Rebuilding Indian Country

(35:26) b/w sound
Reel 1, maps show the origin and history of the American Indian. Modern Indians work in Wisconsin’s lumber industry, keep watch for forest fires, and clear bushes in the forest. Includes a close-up of a Delaware Indian treaty. Reel 2, Chippewa Indians make fishnets. Indians work on roads with tractors, picks, and shovels, stand in line at a field kitchen, engage in native handicrafts, and spear salmon on the Columbia River. Pima Indians farm. Shows an Indian Emergency Conservation camp. Indian children attend church in Arizona. Reel 3, Indians operate a sawmill, brand cattle, haul wood in horse-drawn carts, construct a reservoir, and build a house. Includes views of Navaho Indians and their sheep. Reel 4, Indian women make gloves, belts, baskets, beadwork, and rugs. Indians can food in a cannery. Indian youths attend a class in first aid. Includes views of Indian fairs, ceremonies, dances, and rodeos; Indian children in schools; and hospitals and churches,

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