Kenneth Hawkins on Minor White’s Portland


The Architectural Heritage Center’s current major exhibit, “Parting Shots: Minor White’s Images of Portland, 1938-1942,” should draw those interested in photography, architectural history, Portland’s history, and the contributions of New Deal-supported work. This beautifully and carefully considered exhibit brings together materials from the Portland Art Museum’s and Oregon Historical Society’s photographic collections and architectural artifacts from the Bosco-Milligan Foundation/Architectural Heritage Center’s collection as it celebrates Minor White’s early work as a photographer and the buildings he “preserved” on film. Kenneth Hawkins, who compiled the first inventory of White’s WPA negatives at the Oregon Historical Society in 1978, and assisted the Princeton University Art Museum catalog its collection of White’s work, will present two lectures at the Architectural Heritage Center on May 18th and 20th. For further details on the lectures and exhibit, please visit the AHC website.

Date: Thu. May 18th, 2017 - Sat. May 20th, 2017
Location: Architectural Heritage Center, 701 SE Grand Ave., Portland, OR, 97214
Coordinator phone: (503) 231-7264

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