beulah (former) – Vale OR

Beulah reservoir stone marker CCC BR-45 - Vale OR

A spike or side camp of CCC Camp Vale, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp Beulah served enrollees during 1939 when they built the basalt stone wall at the crest of the Agency Valley Dam. As indicated by the company number… read more

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Duniway Park (improved) – Portland OR

Work Relief Crews at Duniway Park improving the area from landfill to park - Portland OR

Although Duniway Park was founded in 1918 to serve residents in south Portland, improvements had been limited and those who used it complained of the odors associated with the landfill that originally established the playground area. In 1934, the Oregon’s… read more

Clear Lake Cutoff & Forest Roads (Clear Lake Truck Trail) – Willamette National Forest OR

Clear Lake Forest Road - Willamette National Forest OR

Vehicle access within the Willamette National Forest (WNF) was quite limited in 1933. Consequently, developing truck trails or access roads was a high priority for the US Forest Service for fire management. When Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees arrived in the… read more

Sewer Repair SW First & SW Sheridan (improved) – Portland OR

Crew doing sewer repair on SW First and SW Sheridan - Portland OR

During the hard winter months of 1933-1934, the Civil Works Administration (CWA) was a work relief program that employed Portlanders on a variety of needed projects. Sewer repair work was one such project category. These men are shown doing sewer… read more

Camp White Branch (White Branch Ski Area) – Willamette National Forest OR

Camp White Branch - Willamette National Forest OR

Interest in winter sports, particularly skiing, grew in Oregon during the 1920s. Given the Willamette National Forest (WNF) management’s commitment to recreation and the availability of Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) labor, US Forest Service Staff worked with local outdoor groups… read more