Dry Valley CCC Camp – Monticello UT

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) established a camp 23 miles north of Monticello  in San Juan County, in the southeast corner of Utah. CCC teams worked around Dry Valley, Indian Creek, Blanding, Monticello and La Sal, building fences and corrals; flood… read more

Grand Canyon National Park: Village Improvements – Grand Canyon Village AZ

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was extremely active in Grand Canyon National Park throughout the New Deal.  The first CCC camp was established on the South Rim, where Company 819 started working on improvements to the facilities around Grand Canyon Village,… read more

Mississippi State University: Scott Field/Davis Wade Stadium – Starkville MS

Projects w1209, w1226-1 and w1226-2 constructed buildings on the campus of then Mississippi State College (now Mississippi State University). The projects were part of a 5-year building program from 1934-1939 totaling $1,424,478. Scott Field (Davis Wade Stadium) was constructed 1938… read more