• Agassiz Elementary School - San Francisco CA
      Vocational night school. Eighteen classrooms. Near high school. 'Bids will be opened for constructing Agassiz elementary unit of twelve classrooms to be located at Bartlett and Twenty-second Streets. Masten and Hurd are the architects. The estimated cost is $179,000.'--The Architect and Engineer, Nov. 1935 (p. 60)
  • Redding Firehouse - Redding CA
    The federal Public Works Administration (PWA) aided in the financing of the construction of a firehouse in Redding, California. The exact location of the firehouse is presently unknown to Living New Deal.
  • Samuel Gompers Trade School - San Francisco CA
    2nd of 5 proposed units. The Daily Pacific Builder of October 3, 1938 reported that an architect was wanted for this project which had been awarded $190,000 in PWA money.
  • Veterans Memorial Building - Redding CA
    The Shasta County Veterans Memorial Building was constructed with funding from the Public Works Administration (PWA) and completed in 1939. There is a bronze plaque near the entrance marking the contribution of the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works, i.e., the PWA. A 2009 article in the Redding Record Searchlight said the following about the hall: "Built with New Deal economic stimulus money during the Great Depression, the Veterans Memorial Building in downtown Redding turns 70 this year and it's probably never looked better - belying decades of often tense relations between local veterans and Shasta County officials over the hall's operation and maintenance..." The...