Living New Deal Annual Gala, November 1, 2014

11/1/2014 - 3 pm

San Francisco Maritime Museum - 3

San Francisco Maritime Museum - 3
Flickr photo by Lee Sutton.  Source
Photo Credit: Lee Sutton

The Living New Deal is holding its annual gala and fundraiser at the Maritime Museum at the Aquatic Park in San Francisco, a beautiful WPA building at a spectacular site on the northern waterfront of the city.  The event will be held from 3 to 5:30 pm and will feature a talk by John Roosevelt Boettiger, grandson of FDR and Eleanor, about his experiences growing up in the midst of the famous First Family.   Gray Brechin will talk about the importance of the New Deal and the ethical foundation behind the New Deal years, as well as about the role of the Living New Deal in keeping the flame alive, so that the people will remember to demand government investment in the public good.

LND event invitation, 1/1/14

Event details

Time: 3:00 pm PST - 7:30 pm PST
Date: Sat. Nov 1st, 2014 - Sat. Nov 1st, 2014
Location: Maritime Museum, San Francisco
Coordinator: alex tarr
Coordinator Email: [email protected]
Coordinator phone: 642-5987
Event cost: Free
Additional info: by invitation, but if you wish to attend, contact Alex Tarr

One comment on “Living New Deal Annual Gala, November 1, 2014

  1. We are delighted to report that the Living New Deal Annual Gala at the Maritime Museum was a smashing success, with a turnout of around 170 people. The magnificent Maritime Museum (former Aquatic Park) was the perfect venue for the event, with its restored aquatic-themed murals and huge veranda overlooking San Francisco Bay. The audience was mesmerized by the talk given by John Roosevelt Boettiger about his grandparents and gave a warm welcome to Gray Brechin for his talk about the ethical basis of the New Deal. Everyone went away with a nice glow about the Living New Deal and its work recovering the legacy of the Roosevelt era of the 1930s. Special thanks are due to Susan Ives for organizing the event and the National Park Service for being such good hosts. -R. Walker

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