• Central High School Auditorium and Gymnasium - Vicksburg MS
    The addition of an auditorium and gymnasium, since demolished, was completed for the 1924 Central High School building, along with improvements to the athletic field and athletic building. Architects N. W. Overstreet and A. H. Town designed the additions in 1936. Public Works Administration project 1148 was approved 7/21/1936 for $34,363 grant. Construction began 12/21/1936 and was completed 11/18/1937 for a total cost of $78,366.
  • Clay Street School Repairs and Alterations - Vicksburg MS
    Public Works Administration project 1337 provided repairs and alterations to both Clay Street School and Carr High School in 1939, along with construction of two new school buildings.
  • Delta Primary Care Rural Health Clinic - Indianola MS
    The former King's Daughters Hospital was completed as PWA project 1243. The hospital was funded by a $14,400 grant approved 6/22/1938. Contracts were awarded to S. J. Aswell for construction and construction began the same day. Architects N. W. Overstreet and A. H. Town designed the one story structure of hollow tile and stucco, 107 feet width and 77 feet length . It was located off Hwy. 82 to be easily seen, yet far enough away to diminish traffic noise. It accommodated a maximum of 27 patients and reports vary the total cost between $32,000 and $40,000. It was completed...
  • Hospital - Cleveland MS
    Architects N. W. Overstreet and A. H. Town designed the new Cleveland Hospital, constructed 1938-1939 with assistance from Works Progress Administration funds. The new hospital could serve 32 patients, and housed nurses' quarters and contained "the most modern equipment" (Solicit funds, p. 8). WPA allotted $3,190 in funds toward the completion cost of $55,000 sponsored by the city of Cleveland. A portion of the hospital was renovated in 1991 as part of the new Delta State School of Nursing. The remainder was demolished 1995.
  • Mississippi State Capitol Painting and Improvements - Jackson MS
    Multiple New Deal work relief agencies conducted work at the Mississippi State Capitol during the Great Depression. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) approached the Mississippi state government to put painters to work during the Great Depression. Taking color cues from mosaic tiles in the Senate chamber, the WPA painted, among other areas, details of the main rotunda dome. After a more recent renovation, Spartanburg, S.C.'s Herald-Journal reported that "Both chambers wear the duplicated colors of a gaudy 1935 Works Progress Administration paint job." The Federal Emergency Relief Administration supplied $200,000 toward a $400,000 improvement and repairs program for state buildings. In addition...
  • School Addition - Jonestown MS
    The Public Works Administration funded a 5-room addition to the Spanish-styled Jonestown school building, originally constructed c. 1918-1922. The project was W1151, approved 11/14/1935 for a loan of $7,000 and grant of $5,727. Contract was awarded 1/14/1936, construction begun 4.7.1936, and completed 7/16/1936. Final total cost was $13,146. Architects were N. W. Overstreet and A. H. Town. Contractor was B. W. Crawford of Clarksdale. Work was completed by laborers from the Jonestown Relief Rolls. The school had Mississippi Landmark status when it was destroyed by fire in 2006. It had been undergoing renovations to use as a community center at...
  • Schools (Former) - Byram MS
    The Works Progress Administration made an allotment for a "new, modernistic school building" for Byram Elementary School, completed in October 1938. The Public Works Administration (PWA) W1183 funded construction for new buildings and improvements for five Hinds County schools 1938-1939, including Byram. Bond election was held October 18, 1938 for Byram to issue $33,000 for a new auditorium, gymnasium, and additional classrooms. PWA W1183 funded school buildings in Hinds County with a loan of 151,986 toward estimated cost of 337,746, approved 6/22/1938. Construction began 11/14/1938; completed 12/4/1939 for a total of 322,153 for all projects. Architects were N. W. Overstreet...