“The CCC: Florida’s New Deal,” David Schmidt talk at Florida’s St. Petersburg Museum on September 12

On September 12, 2019, David Schmidt, the curator of the State of Florida Civilian Conservation Corps Museum, will talk about Florida’s New deal Legacy. The talk will be held from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at Florida’s  St. Petersburg Museum on September 12.

Event Details:

September 12, 2019


About the Program:

Schmidt’s presentation extols the virtues of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) -one of President Roosevelt’s most encompassing yet controversial programs. Although many saw it as a “make work” program that did not achieve its objectives, the historical evidence indicates that the program was far more successful than critics believed. Even today, Floridians enjoy the art, buildings, parks, and other creations that exist as a result of the WPA. These captivating works pay homage to our state’s unique history and continue to fill residents and visitors alike with a sense of wonder and appreciation for the paradise we call home.

About the Speaker:

David Schmidt is the curator of the State of Florida Civilian Conservation Corps Museum at Highland Hammock State Park in Sebring. Prior to retiring to Florida in 2014, he spent 37 years working with special needs students and teaching U.S. History and Geography. Schmidt holds a double Masters degree from Ball State University in Special Education and U.S. History. He also studied at Michigan State University, Indiana University and Bowling Green State University and spent two summers doing research at FDR Presidential Library in Hyde Park, NY.

While teaching, Schmidt spent over 30 years as a trainer and lecturer on special education issues through his position as chairman of the Indiana State Special Education Advisory Council and as vice-president and secretary of the ARC of Indiana. His program offerings include: “The CCC in Florida,” “The Forgotten Legacy of the New Deal,” “FDR: Tree Farmer – the Beginnings of the CCC,” “Charles Robert Knight – The Artist who saw through Time,” and “Legacy of Happenstance: The Roeblings and the Archbolds.”

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