On October 23, Richard A Walker Will Give a Talk at the Commonwealth Club in SF


On October 23, Richard A Walker will speak about the Green New Deal at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. Titled, “New Deal To Green New Deal” the talk will address how the lessons of the New Deal can be useful for implementing the Green New Deal. Fin more details about the event here.

Event Description:

“The Green New Deal has raised hopes for a major push to address climate change and social injustice. Is it just pie in the sky? Not at all. The original New Deal of the 1930s brought a revolution in conservation and public health, worker rights and wages, income and regional equality, and public investment for the common good—all during the worst depression in history. A Green New Deal is possible because we have done it before. Come learn more about this initiative.”

WED, OCT 23 / 6:00 PM

The Commonwealth Club
110 The Embarcadero
Max Thelen Boardroom
San Francisco94105

Event details

Date: Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019
Registration: https://www.commonwealthclub.org/events/2019-10-23/new-deal-green-new-deal

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