Help Document, Preserve and Publicize the New Deal

We’re looking for volunteers to help further to goals of the Living New Deal in their town, county, city or state.

The New Deal legacy includes thousands of projects—schools, tunnels, roads, museums, civic buildings, parks, public housing, artworks and more—in every state, country and city in the nation.  We are creating an inventory of all such sites.  If you know of New Deal projects in your community, we invite you to add them to our database. All entries go onto the national map.  Submit project information

Metuchen NJ, Plaster Relief, "Gardeners"
Metuchen NJ, Plaster Relief, “Gardeners”
Photo Credit: Evan Kalish © All Rights Reserved

The New Deal touched millions of lives, especially those of ordinary people who worked on New Deal public works across the country.  If you or someone you know has a personal story, please let us know. Submit family or community stories

We count on local folks to alert us to threats to New Deal structures and artworks, so that they are properly protected and marked for future generations.  If you know of such dangers in your community, please Contact us.  We can help spread the word by posting news items on our website and facebook page, and sending out tweets. Of course, if you have good news about the discovery of lost artworks, restoration of New Deal sites, or celebrations of New Deal public works, send us a message and we’ll post a news item.“Industry and the Family,” Post Office Relief

We are seeking partnerships with historical societies, state preservation offices, parks departments, civic organizations, museums and others who can help us document the New Deal’s physical legacy, and provide information and outreach about the New Deal, including re-discoveries, stories, photographs, and events. Contact the Project Manager.

We invite suggestions of books, films, organizations, events, and other New Deal resources, with brief commentary, if you wish.  We will add them to our bibliographies, website links, events page — and wherever they fit. Book reviews are welcome!  To submit your suggestions,  Contact us