• Auditorium/Elementary Building - Pachuta MS
    Penn Jeffries Krouse was the architect for the 1936 one-story school building constructed as Public Works Administration project 1153. A loan of $17,000 and grant of $13,909 was approved 9/25/1935 to construct and equip the school building. Construction began 4/6/1936, and was completed 10/24/1936 for a total of $30,926.
  • Chalk School Auditorium - Meridian MS
    The auditorium for Chalk School was constructed in 1936 by the Works Progress Administration. Architect Penn Jeffries Krouse designed the addition to the school. It has most recently operated as the Calvary Christian School.
  • East End School Additions - Meridian MS
    In 1936, the WPA added a rear auditorium and cafeteria to the East End Italianate/Craftsman school originally constructed in 1888.