Hot Off the Press! The New Deal Map & Guide to Washington DC

Two years in the works, the LND’s Map & Guide to the Art and Architecture of the New Deal in Washington DC. is now available. It features 500 New Deal sites in and around the District, dozens of descriptions and photos of notable sites and a walking tour of New Deal art and architecture around the National Mall. The colorful 18 x 24-inch map folds to pocket size.

The map reveals how the New Deal transformed the nation’s capital. “It’s like finding a lost civilization that had been buried and forgotten,” notes Gray Brechin, founder of the Living New Deal.

“We want to show residents, officials and millions of visitors to the city that the New Deal worked and continues to deliver today,” says Richard A Walker, the Living New Deal’s Executive Director. The New Deal’s legacy includes the Federal Triangle, Capital Parks and other buildings and public artworks that make Washington a monumental city.

We are planning events (virtual and actual) to launch the map and call attention the New Deal’s role modernizing and beautifying the nation’s capital. The map is for sale for $5 on our website, where you’ll find a press release, images and more information. Please tell your friends, family and colleagues. Please add your rating on the Apple App Store.

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  1. I want to give as a gift a new book: published recently on the New Deal and writers who were supported by it, back then. It was well reviewed on PBS about a month ago and I’m so sorry I
    didn’t jot down author and title. Thank you so much if you could provide this information.

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